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    Anyone else’s changing their coat?!

    👀dare I ask? July has been pretty meh for us, the majority of it has been wet and overcast days. It would seem our summer is April/ May! I’m not ready for winter woolies yet though 😩
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    Reporting a farrier

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this and whether anyone has ever reported a farrier before. I thought about it at the time but there was just too much going on at the time and it was touch and go for my guy. After showing photos to a very highly thought of and knowledgeable lady and a...
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    The many uses of Apple cider vinegar

    I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. So let’s hear your weird and wonderful uses of Apple cider vinegar! I think it’s fab. Currently use in feed, s a fly spray and for spraying on the frogs.
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    Wood pellets

    Does anyone use Blue Ribbon Wood Pellets? They also do a ‘White pellets’ which I think is aimed more for fuel use. Just wondered experiences with them.
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    Anyone had bother ordering with Equus?

    Anyone had problems with a Equus online? I ordered a fly sheet with Equus a fortnight ago, it was set to 3-5days delivery so I gave it to Monday this week before contacting them, I understand post is a bit slower than normal, but the tracking registered to it was invalid. They’re now saying the...
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    Lame. What does this sound like?

    Horse is a previous chronic EMS laminitic that had rotation but corrected and been fine ever since. Kept on a very strict routine and ems friendly diet. Been fine all weekend, hacked out yesterday which involved some hill work(not unusual) and a little canter, again not unusual. Horse was...
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    Hoof abscess - shoe removal?

    Do you remove the shoe if there’s a suspected abscess in the hoof? Tried to contact farrier but no reply- he’s possibly working in the completely opposite direction today. Losing the cut off for calling a vet if I need the shoe removed. I’ve got poulticed and wrapped for the time being but...
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    Ride-on fly rugs

    So these came out a few years ago, my YO at the time bought one and I thought she was off her head :D anyway, a few years later down the line, I've had well and truly enough of the clegs :eek: there's only so much you can take, I only managed to ride for 15/20minutes last night because they...
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    A question I find myself asking more and more as I’m using my trailer more often now is, should I grease my towball? And if so, what with? I have never ever greased it, however only towed once in a blue moon. Towbar was fitted last year and hardly got used. Now used at least once a week.
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    Daily yard attire

    What do you wear to the yard? I feel my equestrian wardrobe could do with an overhaul, I’m sure I’m about 10 years out of date! Inspire me! 🤩
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    Laminitics and field management

    and fertilising! My head is saying no no no. Yard has decided to fertilise this year. Doesn’t normally. I need help with what to do. Horse is muzzled and out for 4/5hours per day normally. On really eaten down grass that is grazed by 3 horses during the day and then 3 horses during the...
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    Rubbish horsey areas

    Is anyone else in an area that’s just absolutely rubbish for livery yards? There is just a real lack of them in general around my area no matter what direction you’re in unless you want to travel 30mins +. 30mins+ is maybe normal?! But impossible with our road infrastructure come rush hour...
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    Latest Mallenders treatment

    I’m not sure if that’s spelt correctly so I apologise if not. I’m wondering what’s the latest most effective treatments for Mallenders? (Scabs behind the knee) I used to treat successfully with MSM ointment years ago but didn’t continue when someone pinched it! Since then I trim the hair down...
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    Nourish feed

    I’ve seen this new brand of feed supplement pop up a few times now. I actually really like the look of their range. Ingredients are very natural and all seem the right composition to make them work. Has anyone tried? I’m tempted to try the Joint one thought not sure whether to just buy the...
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    Feeding the incorrect amount

    I have my boy on Simple Systems- Lucie stalks and Metaslim. Very happy with how he’s doing. However, it appears I’ve been feeding the incorrect amount of Metaslim. I didn’t receive a measuring cup when I initially bought it so just used one I had. So basically I’ve been feeding half the amount I...
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    Pro Equine products

