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  1. EventingMum

    Why is winter turnout not a thing!?

    I think it very much depends on where you are and the type of soil. I'm on clay in a very wet area that is low lying so I can't offer 24/7 turnout in winter. We do try and turn out during the day as much as possible but have to start catching in by 3pm due to it getting dark. Our fields do get...
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    When the unexpected happens in life......

    Happy ownerversary! They really are the best little characters and weedle their way right into your heart before you know it.
  3. EventingMum

    Talland - does it live up to the reputation?

    A good number of years ago now but my son had some private lessons there when he was at uni to keep his hand in so he was ready to compete when home and found they were generally good.
  4. EventingMum

    Why do I do this to myself 😔

    The phone number is the same as the advert below which has a name on it, the person named is linked to some very dodgy dealers sadly.
  5. EventingMum

    Best teeth cleaning products for dogs

    I used Logic oral gel and it seems to work well on my terriers.
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    Stopping Diy...any yard owners out there?

    Personally I have never done DIY livery, whilst I happy to acknowledge there are undoubtedly many great DIYers the horror stories I hear of some has put me off. I really like the fact that all the horses are in a routine, all get fed at the same time etc and find it makes for happy, content...
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    Following on from heavy husband horse question

    Prices are ridiculous at the moment, I have been hunting for a new big school horse for a couple of months and wasn't finding anything suitable despite having doubled my budget - not counting the one I agreed to buy but on getting home after a 5 hour round trip the seller decided she couldn't...
  8. EventingMum

    20 days left until I pick him up..... Colin Pics ❤️

    I love the fact that George is going on a road trip to collect Colin!
  9. EventingMum

    Tack room essentials

    A free standing saddle horse is great when cleaning saddles as is a hook for cleaning bridles but make sure you can secure it out of the way when not in use so you don't walk into it!
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    20 days left until I pick him up..... Colin Pics ❤️

    He's obviously practising that look so you'll forgive him absolutely anything!
  11. EventingMum

    Towing recommendations please :)

    I'd recommend a Ford Ranger, they're relatively cheap for servicing and parts compared with others eg our Toyota Hilux was significantly more and as pickups are classed as commercial vehicles the road tax is about £270 a year. They also tow very well.
  12. EventingMum

    Neighbour’s stables

    I know it's only a small part of the problem but if they are playing the radio in a workplace they need to have a licence for it.
  13. EventingMum

    How much does scarring affect price?

    I viewed a horse with a scarred knee once from a fall on concrete and he appeared sound, was neat in front jumping etc, however, when the vet went to do flexion tests he couldn't fully flex his knee to the extent required so we decided to pass on him.
  14. EventingMum

    I was watching ITV racing today......

    Sorry, my post wasn't clear, I knew you were referring to handsome Marty and Ace! You will certainly have a contrast with two terrier brains to contend with.
  15. EventingMum

    I was watching ITV racing today......

    George certainly isn't thick and I would be very surprised if Colin is found lacking in the brain cell department!
  16. EventingMum

    For those who like to browse ads...

    Horse prices have gone crazy just now. I'm currently horse hunting, I have upped my budget considerably but in the last 2 weeks I have had one fail the vet and 1 I agreed to buy, subject to vetting only to get home from the 5 hour round journey from viewing for the seller to message saying she...
  17. EventingMum

    Still the BEST Squee terrier in the world....

    Such a handsome boy, I love George!
  18. EventingMum

    Colin update time ❤️

    Norah Batty legs! He is utterly gorgeous, I'm so jealous :D
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    Failed vetting

    This could have been me writing this, only one of the two I bought last year has been pts but the other has kissing spines so the future is not certain. I had one vetted today which failed, the seller doesn't think there's a problem and I'm sure a less thorough vet will say it's ok. You have my...
  20. EventingMum

    Staying in balance over fences?

    Exactly this, I was thinking as I read the replies that I had thought your stirrups needed to go up on Amber on an xc video you had posted, it will help you be more in balance and your lower leg more secure so you won't get left behind or too forward if you don't get the perfect stride. Although...
  21. EventingMum

    Colin update!!!!!

    Love his freckly nose!! As I'm not allowed another one I'm living vicariously through you and I'm very excited about Colin's arrival.
  22. EventingMum

    Talk to me about dog friendly campervan campsites in Scotland...

    We have had dogs at Blair Castle camp site and also Carradale which has a lovely beach. Friends have been to many more including ones at Melrose, Cramond and Aviemore.
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    Men’s xc gear

    My son used to wear Canterbury base layers for xc either white or navy under his bp, they washed well and he didn't manage to wear them out! He isn't one for bright colours!
  24. EventingMum

    Noble outfitters

    That's awful, I really love their riding tights. I thought they were a British firm, have they been bought over?
  25. EventingMum

    And this made me giggle....George is having a happy moment....

    I think he'll be the best big brother!
  26. EventingMum

    And this made me giggle....George is having a happy moment....

    Can't wait for pictures of him and Colin together!
  27. EventingMum

    Ifor Williams - door mounted tack pack

    I have heard they're too heavy and cause problems with the jockey door but don't have personal experience.
  28. EventingMum

    Pictures Best fiancé award goes too..

    When you find one like that definitely hang on to him. I've been married to my equivalent for 34 years now and he's still wonderful, initially, I trained him up as a competition groom and lorry driver now it's more yard and pasture maintenance - I couldn't manage without him!
  29. EventingMum

    Being an Owner

    ^^^ I would agree, find a talented young rider who is not yet a big name and you may well get a better deal.