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    Feeding greedy ponies at floor level

    Currently using low hanging haylage nets but they do need to put a bit of effort in and I worry about stiff necks / backs when they have to tug all the time. Anyone tried muzznet bags or the other hay bags? Any ideas for easy to make feeders that will slow greedy ponies down a bit?
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    Current thinking on box rest

    I'm interested in views and peoples / vets / physios thoughts on box rest practises. Reading through michens thread has prompted my question as this shows that box resting for one problem can lead to others (not trying to single michen out btw, just that's a recent example) I went to a talk...
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    Soaking hay

    Currently soaking hay for one of my ponies with low grade lami for 1-2 hours. He is on a weight loss programme of 1.5% bodyweight split into 3 nets spread out through the day and understandably is hungry He gets through his triple netted haynets very quickly so is stood without food for most...
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    Those with lami prone ponies / horses - spring flush

    Hi all One of my ponies is showing signs of mild lami, a bit shuffley and he has a raised digital pulse. He is a bit tubby but not hugely overweight. Looking back over the spring I think this is possibly not the first low grade episode hes had. The first time I suspect he had it though he...
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    Jumping into the weekend.. plans?

    Apart from the very odd little pop, M and I have not jumped in over a year (due to various reasons and some excuses thrown into the mix!) But here we are having a bit of fun! Rest of the weekend - off tonight, in hand work Friday then a mix of flatwork and hacking and we might have another...
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    Does anyone tow with an A6 allroad quattro?

    I'm looking at changing my tow car from an older land cruiser (2004) to a more modern, more comfortable vehicle. I've got my eye on the Audi A6 allroad quattro 3l TDI which has a towing capacity of 2500 kgs. The land cruiser is SWB with a towing capacity of 2700 kgs so not much difference Has...
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    What do you use your quads for?

    I'm thinking of buying a quad but i would like to get the best use out of it. I mainly want it for spraying and fertilising as I find it so difficult to get contractors here for my 6 acres and local farmers are too hit and miss. I can use it to level the arena too but dont want it sat around...
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    Dentists - mine is working again :)

    M and the 2 shetlands were due 1st week in April. Dentist cancelled their appointments due to lockdown but has started working again so she'll be out at the end of May. I'm sure they will all appreciate it
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    HHO virtual clinic week 6

    I saw this a while ago on horsequesthub - 8 poles, 10 exercises. Some of them are pretty difficult, some not so much and most don't involve going over the poles, only through and around. There is something for everyone here and some of...
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    The Horse: Elegant and Majestic

    Lol! Add yours!!
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    HHO virtual group clinic week 2

    Improving the half halts you can do this exercise anywhere you like but a good start is by going large with transitions at A, B, C, E or on a 20m circle with transitions every time you go over the CL Medium / marching Walk on your desired pattern (large or 20m circle) and every time you pass...
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    Not sure whether to post this... weekend plans

    Ok so nobody is going out and about I guess but maybe we could share training tips and that kind of stuff? Be that ridden, in hand, lunging, tricks, whatever peeps are doing
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    Online / video lessons

    My OH is high risk of this covid 19 virus and he has asked me not to go to out to lessons at this moment in time so I'm looking for alternatives. Has anyone had an online / virtual / video lesson? How did you find it? Did you learn much? Was it useful? If you enjoyed it, who did you use...
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    Dressage 2019 - 2020 winter season round up

    The winter season for the regional Dressage Ireland regions run from October to March with a league at each level and a championship show at the end and there is also a national championship show for those that qualify. I was all fired up to try and qualify for the Prelim and Novice national...
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    Christ Lammfelle bareback pad

    Black sheepskin with natural on the underside. This pad is beautifully soft and in excellent condition as only used 10 or so times - the horse I bought it for is no longer able to be ridden (not the pads fault lol) £230 I also have a 26" christ lammfelle sheepskin 'Mond' girth which is...
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    Feet, transitioning, hoofboots help please

    M has been having problems with his feet for a short while now. I had to change farrier because previous farrier let his toes get very long and this was causing tightness in other areas (although M wasn't actually lame) New farrier has done 2 cycles so far and is gradually bringing the toes...
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    Very interesting!
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    Noseband tightness

    Does it really have to be this way?
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    Pictures Report: pammy hutton clinic and dressage comp

    Weds and thurs this week saw my first clinic with Pammy Hutton. I was a bit nervous since I had heard a few stories about how sharp she can be but I needn't have worried, it was great fun. The yard hosting the clinics has a tannoy system in the arena which is very helpful. The first things I...
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    Turtle Tactio Baucher

    Anyone use one? what do you think? Having chatted with the bit bank this was an option they put forward but they are very expensive - not sure if I can warrant spending quite so much without some positive recommendations :)
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    Various bits for sale

    I have a few bits for sale 4.75inch ns verbindend loose ring snaffle / bradoon 12mm with 50mm rings, used but vgc 5inch ns tranz angled lozenge d ring 14mm Both £45 ono Loose ring korsteel single joint - lovely curved mouthpiece, only tried on 4.5inch - £12 5 inch Mullen eggbutt £10 5...
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    Balmoral Show Report

    It was way back in early March when I entered for the Connemara Working Hunter at Balmoral Show It was my first time at a show like this and also his so wasn't quite sure what to expect. We arrived and went to our temporary stable and he was very on his toes so settled him in with a haynet...
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    New weekend plans!

    Its Thursday! Early and I'm sat at Balmoral show having my breakfast after a 4.45am start. M is in his temp stable, a little bit on edge but he'll get regular checks and leg stretches. We are doing the connemara working hunter later on today. This size and style of show is new to both of us...
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    Equipe Viktoria

    When all the blurb says the tree has "characteristics such as flexibility, softness" what does that mean does anybody know? What is flexible about the tree exactly?
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    Horsebox Hire reviews

    I'm thinking of going away training a couple of times next year and it's quite a long drive to get to, I was thinking of hiring (self drive hire) 4.5t box with living rather than travelling in 4x4 and trailer. Does anybody have any recommendations of who to use and who not to?
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    Weekend Plans

    Taking the pressure off Milliepops lol I'm currently sat in the airport waiting for my flight to England for a 3 day clinic with one of Philippe Karl's instructors from Germany. I would have loved to be taking M but the travel is a bit too much for him still at 5 yrs old so a lovely friend is...
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    XC schooling and lesson

    Yesterday M and I headed off for a XC lesson with a difference! The first hour was a mind coaching session where we discussed a few skills to help with training and competition nerves. A couple of the methods really resonated with me and I will incorporate them into my schedule and training...
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    Team GSP

    Handsome bunch :D
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    Thinline pads - shims

    Does anybody have a thinline pad and shims? If you have the shims then are they a similar type to prolite or are they a different type / texture?
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    Classical riding clinic - report

    I said on the German vs French methods thread that I'd write a report so here it is :) This is my second clinic with this particular trainer and I feel things are going very well. We get improvements during the sessions themselves but have also improved between the two clinics. This was a 2...