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    horsebox owners - go Coronavirus 'shopping' in your lorry's living

    I tidied my little lorry out last week before it went to MOT. In it I realise I had the makings of a Coronavirus survival kit: bottled water antibac floor wipes loo roll kitchen roll paracetamol tissues lip balm hand cream snacks liquid hand soap washing up liquid Have brought it all home as it...
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    made to measure body protector?

    Has anyone heard of anybody making made to measure body protectors please? I have a long term shoulder issue that means my arms mustn't sit out of place (I've found that the underarm padding pushes them out at an angle, which hurts after a short hack and isn't good for my shoulders long term...
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    Yorkshire - H8GGE Ifor trailer & black 4x4

    If anyone knows the owner of the above, I've just followed them up the A1 and one of their rear headlights is out.
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    ERM dressage - walk pirouette?

    I watched a few top riders do their Event Rider Masters dressage test at Chatsworth last weekend and the half walk pirouettes seemed to my amateur eyes to be quite laboured across the board - anyone know if this is a new movement in the ERM test for 2018 / for 3* horses generally? A quick google...
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    Chatsworth - disabled access?

    I'm thinking about spending a day at Chatsworth 3DE this coming weekend and I'd like to take my elderly and disabled (Blue Badge holder) Dad who uses two sticks, gets out of breath very easily and is a bit wobbly - but does enjoy visiting an event like that. We do OK at Bramham because the...
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    Hiviz air jacket or dark air jacket + hiviz over?

    I've decided that I should really wear an air jacket to hack in - I recently heard about a rider near me who is now paralysed from the chest down due to a freak accidental fall out hacking but medical friends tell me she might have been spared the worst of the damage by an air jacket, so it...
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    3.9 -6.5 lorry owners - mot brake test warning

    It's been an expensive week as my 3.9 only passed the mot on the third try due to failing the handbrake test by a couple of %. My garage were initially stumped, but it now appears that the break requirements for the rolling road test are now very tight - and based on what a 7.5 should...
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    away shows - lightweight wheelbarrow/trolley/cart reccs please

    My folding wheelbarrow collapsed yesterday at Aintree and this is the second one that has done that to me. So can I have recommendations please for a wheelbarrow / trolley / cart that is light enough for one small person to lift into the luton (I have a 3.85 weekender so I sleep at the back...
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    Glucosamine & GLM - is there a gd supps comparison chart?

    I'm spending a fortune on Synequin for Glucosamine and Nupafeed Flex GLM for Green Lipped Mussel (my welshie has arthritis). I'd ideally prefer to feed just the one or two cheaper supplements that cover both - but crucially at similarly high levels to what I feed now - 5g/day of glucosamine and...
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    Pairs Dressage to Music in Yorks or Lancs?

    Does anyone know of any Pairs Dressage to Music classes held in Yorkshire or Lancashire, preferably unaffiliated? A fellow livery and I have a nicely matched pair working at a similar level who get on and after a summer of side saddle quadrille-ing I've got the music bug and want to try it with...
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    I've found a calmer that *actually works*!

    *Public Service Announcement* I've found a calmer for shows that actually, noticeably works. I used Confidence EQ yesterday when we were doing a main ring quadrille display at a show with a funfair, umbrellas being used as sunshades by spectators, donkeys, cows and sheep all in sight, a...
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    syringe calmers - Oxyshot & Mark Todd not available, what else?

    I give my Welsh D a dose of on-the-day calmer before a couple of really big buzzy events each year, eg Great Yorkshire Show. Last year I used Oxyshot which worked fine at just taking the edge off, but I've just discovered that they aren't manufacturing it at the moment and everywhere is out...
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    horsebox electrics experts - 20v?

    I saw my lovely new little horsebox for the first time today for a check-and-snagging session before its 100% finished. One of the things on my wish list was 'ability to briefly blast a hairdryer once during a weekend away'. I seem to have ended up with a cigarette lighter style 20v socket in...
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    Do 10kg Haylage bales exist? Any other horsebox haynet standbys?

