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    Sores on tail

    I noticed today my horse has these sores on his tail. He was a bit uncomfortable about me touching his tail, but stood and let me look gently while he was untied and wasn't trying to move away so I don't think it's too painful. I did notice some other scabby looking areas and his tail skin...
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    Saddle uncomfortable for me

    *warning - this thread talks about ladies crotch discomfort* I have a 16" heather moffett flexee saddle that fits my horse nicely, I am 5'6" and bum is a uk size 10/12. I generally like the saddle but I found when I ride for 1hr+ it starts to get very uncomfortable at the front of my crotch...
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    Insurance claim confusion?

    I am going to be sending my horse for a CT scan, the vets said I should speak to insurance first and then they would get me booked in. I put a claim through the insurance and they asked me to send the vet referral report and any invoices. The only invoice I have at the moment is for the initial...
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    Masta rug surcingles length?

    I bought a masta avante 100g stable rug from harry hall, my horse is 15.2hh and usually a 5'9 so this is what I bought. I tried it on and it fit reasonably well though comes up a little short depthwise, I don't mind this however the surcingles are way too short! They barely do up at the longest...
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    How to try driving

    I think I'd like to try driving with my horse, just for fun not competitively, but don't really know where to start. There's Ashfields Carriage club near me so I'm going to see if I can get some lessons there, does anyone know what they're like? I don't want to spend loads while I'm how my horse...
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    Heather moffett saddle sizing

    Anyone who has or has tried a heather moffett saddle (the flexee models in particular as these are what I'm looking at) - how do the sizes come up? I believe they're measured from centre of the cantel to pommel so are they larger than the equivalent normal treed saddle?
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    Lambswool saddle pad

    I'm looking at getting a ghost treeless saddle, I've had one on demo and I'm pretty happy with it. The only issue I've had is slight back and forward movement at the back of the saddle. I've been assured by the rep that this is ok, as the cantle area is non weight bearing. However I'm concerned...
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    Haygain forager replacement regulators

    I have a haygain forager and it's great, I much prefer it to nets. It came with two regulators, I started with the one with bigger holes but my horse broke two of the plastic clips holding it in place so it doesn't work well anymore, I tried using carabiner clips to replace the broken clips but...
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    Treeless fit and treefree/ghost/hm?

    I'm after some fitting advice for an old trekker I have. I'm not sure my horse is completely happy in it. It rubs slightly at the back either side of his spine, I pull the pad (equitex) forward slightly so the back of the saddle doesn't touch and this seems to stop the rubbing. If I don't move...
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    Stable cameras

    Horse is in overnight now and I've thought about getting some kind of stable camera to get an idea of how long his hay lasts, does he lie down much etc. I have seen wildlife cameras for about £40 that can be set on time lapse modes rather than motion trigger, so could take a photo every 10...
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    Bucas rugs vs liner sizes

    I have a 5'9 Bucas irish turnout and just got a smartex rain. They fit my horse nicely. I've been looking at getting the select cooler and the 150g select stable, according to Bucas website both can be used as liners under the turnouts I have. I've seen them for a good price online but only in...
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    Remove shoes for introductions?

    A new horse recently arrived at the yard, and he's supposed to be joining the same field as mine. They're currently in fields next to each other to get used to each other over a fence before going in together. The new one has been quite threatening to mine over the fence, he's a big horse and...
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    Best tool for mucking out chopped rapeseed bedding?

    I'm thinking of using chopped rape seed straw for bedding this winter, probably bed soft bio as that's what my local store sells. I've only used straw before but hate how dusty it is. What's the best kind of fork to use for rape seed bedding? Gelding is quite tidy in stable, usually poos...
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    Sarcoid fallen off - what to do?

    My gelding has couple sarcoids around his groin/sheath, small flat ones that don't cause problems and are barely visible. A few months ago he developed a nodular one on his sheath, decided to leave it alone as delicate area. He has previously had a nodular one about the size of a pea that...
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    Horseflies are back

    How long until they die again?
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    Yard still not on 24/7 turnout?

    I'm relocating to Hertfordshire soon, I don't know the area and am relying mostly on facebook to find a yard. I went to see a yard that seemed pretty nice with an outdoor school and hacking looks great with a proper network of bridleways on the doorstep. However they're still bringing in...
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    Kramer 'thermo master' fly rugs - sizing?

    Just wondering if anyone here can offer sizing advice on the kramer standard neck fly sheets? My horse has 5ft9 rugs, his shires tempest turnout comes up a tiny bit short, bucas fits well. He has a masta fleece in 6ft which fits ok but I tried on his 6ft masta flysheet the other day and I'd...
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    Rugged horses in the heat

    I had a no fill on my boy last night as it was raining, I was up the yard by 9 this morning to remove it and he was already quite warm and almost beginning to sweat. Other liveries on the yard have still got their horses in rugs, some in medium weights (though granted these are clipped horses)...
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    Electric fence kits

    Due to unfortunate circumstances it looks like I will need to move in with my mum for a couple months. She has a small paddock and I was thinking about keeping my gelding in it while I'm staying. She normally borrows some sheep from her neighbour to keep the grass under control but at the...
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    Possibly looking for sharer - advice please?

    I'm likely to be looking for a sharer my gelding, and hoping to get some advice on a few things. He's a 15.2hh, 9 year old happy hacker ridden bitless, lovely to handle and very sweet natured. He's on DIY livery in south wales near cardiff. The yard does have an arena but the surface is poor...
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    Treeless saddle pressing on withers

    I've got a trekker treeless saddle for my gelding, when I put it on it looks like it fits well and has a good clearance over his spine. However I'm concerned that when I'm on board my weight presses it down over his wither, especially in rising trot or when I stand in the stirrups (I know you're...
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    Farrier / barefoot trimmer recommendations cardiff

    Hi, can anyone recommend farrier/trimmer that does a good barefoot trim (for ridden horse) for cardiff area?
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    Livery yards near Llantrisant/Cardiff?

    Hi, I'm moving to a new job in Llantrisant in July, does anyone have any recommendations for livery yards or know anywhere with a space available for a 15.2hh gelding? Ideally assisted DIY / part livery with good hacking and a school. I don't know where I'll be living yet so I'm looking at...