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  1. paddi22

    Trying barefoot with a flat footed horse, flat foot photos included

    I've four happily barefoot, but I finally made the jump to take the shoes off my flat footed older gelding who has always been a disaster physically (kissing spine, hock arthritis, copd, navicular). His vet history is that he was recommended to get wedges, but they destroyed his hooves after a...
  2. paddi22

    Making your own muscle wash for post xc

    Part of my lockdown hobbies was finding ways to make homemade versions of stuff I usually buy. My next project is a home made muscle wash for my horses for after the xc. the one I currently use has these ingredients Lavender Oil Rosemary Oil Methy Salicylate(Oil of wintergreen) Witch Hazel...
  3. paddi22

    Any good waterproof warm exercise sheets that cover the riders legs as well?

    Just looking for a rug I can throw on in a show warmup that will cover horses quarters and also my legs, I don't want one that goes under saddle. Something like a cheaper version of the pic attached ?
  4. paddi22

    Best puppy teething toys

    My dad got a new puppy and I was looking to get him teething toys for it. Any recommendations that people have for some?
  5. paddi22

    Yearly booster without injection?

    I know the answer to this is probably no! But we have an ex-rescue horse that is very very sharp and it is impossible to inject her. She got the first two of her starter flu and tet injections from vets but she was absolutely lethal to inject, she is very flexible and can barrel kick from any...
  6. paddi22

    How do your eventers come out of the season?

    Just wondering how people find their eventers feeling coming close to the end of the season. I have an older eventer and he is coming out of the season feeling a bit flat and unmotivated in himself. he's totally lost his sparkle and cheekiness to pull into fences. We did a full season with...
  7. paddi22

    Music for trot rhythm

    Just looking for some musical advice. I have a very hot 14hh pony at the moment to train, and she has a very forward strong personality, i've never ridden anything like her. She has a very dominant personality and to get her to work well you have to totally control every stride 100% of the time...
  8. paddi22

    Parrot mouth in a foal

    I have a pure tb foal that was born to a dumped ex racer I got landed with in my field. Foal was born in may, is a totally adorable, healthy little thing but he has a bad parrot mouth. Top teeth stick out a lot above bottom teeth. Has anyone had foals like this and is there anything that can be...
  9. paddi22


    How are people finding the ERQIs since they came in? They are a super system to gauge your horses form and it's amazing they have cut the accidents so much. However, how are people finding them as they try and bring young horses through the ranks? Personally I think being penalised so heavily...
  10. paddi22

    Equestrian Blogs - how honest should they be?

    Just interested in getting other viewpoints of the proliferation of blogs that have popped up for various disciplines. Are they a positive or a negative thing in general do people think? Very few show the unvarnished reality of their discipline. I suppose what got me thinking was that recently...
  11. paddi22

    XC boots for sj

    Stupid question really, but as an eventer who has now gotten the showjumping bug, is there any reason I can't jump in my xc boots (Majyk Equipe ones). Hoping to get up the heights in sj, currently at 1 10. But everyone else looks like proper pro jumpers with lovely boots, and I look a bit odd...
  12. paddi22

    "open knees' in a horse

    I've a little 14.1 rescue sulkie project, just coming on 6, who would have had a very tough start and was in foal when i got her. She was always very bum-high, but a lot of sulkies look that way build-wise from what i can see. A few people recently said to me she has open knees (?) and that...
  13. paddi22

    Legs/Bandaging after hunt

    After a long break (20 years) from hunting I'm back at it this year. I was just curious what best practice was for leg care these days. I event normally and use ice boots after it. But from what I can see ice boots don't seem to be used after hunting? I have a very twiggy legged horse and I just...
  14. paddi22

    Anything to aid ligament recovery

    We are after getting a new rescue mare in, an exracer who has two puffy swellings above a hind fetlock. Vet scanned and said tendon is fine, but ligament has mild damage. She doesn't know what caused the two swellings but she's guessing it's linked to whatever injury occured. She got steroid...
  15. paddi22

    Cheap watersystem for horse box

    I was just wondering had anyone any good,cheap water systems that could be attached to the outside of an ifor williams 505? I don't want to go down the internal waterboy route. I've seen round, tall ones that attached to the front of the box. they looked basic but seemed to do the job. Do anyone...
  16. paddi22

