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  1. jofwigby

    HOYS Breeders Award

    No shame in Showing - David Hinde not only received an award but they sent him a Certificate and Tankard ! Can't work it out - did they not know, turn a blind eye or just condone ?
  2. jofwigby

    Straw Poll - Microchipping Regulations / Updating Passports

    Would be really interested to know if you have received any correspondence (email or post) from your PIO / Breed Society (or anyone) in the last year, couple of years, ever ? about the new Regulations and checking Food Chain Status for the new Central Equine Database ?
  3. jofwigby

    Passports / Defra/ Equine Sector Council

    I am incensed that the failure of DEFRA to get the EU Passport system sorted by Jan 1st, means that Passport Law now cannot be enforced. Councils are now expected to fork out huge sums to remove flygrazers yet they now have no way to address the problem at source. Of course, most didn't...