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  1. EventingMum

    Ridiculous Buyer

    I saw a post on Facebook this morning from a dalmatian breeder (unfortunately I can't find it now to post a link). However, he had an email from someone wanting to buy a liver spotted puppy to keep their kids from under their feet during lockdown and the summer holidays. The youngest child was...
  2. EventingMum

    Micklem Browband

    Does anyone know who makes plain or plainish browbands with small loops suitable for Micklem bridles? I've found bespoke jewelled ones but really don't want a blingy one as it's for a RS horse and clients aren't always too careful with them. I've tried emailing Horseware but they didn't reply.
  3. EventingMum

    Following on from Lev's thread

    We have two terriers age 8 and 2 who get on well together. Son and DiL live beside us and have one who is 6. We have always had the dogs together, originally we had another older dog when son's dog was a puppy and all got on. The current three dogs were fine together until recently with son's...
  4. EventingMum

    My heart has ruled my head!

    I think I have may have done something stupid. I have been looking for a new RS horse for our bigger riders with little success. We travelled nearly 5 hours to view an ID last week that ditched the rider showing him to us and threatened to go up with me then another we were booked to see has...
  5. EventingMum

    'Flu case in Central Scotland

    Just heard there is a case in a young, unvaccinated horse in Central Scotland :(
  6. EventingMum

    Happy Birthday Herbie!

    A bit of a pointless post but it's hard to believe he's a year old already! I adore this wee boy and couldn't love him more. He's so affectionate and a total joy to have around despite the odd cheeky moment, he just makes me smile so much. I often wake with his head next to mine, sandwiched...
  7. EventingMum

    Insurance Renewal

    I've just had my renewal papers in for my horses insurance and was particularly surprised at the attachments for our eldest horse, a 20 yo ex eventer. He's now retired but still sound and happy, a broken jaw a few years ago meant he hangs his tongue out which wasn't good for dressage but other...
  8. EventingMum

    Fencing Responsibility

    One side of our land has a burn running along it and as far as I'm aware that marks the boundary of our land. To our side of the burn there is a sparse hedge and some trees and then a fence - plain wire and sheep wire which is older and not perfect. We then have electric rope fencing bounding...
  9. EventingMum

    Insurance Claim Help

    I have insured with this particular company for many years and have always had great service from them up until now. My horse was unwell in August with uveitis and whilst at the vet school developed violent and distressing head shaking. The uveitis was sucessfully treated and after a CT scan...
  10. EventingMum

    More Puppy Pics

    With the worst possible timing, only 48 hours after picking Herbie up, last week I suddenly became very ill resulting in a blue light ambulance to hospital and straight into the resus unit. In the end, after numerous tests, a CT and a lumbar puncture viral menigitis was diagnosed. A bed crisis...
  11. EventingMum

    Here's Herbie!

    We picked up our newest member of the family today. So far he's behaved very well and is very affectionate. His big "brothers" are slowly coming round to the idea of him and one of the cats has given him a brief inspection. To say I'm smitten is something of an understatement :D
  12. EventingMum

    Old Dairy Saddlery

    I wonder if anyone has had any experiences with Old Dairy Saddlery recently? I've used them in the past and had no problems however I ordered a bit on 17th August, received an email confirmation but no bit has arrived. I tried to phone them several times last week and this week but when I...
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    This is probably more veterinary but there's more traffic in here. Long story short one of our horses was looking really miserable with half shut eyes and rubbing them, he was also tossing his head and resting his chin on the stable wall. The vet came and couldn't see anything in his eyes and...
  14. EventingMum

    Absolutely Devastated

    About three weeks ago one of our JRTs - the one in my avatar - had his annual injection. That evening he had a funny turn, one minute he was happily playing in the garden while we had a barbeque and the next he was lying on his side looking completely disorientated. We suspected a stroke and...
  15. EventingMum

    Sad day but wonderful memories.

