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    Sports bras

    Just had a look at the Inspire - they look great, but start at cup size E so sadly one size too big. Shame that.
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    Sports bras

    I would like to know too! M & S used to do a really good sports bra, like a proper bra but with a lot more support and wide straps. Sadly they stopped making my favourite one.
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    Alternative to fly masks ? What about this ...

    I have got through a lot of these. My boy doesn't like the full masks - he gets hot and itchy. The most annoying part about these is the tassels come off so easily. He doesn't get the whole thing off - just manages to pull the tassels out. I've just bought another 2 - (QHL make?) can't...
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    Kool coat or Aussie allrounder?

    Aussie Allrounder for me too - I have the same type of horse as LP - big in the chest - so just went up a size. Haven't found him getting hot in it, seems to keep nice and cool.
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    I had a plum tree at the end of the field of a place I used to live at. The neds would very carefully pick the plums off the tree, munch on them for a bit, then delicately spit out the stones. Never came to any harm. Can't speak of goosegogs though.
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    What is the Best Western saddle pad?

    Sorry - my mistake - Maria is The Western Saddler - and she does the Mattes pads.
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    What is the Best Western saddle pad?

    Another vote for the Mattes pads - I have one. As far as I know - Maria at The Western Shop still supplies them.
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    Would you put a rug on a wet horse?

    I did just this an hour ago - poor chap has been out all night in a fly rug - he was very wet. But I did towel him off first. I've put a rug on a wet horse many times (not dripping wet mind you). They've always been ok. I would add - the rug I put on said wet horses, always had some degree of...
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    How to prevent scarring?

    I'm a great user of Camrosa ointment. Used it for years, and still do for minor wounds. Always found healing is fast and the hair grows back well too. It's thick like vaseline, and keeps the flies off too.
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    Horse flies

    OK - I've found someone - eVet.
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    Horse flies

    I want to make one of those fly trap thingys - anyone know where I can buy the glue?
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    Doberman dog bed help!

    Our old Dobie was more the size of a small horse - no beds seemed big enough - we ended up getting her a second hand 2 seater leather sofa. It was plenty big enough for her to stretch out, and low enough for her to climb in and out of, off the floor so away from any cold draughts, and easy to clean!
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    Rubbish horsey areas

    I feel your pain. I have the same problem where I live too. It's a very horsey area, but full of DIY yards. Fantastic if that's what you want - but I need a yard that can do part or (very) assisted DIY. Can I find one? Nope. Loads around the Bristol area - but that means a lot of travelling time...
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    Reproofing own turn out rugs

    Excellent advice Andie02, especially the bit about the amount of water domestic machines use - I washed a stable rug the other day - it came out vile- going to try putting it through another rinse cycle and see it that improves things - fingers crossed! I certainly won't bother trying to clean...
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    Livery in NE Somerset

    Looking for livery yard recommendations in NE Somerset. I've given up trying to find all year live out livery, so now looking for part livery. Making the move from DIY as I'm now working more hours and finding I no longer have any quality time to spend with the boy!
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    From DIY to Part Livery

    I really like Myloubylou's arrangement - this would suit me perfectly! I've been on DIY all my horse-owning life - and that's a very long time! My poor old body has had enough, and this wet winter has made the work 100 times harder. I have to say though - the thought of relinquishing control to...
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    Box for posting saddle?

    OK - that's pretty straight forward. But what about a western saddle? I've got 2 I'll be selling soon - any useful tips about sending those?
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    Why is it

    Me too - mind you - my freelancing was 30 years ago! I just put it down to the fact that I'm very old and tired.
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    Westcountry Equine Fair: advance tickets

    So - the full price is 15 quid, advance ticket is 13 - plus a 1 pound handling charge - wow - their generosity is staggering.
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    Pleasure Rides Somerset

    Agree with ester's comment about choosing carefully - I live in Somerset and the hacking is crap. Do your homework and go have a thorough look-see if something sounds good.
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    I'm sorted now - but if anyone else needed to know - Fosseway Fodder - they're at East Pennard not far from Shepton.
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    Is anyone selling small bales of wrapped hay in the Bath area? (not haylage). Would need it delivered.
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    Barefoot Saddles

    Is anyone in this area selling a Barefoot Arizona Nut or Nevada Please?
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    Charges for additional services for those on DIY livery

    I'm in a private yard, so the cost may or may not be different - I pay £1.50 for turn out or bring in (paddock very close) - this includes rug change and given ready made up feed, feet are never done, and hay/water is already in stable. I'd never ask for a muck out as I'd get turned down flat...
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    BHS email

    Me too. Glad I ignored it!
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    Moving onto Connemaras

    I had a Connie for 31 years - I'd have another one in a heartbeat.
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    To Insure Or Not To Insure?

    Many thanks for all your responses and wise words! I've bitten the bullet and cancelled the policy. I've always been of the opinion that insurance wasn't worth the paper it's written on - but then I've never been in the unfortunate position of having to make a big claim! (hanging on to wood...
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    Western Riding in Somerset

    Thanks TPO - The Mendip Stud no longer exist, Longhorn Western Riding is a riding school next to Centre Parcs at Longleat, and Loose Reins is in Dorset. Think I'll try picking a few trainers brains as you suggest. Unless - there are any western riders in the Radstock/Wellow area that are brave...
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    inhaler spacer, there must another way?

    Here's an idea - my old pony (now gone) suffered badly with breathing problems. This is what my vet suggested - and it worked a treat! Get a large, clear plastic bag. Cut off 1 corner. Get pony used to you holding bag just over his nose. Might take a few goes, but it's just a bag - no straps or...
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    Western Riding in Somerset

    Yes I know about The Crescent - sadly too far away for me as I don't have transport any more. I'm hoping I might find some closet western riders in my locality that I could livery with. A lot of English riders still view us as aliens sadly!