    Does anyone use any of the Pro Equine products? I’d be interested to hear any thoughts on them x
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    Thoughts on new Wintecs

    As the title please. I know they are like marmite! Particularly interested in the vsd model. My guy has 2 Ideal saddles. First one was pre- laminitis when he was heavier and the second one was post laminitis when he was about to come back in to work. Saddle 1 is too wide, and saddle 2 is now...
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    Le Mieux saddlepads

    I’ve got two which I like in that they seem to wick sweat away etc However I’m not convinced with the fit. My saddle is due an assessment however on upping my guys work since coming back off injury, it would see they bridge very easily at the wither? They also seem to slip back slightly when...
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    Any ideas- just ‘off’ food

    My chap came down with cellulitis due to a hidden nasty scab of mud fever early last week. He was given intravenous antibiotics for 2 days and then a 5 day course of oral anti biotics in powder form. All was fine and heat and swelling left, mud fever cleared. On Saturday he left a lot of hay...
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    Gone off hay on anti biotics

    Has anyone else’s horse gone off their hay when on antibiotics? Thankfully on the last day of them -trimedazine (?) or something like that. He’s been fine so far with them but tonight wouldn’t touch his soaked hay. I gave him a small dry net which he ate. Also ate his hard feed too. Poops are...
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    Insurance claims query

    Just wondering with this one. I put my 18 year old on to the accidental injuries policy instead of the full vet policy as he was exempt from the majority of things due to laminitis. He’s managed to end up with cellulitis and a course of anti biotics with a few intravenous doses and an out of...
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    H&H faceache posts

    I have H & H on faceache. There’s an article about a lady who’s detachable tow bar fell off while towing. A horrible experience for everyone involved but all I see is the majority of posts slating the towing set up. Has anyone else seen it? So many people jumping on the bandwagon about which car...
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    Saddle sale problem

    Wondering if anyone can help with this whether you’ve had the same experience or from a seller point of view. I sold a saddle via Facebook and money exchanged via PayPal, all very legit. Photos, measurements and questions were sent and replied to and saddle cleaned conditioned and sent off...
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    What can I cut rubber mats with?

    I know some people have used Stanley knives for cutting their matting but I doubt it would go through mine. I have the old heavy stuff that takes two people to move a 6x4! Thinking about halving to make them 3x2 which would be much more manageable. What would get through it? A jigsaw?
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    Does/has anyone liveried at a riding school?

    As the title really. I’m on a waiting list for another yard but I think there’s a lot before me and it doesn’t have a very quick turn around. Wondering what people’s experiences have been if you’ve been a livery( preferably diy) at a riding school. It is mainly for children and has only...
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    Give me strength!

    My new yard has a waiting list... :( Any tips for my mental health until I get a space?! I wish I had phoned a few months ago when I initially thought about it instead of just hoping things would change. Current yard isn’t bad by any means but I’m at the stage now where I’m just not enjoying...
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    Innovative tack box designs?

    Has anyone made their own tack box for storage? Not the trailer ones, just for on the yard. They’re so expensive to buy, I wondered if anyone’s came up with their own? x x
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    Barefoot trimmers registrary?

    As the title, out of interest do barefoot trimmers have an association they are registered too? How can you prove that they are legit? Genuine curiosity led by one we’ve recently had (I’ve not used them) but they’re giving out very bizarre advice.
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    Sorry, another yard decision!

    Apologies, there have been a few lately but it’s in the back of my mind I need to decide before I go crazy. I’ve listed the basic pros and cons with a small explanation. Yard 1 is current Yard 2 is a possibility. Journey by car Yard 1) Home :15mins 5.5miles Yard 2) Home: 15mins 6.3miles...
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    Trailer parking

    Would not having any trailer parking space at a yard be a big negative for you? I knew this of course before moving but brushed it off as we have extra space for it in our driveway. However this posed to be a much harder task of reversing in to with road and fencing/wall logistics. Horse was...