    It's such a hard time when you say goodbye to a horse, even when you know you have to do it. We had one pts today, he was 28 and had been on the yard since he was 3. The fact that I know it was the right thing for him is what's keeping me together along with my fabulous memories of him so I...
  16. EventingMum

    Weight Carrying Horse

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a weight carrying horse suitable for RDA? Said horse needs to be steady obviously but not lazy, we have a few riders ready to learn to canter but lack a suitable horse. Basically we are looking for a paragon of virtue who can be trained to stand...
  17. EventingMum

    Good Day!

    My boy has been on box rest since the beginning of July with a little walking in hand each day introduced in November as he damaged one check ligament initially and then shortly after did the other one. He is a bit of a prat in the field and with his best mate is always on his hind legs or...
  18. EventingMum

    Chris Bartle

    Great news that Chris Bartle has been appointed the new Performance Coach by BE and BEF.
  19. EventingMum

    So disappointed

    I took my horse back to the vet hospital today and feel very low tonight. The back ground story is he presented lame a fore leg at the start of July. My vets recommended bute, cold hosing and box rest for 6 weeks but unfortunately he was no better so they extended the box rest. Eventually I...
  20. EventingMum

    Crate for Car

    I wondered if anyone could help as I've searched and searched and not found anything so far. I'm looking for a crate for the back seat of my pick up for my two JRTs. I don't like the idea of putting them in the back of the pick up as one in particular gets stressed, isn't a great traveller and...
  21. EventingMum


    Just read Hopetoun Horse Trials won't be running anymore. Such a shame, having another international event in Scotland was great after the down grading of Burgie.
  22. EventingMum

    BE trialling stopwatches at all levels next season

    What are your thoughts? Personally I don't like the idea, I can see a lot of issues with inexperienced riders chasing the time and riding dangerously when doing so especially towards the end of the course instead of riding in a consistent rhythm. To use a stop watch effectively xc you really...
  23. EventingMum

    Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle

    Having heard that the quality of the leather used for Micklem bridles isn't very good I wondered if anyone had tried the Deluxe Competition Bridle and if it's any better? I'm considering trying one on my horse but don't want something with poor quality leather. I know you can hire them and may...
  24. EventingMum

    Activated Charcoal

    From what I've read my horse could possibly benefit from being fed activated charcoal however I'm struggling to find a definitive answer on feeding it. Some websites infer it should be fed constantly others, like Feedmark, say it should only be fed for a week at a time. Can anybody help? I...
  25. EventingMum

    Axiom Rug Sizing?

    I'm looking at the Axiom 1800D rugs for one of my horses who had managed to trash several rugs, two in three days recently - he and his pal love to play together and the rugs are bearing the brunt of their shenanigans! Therefore I'm looking for a replacement rug at reasonable cost and want a...
  26. EventingMum

    Jock Paget and Kevin McNab suspensions temporally lifted I'm sure they must be relieved to be able to get out competing again, however I can't understand why the tribunal is taking so long.
  27. EventingMum

    Auchinleck - new date (also in C & T)

    Just heard they are running on 21st July - lower level classes so fingers crossed for some sunshine :)
  28. EventingMum


    Just heard they are now running on 21st July - lower level classes. Fingers crossed for sunshine :)
  29. EventingMum

    Stolen Jumps (also in NL)

    I know this should probably be in Stolen but more people are likely to read it here and in NL. Our Pony Club have just had two Ifor Williams flatbed trailers packed with show jumps stolen from Renfrewshire. The jumps were mainly plastic Jump for Joy / Safety Systems ones although there were...
  30. EventingMum

    Stolen Jumps (also in CR)

    I know this should probably be in Stolen but more people are likely to read it here and in CR. Our Pony Club have just had two Ifor Williams flatbed trailers packed with show jumps stolen from Renfrewshire. The jumps were mainly plastic Jump for Joy / Safety Systems ones although there were...