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    What fluid do you use to clean your stable/mats?

    I use this, it's brilliant, smells nice, lifts dirt and doesn't weaken rubber mats :)
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    Discharging filly?

    My mare is going through a similar thing at the moment although she is 13. She had a bacterial infection that was treated with two weeks antibiotics, we had her scanned and her ovaries were fine, she had a small cyst in her uterus but the vet said this shouldn't cause any problems. Three weeks...
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    (pics) Any ideas as to what this is????!

    My mare had this last year and it was a fly bite after about 24hrs it developed a head, at the moment she has one on her mammary gland, Aloe Vera gel is very good for them.
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    Possible growth on Vulva/Vagina?? And behavior change with pics

    That's what I was thinking Perissa, it is not something i've ever noticed before. Unfortunately it looks like Photobucket have removed the pictures now :mad:
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    Possible growth on Vulva/Vagina?? And behavior change with pics

    She may have foaled in the past, we've had her from a five year old and she came over from Ireland, when we had her vetted the vet said she looks like she may have had a foal before. x
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    Possible growth on Vulva/Vagina?? And behavior change with pics

    Thanks for your reply, There was an incident last October where we went up to find the fence between her field and the mare and foals field had been knocked down, so the colt may have been in as the were all stood close to each other, the colt would have been 3/4 months and was approx 12.2-13hh...
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    Any Vagina/Vulva experts in here???

    I've just posted in the veterinary section about my mares swollen Vulva and possible in lump in her vagina, could anyone with any experience in these 'parts' have a quick peep please :D x
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    Possible growth on Vulva/Vagina?? And behavior change with pics

    My mare has been a bit of a worry just lately, a few weeks ago she suddenly took a dislike to a 4yo gelding that had been in the field 3 months with no problem, she would charge him if he even looked at him and would also try and run out the gate if another was brought in, when we'd get there to...
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    Were there ever any update for this thread?
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    Kevin Bacon Freebie Competition

    Thanks for that :)
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    Fly Bites in this weather??

    Ahh, i've only just seen these replies, my notifications don't seem to be working. The lumps have gone down now and seem to be just scabby were the sores are healing. I think she was getting too warm, she's clipped out and was having a fleece and med weight stable rug on, she now just has a...
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    Fly Bites in this weather??

    My mare has come in the past few weeks with little scabby swellings rather like fly bites, just as one lot has cleared up in the saddle area another three have come up under her armpits when I got her in last night, they are warm swellings at the minute and they obviously itch her. She suffered...
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    Weird question - Can horses eat pears?

    My horse hates pears :D
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    Who said Shetlands can't jump!!

    Well done, thats lovely :)
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    Any news on Tim Stockdale?

    Sending big ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) get well soon Tim. xxx
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    My straw pellets are coming on Tuesday!

    Which are you trying? I'd be interested to know how you get on :)
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    Lame or sound? a little vid

    I'd also be tempted to have a physio check her over, physio work will help loosed up any tension that may have been caused by her compensating with her stiffness :)
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    Update on my collie with a heart murmur, vibes needed.

    He's off to the see the cardiologist on Wednesday, he's lost a fair bi of weight over this past week and he's had a falling out with his brother and ended up the a bandaged leg thats been bitten and antibiotics :( We've also noticed one of his teeth looks to be falling out?? No idea how he's...
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    My collie has just been diagnosed with a heart murmur :(

    That's a lot of medication! Is the medication quite pricey? x
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    My collie has just been diagnosed with a heart murmur :(

    Wow! Thank you for all your replies and well wishes :) MinskiKaii, that does sound very much the same as Chippy, he has had the odd cough mainly in a morning but it's not all the time. The problem with him is he is a collie and doesn't understand he needs to slow down! So for the time being...
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    My collie has just been diagnosed with a heart murmur :(

    Arr thank you devonlass. x
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    My collie has just been diagnosed with a heart murmur :(

    Just been to the vets with my collie, over the past few months he has been running after his ball as normal but getting tired quicker and his back end and back legs giving way, the past few days he has also had a cough and his tongue has a blueish tinge. The vet has found quite a prominent heart...
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    i used it on a shetland we got a few years ago in a real state with sweet itch, Camrosa definitely helped him on the road to his recovery Here's a couple of my posts with pictures to show how it helped, it did make it look worse before it looked better...
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    Home made filler ideas and which paint is best?

    They are fab! I did some like that years ago, I think i might have to get my ruler out :D
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    Clipping Time Again, my annual tips!

    Thanks for the informative post :) It's reminded me to get my liveryman clippers serviced:)
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    Thinking of Clipping - !!

    I'm also covered in grey hair everyday at the minute but i will be holding off clipping as long as possible so they can make the most of not having to wear rugs. I'm hoping not to have to clip until October but we'll see :)
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    What time does your livery yard close?

    Our yard owner lives on site, they don't close but they like you to let them know if you are coming up between 10pm and 4am, more so in winter as they have alarms that go off in the house that are triggered by cars/movement. A friend of mine always nipped up at midnight to skip out and net after...