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  1. paddi22

    On and Off Lameness

    I had one similar and on hoof X-ray it turned out he had an internal gas pocket. it would only hurt him the odd time on certain surfaces and doing certain turns that put pressure on it. he had to get the air released from it and then he was fine
  2. paddi22

    Breathing difficulties

    I had a similar one two weeks ago. did they take bloods or a nasal swab? that might be your best bet. mine sounded ok when they listened to chest but the nasal probe scope thing spotted the mucus. he went on antibiotics for six days, plus ventepulmin, and he sounds a lot better now. I've...
  3. paddi22

    13h cob, rider height/weight

    she would have been 13 at the time.. she could technically still ride her but she started feeling big on her. the last few years she also had an issue that If she had leaned forward going into jumps the pony would find it more difficult to take off, but that's being super picky on technique...
  4. paddi22

    13h cob, rider height/weight

    this is one off the rescue cobs. id say she's 13.1 and first pic is of a girl thats about 5 ft 5 on it. second pic is me on it, I'm 5'6 and was prob 10.5 stone at the time and I rode it and hunter trialled it when it was being bold and rearing on the kids. I felt manageable on it, but I...
  5. paddi22

    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    I know I look like I'm pulling your posts up to argue against but im genuinely not, I think you raise some great points for the debate. the case I would argue against that is that it's not best for the cattle. best for the cattle would be a farmer having ten cows on 14 acres. but then in a...
  6. paddi22

    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    I honestly wasn't getting shirty at all. I love a good reasoned debate so I'd hate someone to read emotion in that wasn't there. My point is that morally I question why someone would think they are entitled to get a horse unless they can provide adequate conditions to keep it in, and a horse...
  7. paddi22

    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    yeah Cortex, I'd imagine you are in a very small percentage of people on here that would have horses in proper intensive work. your set up of bringing them in and out of work three times a day (and the associated grooming, tacking up, washing down etc) would be way more mentally stimulating to...
  8. paddi22

    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    what classes as full work for most people though realistically? most people are rushing to and from yard between work and kids. the level of time needed to exercise a horse for 4 to 5 hours a day is massive. I do 4 to 5 hour hacks at time in walk each week normally for my eventers to keep them...
  9. paddi22

    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    I would put forward the argument that psychologically it in never ok to keep an animal in a very confined box for over three quarters of its day every day. I wonder if it's nearly worse if you were, say, hacking an animal for 5 hours a day, getting it super fit and then totally restricting it's...
  10. paddi22

    Stabling during the winter thoughts?

    if you have a horse stabled 24/7 over winter you are going to be looking at muscle and joint issues down the line
  11. paddi22

    Mares Vs Geldings/Stallions- Worlds top horses

    I I think there's definitely something in this. I had geldings for the first 30 odd years I had horses and only dealt with stallions and mares in the last 8 or so years. I def felt a weird jump going from geldings to entires. there is a certain difference wildness in them and a different...
  12. paddi22

    Advice on training a rescue horse!

    when you say she is perplexed by lunging what do you mean? I get ones in that have been tied up in housing estates and chased on ropes etc, so their default is to always spin and face towards the danger and they often really don't like having people behind them. if she's a trotter then the...
  13. paddi22

    Le mieux or Equilibrium boots?

    equilibrium ones are brilliant and the legs never seem to get hot under them. they are very hard wearing as well. personally I don't rate any of the le mieux boots
  14. paddi22

    Advice on training a rescue horse!

    I retrain a lot of rescues and I honestly think there's a lot of confusion about what a bond is and it nearly damages the training process because people are afraid of breaking their 'bond'. just be very wary of thinking you should have the strongest bond with the horse. a happy horse is one...
  15. paddi22

    Advice on training a rescue horse!

    /\/\/\/\/\/\ this 100% it is so easy to make a mistake or scare a horse accidentally and then the horse can have issues with that thing and it can be very hard to undo.
  16. paddi22

    Traveling to Ireland

    from what I hear a huge amount of businesses are turning away Americans and being quite public about it. my best guess would be it's because they know they could possibly be depending on local customers if we go back into lockdown etc and they don't want to be boycotted by locals. there is a...
  17. paddi22

    Changing a horse's name

    I've changes a load of horses names and don't think it affected me at all. I just couldn't fathom chaouting 'Chelsea' at one across a field at high pitch (apologies to any Chelseas!) changed a few and most are still motoring around. they all picked up the name change quickly as well and respond...
  18. paddi22

    Traveling to Ireland

    how is the NIF going ahead?? wtf!! are they joking? that is a disgrace
  19. paddi22

    Dangerous charity

    I'd take him to the hunt to get PTS and then say I found him dead of colic in field if they ever checked up.
  20. paddi22

    People who think there fat horse is skinny

    I'd guess the competition attracted a lot of showing people maybe? the obesity of some show horses is a disgrace.
  21. paddi22

    Horse with competition anxiety

    you need to analyse what changes when he goes into the ring, because he doesn't logically know he's going into a ring to compete, it's just a sectioned off area in reality. I had this issues with a few horses and the solutions varied, you just need to work it out logically - one was picking up...
  22. paddi22

    Daughter's pony - what to do?

    I used to get the same from my husband but it's drummed into him now that 2 ponies = 1 horse! so really it's only a half!
  23. paddi22

    One Testicle - Advice Please

    if you can, wait it out. mine had one that dropped at two and a half. I was checking him all the time and still couldn't even feel it fully but it dropped when he was sedated for dentist.
  24. paddi22

    Quiet hands vs conversation down the reins

    the definition of 'a conversation down the reins' is so vague though. for some trainers it probably means constant sponging, where for others it might just mean not dropping contact and letting the reins go loopy. That's what I find very odd about some teaching, the descriptions can be so vague...
  25. paddi22

    Saddle fitters too “cool” to fit cobs???

    have you just been unlucky or are you in a weird area where it's a racing area or something? I have tbs, sport horses and cobs and the saddle fitters have never treated any of them them any differently? I've a barrel of a cob and managed to get a saddle for her no bother for 200 quid.
  26. paddi22

    Hock arthritis

    mine had hock arthritis and got the injections when he was 11, about 7 years ago. Touch wood he hasn't needed them since and a recent enough X-ray showed it hadn't gotten worse. He competes at one star and I give him a joint supplement and I really mind him. I warm him up very slowly. I do...
  27. paddi22

    New horse - pacing! 😭 All tips for canter welcome please!

    he is GORGEOUS Gloi! the little flicky trot on him!!
  28. paddi22

    New horse - pacing! 😭 All tips for canter welcome please!

    I'm trying to root out videos of when we would have the weird canter that you currently have. this video is years old and it was when she was only starting to do courses the first video here she does it at 50sec between the double at the end, she breaks into her weird canter thing at stages...
  29. paddi22

    New horse - pacing! 😭 All tips for canter welcome please!

    she was such a project! I never had one like her before. she was SO stressed about canter, she couldn't get her head around it at all, it really panicked her it worked best just to take the pressure off her and not have her worry about correct legs and stuff or worry about balancing around...