    Position tips for adult jumping on pony

    Any position advice/tips appreciated on this. I usually jump a 16.2 sportshorse type, but have recently acquired a 14.1ish rescue pony (i'm 5 foot 6) who used to be a sulkie racer. We recently started jumping and she has a very powerful hind end and a massive jump. She's a sensitive sort, so to...
  17. paddi22

    Relationships with YOs

    Just spinning this off from the other thread were the yo was offended her liveries didn't ask her out hacking. This isn't about her case but just in general to have a theoretical discussion on it (not about that case in particular) Reasons I would not ask my old YOs out on hacks would be -...
  18. paddi22

    ERQI ratings in BE

    (Just a musing and not aimed at any particular badminton riders - more a theoretical question!.) I know very little about British Eventing as I do the irish version. I was just wondering has the ERQI system started there yet? From looking at some of the badminton accidents, and then having a...
  19. paddi22

    Breakdown of your eventing training for 1* upward

    Hi, Was hoping to get some advice from other eventers on their average weekly/two weekly training programme and alsohow the view their dressage riding/technique eventing as compared to pure dressage. Horse in question really struggled with dressage in general, built like a carthorse, had never...
  20. paddi22

    Making your own ice-vibe style boots

    Just wondering if anyone had designed any homemade ice-vibe style cooling boots. Working on a budget eventing this year and looking for some cheap and cheerful ideas to save cash and buying new equipment. I was thinking of using the ice cube bags, but my worry is having the ice either too close...
  21. paddi22

    Retraining a sulkie racer

    Currently have a sulkie racer rescue and she's starting her ridden career now. Was wondering if anyone had any bitting/training/exercise tips that they found worked well for similar horses who would have been sulkies etc. She is backed a week now and happily potters around an arena, turns and...
  22. paddi22

    Doormat for muddy paws

    Our house has tiled corridors, but we are demented with the dogs bringing mud in when they run in from the yard. Does anyone know any decent mats that would take the worst of the mud off when they come in? Has anyone got good solutions they use to solve the muddy dogpaw issue?! The house is old...
  23. paddi22

    Dopiest question ever about travelling a horse

    Really thick question, but just got a full length breastbars for my ifor williams 505. One of the horses is a 14.2 a mare who always manages to untie herself, and i have a feeling she will turn herself round in box during travel. Is this really dodgy if it happens?? or can they travel backwards...
  24. paddi22

    easiest ei 1* in peoples opinion

    Hi, am aiming for a one star at the end of the year and just wanted peoples opinion on what they think the easiest 1star course in ireland would be? I'l have two horses out competing at lower levels so will be run ragged and haven't ever had the chance to properly walk and analyse any of the...
  25. paddi22

    recommendations for floor type for tackroom/feedroom

    We recently got stables built and tahe tackroom and feed room floor of just concrete at the moment. I was hoping to get something down to give it a smarter floor appearance. I hate lino with all my heart so was wondering was there any poured resin style materials available or anything else...
  26. paddi22

    Sciatica in horses

    Just wondering if anyone has experience of this? Have an exracer just diagnosed with it and wondering had anyone a horse with it on here that could give advice?
  27. paddi22

    How long a holiday do you give your eventers during winter?

    Just curious how long a holiday people give their eventers and when do you start them back up?. I've a 14 yr old ish that was doing events ever week or so until last week. We have never done a full season before due to random injuries each year, so it's the first time he's done a full season...
  28. paddi22

    Grass livery Yo's - contract

    Just a quick question for those who offer grass livery. We have a field and 2 retired horses want to come in as grass liveries. Field is rough, but is secure, has water and I check horses in it daily. I'm also happy to take them up to a stable if they need box rest/ are injured etc. Do...
  29. paddi22

    what to do with old rescue pony, tack suggestions?

    Sorry for the epic story, but any advice appreciated. I got in a old rescue pony (26ish) a few months ago who had been starved for years and had very bad dental problem that meant it hadn't been able to eat properly for a decade probably, and had survived by sucking in food when it could as it...
  30. paddi22

    cost of hunt pts and disposing of horse

    heya, would anyone have an idea of the rough average cost for a hunt to shot and dispose of horse in ireland?