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  1. Lexi_

    Second weekend of August plans!

    Oh no!! I was wondering how you’d got on. Hope you’re not too sore.
  2. Lexi_

    Very odd looking trailer - any ideas?

    Looks like Robocop to me! I don’t hate it 😄
  3. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Yes we were there both days. If that’s the combo I’m thinking of who fell towards the end of the day, she was having a lovely round and it seemed a huge shame - we’d just been commenting on how well they’d jumped the coffin. I spoke to the water jump FJs at the end of the day and they said she...
  4. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    It seemed to ride a lot more smoothly than it has in previous years. Didn’t hear any requests over the radio for course repair to go and investigate the footing.
  5. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    The water didn’t cause as many problems as normal! I think one on each weekend day and they were both stumbles in the water rather than fence related? I don’t think the results will say which fence the faults were at. Let me cast my mind back to what was coming up on the radio... Sat was 90...
  6. Lexi_

    At last.....

    Oh I’m so pleased you’ve finally found him! 😄 He looks lovely.
  7. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Long second day at Cholmondeley today due to a hold of over an hour at one point (think the doctor was tied up with a SJ casualty so they couldn’t run the XC until she was free?). Lively day though - we were on the coffin in the afternoon and had one faller, many many refusals, one horse that...
  8. Lexi_

    Our experience of BE post lockdown

    I found the competitors walking the XC course at Cholmondeley this weekend were much chattier than normal - lots of thank yous and nice conversations. I think everyone’s just really glad to be back! Sorry you didn’t have the same experience Batgirl :(
  9. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Also I probably shouldn’t criticise because I wouldn’t ever even start a BE event, but also y’know, you watch 250 horses a day around a XC course for multiple days a year and you’re probably allowed some opinion on this... The BE90 classes ran with horses every 2 mins from 9.30am to 3.45pm...
  10. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Well day 1 of fence judging under the new rules went really well! Musketeer run Cholmondeley and they’re always highly efficient, so no surprise that we were given loads of pre-event info, a full event pack and a link to a 30 min YouTube video of the BE briefing. (On that note, it was a good...
  11. Lexi_

    "New" trainer for Ludo

    I think he’s an absolute cracker 😄 I remember the last video you posted and don’t think I commented at the time but he had such nice natural elevation in it. The rhythm is looking good in this one!
  12. Lexi_

    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    A full weekend of fence judging at Cholmondeley. Woo hoo!!! I cannot wait. We haven’t done any since Kelsall last September (I think - feels about 6 years ago!) and I’ve missed it so much. Shall report back about what it’s like in this weird new world. I’ve watched the briefing video on...
  13. Lexi_

    Weekend plans for last weekend in July

    Oh that’s a bit frustrating AE! Was it a case of just sailing along and forgetting to use her legs at the easy fences? Lots of positives though - better luck next time!
  14. Lexi_

    And a lesson report from mega midget too!

    He’s looking fab!
  15. Lexi_

    Beach Rides - Formby? *Pic*

    Basically what Hallo2012 said about Formby! This is the horse route to the beach - it’s narrow and straight up the dunes. A bit alarming if your horse throws a strop, as Monty decided to do 🙄 It’s lovely but you either need to go out of season or nice and early in the day because especially...
  16. Lexi_

    Our experience of BE post lockdown

    Will do! I’m intrigued to know how the pacing works and what it feels like without commentary. Might be a quiet day - I’ll take my knitting 😄 The lack of food doesn’t bother me tbh. We have multiple food allergies between us so always take a picnic anyway.
  17. Lexi_

    Our experience of BE post lockdown

    That’s really interesting, thanks Chiffy! Hope your daughter had a good run. I’ve got two days volunteering at Cholmondeley in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to be back in the swing of things, despite the changed circumstances.
  18. Lexi_

    Eventing thoughts!

    Can we have a socially distanced wave at Kelsall? 😄 I can’t wait to get back volunteering! Realistically I think it might just be Cholmondeley and Kelsall for us for the rest of the season though :/ Somerford have cancelled, I won’t touch Bold Heath with a barge pole (not sure if they’re...
  19. Lexi_

    Chester Zoo

    It was a weird bit of very badly worded government policy wording back in May about outdoor ticketed leisure venues being barred from opening. Some lobbied and got an exemption (NT, RSPB, RHS and other gardens) but zoos and safari parks weren’t included. I assume either they have now got their...
  20. Lexi_

    Introducing Lindeza (lin-day-za)

    They’re both so smart! Love how much Ludo has changed since you got him too 😄
  21. Lexi_

    I think I might go Matchy...

    Looks quite similar to a nice HKM Cassandra Softice one I bought.
  22. Lexi_

    What would you fail the vet on?

    Dodgy SI issues but other than that I’m pretty sound and never need the vet. I would definitely need to live in the fat paddock permanently though.
  23. Lexi_

    Jockeys & masks

    Don’t think so, but they are being tested twice a week. Not sure that jockeys are?
  24. Lexi_

    BE update re working towards how to run events once they can restart.

    Barbury’s going ahead on the Sat & Sun only, with lots of sensible precautions in place. Sadly I think we’ll have to miss FJ-ing there as we live so far away we have to do it as part of a trip and it doesn’t feel right to stay in a hotel or Air BnB right now :(
  25. Lexi_

    BE update re working towards how to run events once they can restart.

    Oh I hadn’t seen the Somerford news - can’t say I’m surprised though. The BE update was nice and clear and well thought out but it remains to be seen how viable it is for most events to run. Guess we’ll see when the cancellation notifications trickle in.
  26. Lexi_

    Volunteering at Events/Other horse things

    Hopefully see you at Kelsall in the autumn! The team there are so lovely.
  27. Lexi_

    Volunteering at Events/Other horse things

    Volunteering is lots of fun but given the current situation, I’m not sure when the opportunities will start to be available. If you’re interested in BE, look on their website for specific event details and drop their volunteer coordinator an email. They’re usually delighted to have the help...
  28. Lexi_

    BE update re working towards how to run events once they can restart.

    Really interesting! Thanks for sharing - I’ve been keeping an eye on BE emails but either they haven’t sent that out yet or I’ve totally missed it. I know it’s an impossible question but what date do you all think we might start seeing events from? All my fence judging has been cancelled so...
  29. Lexi_

    Unicorn Shopping

    She’s got a toddler and a baby and two horses and it’s just not working out financially for her. We’re all heartbroken about it (I wish I had the time & money to afford him myself!) but it’s the sensible decision.
  30. Lexi_

    Unicorn Shopping

    The Cleveland Bay/Sec D is my share horse and I’m obviously biased but he’s an absolute diamond. Super good fun, has never had a day lame in the 7 years I’ve been sharing him and would tick all of the OP’s boxes (or those of most of the people who are horse hunting on here and want a sane, sound...