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    Borrowing a pony?

    Quite a few charities are appealing now for winter foster - Essex Horse and Pony and Lluest etc - find out who is close and ask.
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    HOYS Breeders Award

    No shame in Showing - David Hinde not only received an award but they sent him a Certificate and Tankard ! Can't work it out - did they not know, turn a blind eye or just condone ?
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    This ^
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    Whispering Willows and Alternative sanctuary

    Do you know said ex-racehorse people ? I do. You couldnt meet more professional ladies who would do anything to help any welfare situation not just TBs. All this spite on half a story, about people you know nothing about.
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    More horse neglect/welfare issues
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Most of the questions were scripted at the Forum - none of the charities have been remotely interested in the CED and have only recently jumped on board now that it seems there are money making and training opportunities - its all aimed at High Health Horses who have everything in order anyway...
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    Equine Flu Update Monday 11 February 2019 6.45 a.m.

    70% of UK horses are not vaccinated - so anywhere ? Staff, equipment, snot - went to thing the other day (no wonder the vet was twitchy) and her main point was we should all know our horses normal temperature - she was emphatic about it . . .
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    I asked this too and did not get a satisfactory response. I think that the Chip No. & UELN is visible on the end of the CED that the public don't have access to but the Authorities do, Food Standards and those Trading Standards who have applied to use. If you had access to both numbers it could...
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I am looking from a purely Welfare position on the new Database - the Breed Society etc information should be, as it is, separate and searchable by Members.
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I have to take exception, although not personally - having met the people who set this up, Equine Register - I am totally appalled at the lack of support this project has received from all the horse charities, breed societies & PIOs. Feet dragging, sabotage and a wholesale failure to educate -...
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    Of course local authorities do not give a rats arse about illegal horses when they are so overstretched, however, Police Forces and Councils that spend thousands on loose and flygrazed horses, are now more aware and can be made more aware of, the Legislation. It can also be used to persuade...
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    Unfortunately our Horse Market is on its arse - anything worth less than £5K is more or less worth nothing. No one has any clue how many horses there are in the UK let alone how many are illegal with no paperwork at all. Lots of people believe that if you sign your horse out, it is signed out...
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    The lack of Enforcement is one of the biggest arguments about Microchipping - however we have never been in the position that we are in now to, if not Enforce, but to ask questions as to why not - which we were not in before. Its a really good position, if only Compliance could be driven up...
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    The Politicians did not understand the first or this second raft of Legislation, neither do the people advising so I wouldn't hold your breath for any last minute reprieve. Retrospective Microchipping was included in the Legislation at the behest of the Horse Charities, who of course, we all...
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    Straw Poll - Microchipping Regulations / Updating Passports

    Many thanks everyone - if anyone wants to chat further, please don't hesitate to PM
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    Straw Poll - Microchipping Regulations / Updating Passports

    Yes - this is the bit no one has been informed about - if you have Microchipped or Signed out of the Food chain, you need to inform your PIO and then check that they have updated your record on the CED. Check by entering Microchip Number in Equine Register Chip Checker...
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    Straw Poll - Microchipping Regulations / Updating Passports

    Would be really interested to know if you have received any correspondence (email or post) from your PIO / Breed Society (or anyone) in the last year, couple of years, ever ? about the new Regulations and checking Food Chain Status for the new Central Equine Database ?
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    :-( Thor the rescue horse

    Its all over facebook - this was / is the original group that campaigned for the Coney Lane horses before they were removed by Team Thor.
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    Welfare case - what more can we do?

    I have only just cottoned on which place this is - are those poor things with the feet still in those conditions ? If it's a stud, ie a business don't give up till you get satisfaction from the Council. & Register with MyRSPCA and make complaint online asking for contact with a Chief Inspector...
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    Welfare case - what more can we do?

    Yes Local Authority Inspectors & Police Officers - however all public calls into animal health / trading standards are now screened by Citizens Advice so you can't really get through to them anyway. Looking at a horse now on an RSPCA Improvement Notice now - good job i don't have a gun with me...
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    Welfare case - what more can we do?

    Correct RSPCA Improvement Notices are not what is referred to in the act as Improvement Notices, they are their own and can only form part of evidence if they Prosecute. Official Improvement Notices can be issued by Council Officers & Police but lol they rarely do, and in most cases aren't even...
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    Meat colts - the true cost of rescuing them (a diary)

    Lovely photos of him in the school - you gave him a bloody good shot x Thanks for sharing.
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    foal rescued?
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    foal rescued?

    I don't know if any of you have read any of the submissions to the EFRA Inquiry into the Effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Act (written evidence published last week) - interesting reading especially all the charities and the Police etc
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    Passports / Defra/ Equine Sector Council

    High end breeding, competing and international travel will be unaffected as these horses are identified to the max - it is the low end where Passports / chips are a Welfare issue, that it is essential the system works. Roly Owers at World Horse Welfare is the only person who has made a...
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    Passports / Defra/ Equine Sector Council

    I am incensed that the failure of DEFRA to get the EU Passport system sorted by Jan 1st, means that Passport Law now cannot be enforced. Councils are now expected to fork out huge sums to remove flygrazers yet they now have no way to address the problem at source. Of course, most didn't...
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    People need to think hard before they rehome a TB

    I have ridden all my life and perhaps consider myself as an experienced novice - happy hacker but can be persuaded to jump, hunt etc on occasion. I was given an ex-racer as I used to ride work on him - I had perhaps 15 of the best and worst years with him. The short version is that when I...
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    Advice needed please - awful situation - strangles

    So sorry to hear your news Antigone x
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    Advice needed please - awful situation - strangles

    I feel terrible for you - and the mare and your pony. You sound very capable and caring and I'm sure you will do the right thing (whatever that may turn out to be). I am peed off on your behalf that whichever charity it was had little empathy. Not so much financially support - but you'd like...
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    Final Furlong Racing Ltd

    A statement from WHW / RSPCA would be great for transparency on what happened here - another lesson in never donating etc to anything other than Registered Charities or those that you know personally.