    I'm upgrading my mini horsebox and will have a little extra space and payload for 'just in case' items. I was hoping to add a very small bale of haylage for those times when you are out for longer than you planned (e.g. staying for the Championship at a day show) or have slightly miscalculated...
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    4-6.5T horsebox budget builders? Yorks/Lancs (also in Tack Room)

    I've been looking for a 4-6.5T horsebox for a while - but I need an automatic , so if I wait for a second hand one to come onto the market I could be waiting a very long time. The builders round here that do these smaller boxes and have a great reputation e.g. (Kevin Parker, JSW) seem to...
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    4-6.5T budget horsesbox builders? - Yorks/Lancs

    I've been looking for a 4-6.5T horsebox for a while - but I need an automatic , so if I wait for a second hand one to come onto the market I could be waiting a very long time. The builders round here that do these smaller boxes and have a great reputation e.g. (Kevin Parker, JSW) seem to...
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    Huntsman Horseboxes

    If anyone has bought or seen a small box from Huntsman Horseboxes in Northamptonshire please could they PM me - the boxes (on horsequest, horsemart etc.) look like they could fit the bill for me but there's no website and no company record online so I need some reassurance before I consider...
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    horsebox shopping - 3.9-5.5T with small living

    Right then HHOers, I need to upgrade my 3.5 to something with proper living. The other option is to buy a small caravan to tow when I need living, but that would involve TOWING, which I really don't fancy. I've an old licence so can drive up to 7.5T and I'm very payload, bulkhead etc. safety...
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    Question for ROG - 3.5 + caravan?

    Hi ROG :) I have a van conversion 3.5 and have come round to the thought that the easiest/cheapest way to get proper living is to keep it (very handy for the small lanes around us and tiny turning circle at the vets) and tow a small caravan just when I need it for weekend events. I have a...
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    Hovis' new book out now :)

    Hovis of Hovis' Friday Diary fame on H&H has a new book out this week. It's called 'Fifty Tastes of Hay' and all the profits go to Bransby :)
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    recommendations for safe in-stable storage?

    I have nowhere to put rugs this Winter: - if I hang them inside his stable he pulls them down - if I hang them outside the stable he pulls them through the bars - if I hang them outside the stable below the bars level his neighbour pulls them off - and I've already used all the storage space...
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    insurance Q - paying out on horse value after loss

    My renewal letter says that my horse's insurance has gone up 10% and my insurers have also excluded the lower half of both legs that I claimed on last year. So now I'll be paying more money for less cover! The insurers won't budge on price and instead suggested reducing his insured price to...
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    Great Yorkshire - horsebox queue times?

    I'm at Great Yorkshire Show next Tuesday - has anyone experience of how long the queue to get into the horsebox park usually is around 9.30/10am please so I can work out when I need to leave the yard. Thanks.
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    best (human) energy drinks for long show days?

    I've got a few long show days coming up, one of which for various reasons looks particularly brutal (and much harder work for me than the horse!). Any recommendations please for pre/post riding energy-type drinks that don't need to be chilled and will give me a boost without caffeine jitters or...
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    3.5 horsevan repairs Leeds/Bradford?

    I've been quoted a scarily high figure for repairs to the bodywork of my 3.5 horsevan (don't want to say where the quote came from as its not fair to them, it may just be a v. expensive thing to fix), but can anyone recommend somewhere reliable in the Leeds/Bradford area that I could get another...
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    anyone been to Aintree National Showing Show before?

    I just sent off for the schedule for Aintree National Showing Show. I was between horses last year so didn't compete and family commitments meant I couldn't go and watch so I'm not sure what to expect, especially as I may be without a helper. Any tips about stabling / horsebox parking / rings...
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    recc pls - hi wither, close contact, 1/2 lined numnah?

    I've come to the conclusion that my Welsh D (15.2, quite fine, high withered) needs a 1/2 lined (pad or sheepskin) high wither numnah. His new GP is VERY forward cut and quite deep so the only numnahs that seem to fit are close contact ones. I don't really want a square numnah and I'd...
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    3.5 owners - is your bulkhead up to the job?

    My Renault Master has been in with a reputable, well known to me local horsebox builders for a few minor tweaks recently and they noticed some staining to the bulkhead covering as a result of a tiny leak. When they got my permission to investigate further they found that a) the bulkhead was...
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    smartphone big enough for work but small enough for jodhpur pocket?

    I'm self employed and need a decent sized smartphone for work - but also need one that's small enough to fit in my jodhpur pocket for hacking out (no other pockets in Summer and I don't want to attach it to the horse in case we part company!). I'm currently using a Sony Ericsson with a slide...
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    fingernails ripping through winter gloves - reccs please?

    I've got rock hard nails (good!), but they shred the fingertips of my yard/riding gloves in under a fortnight at the moment (bad). I really like the cheapie wooly pimple gloves as they're just the right thickness and warmth for both yard work and hacking in Winter (so long as it stays above...