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    Personally prefer sand and rubber mixed. Waxed sand I find most horse trip and it becomes compacted and there is less give than the above. Carpet and sand works well when it’s been properly laid, I prefer this than waxed sand.
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    Chopped rape straw bedding

    Yep I use Swish and highly recommend. My gelding is quite messy and wet but with this he is tidy and easier to muck out. Several things have helped though, he has a bigger stable than when I was on other bedding and I have also built up a big bed, wet comes out twice a week. They do a lemon peel...
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    It’s that time of year...clippers

    I got Heineger Xplorers last year from Mole Valley just over £250 price wise and two batteries and two sets of blades.
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    Close contact/monoflap saddles

    Thought I’d love it as I loved a monoflap dressage but like you just didn’t feel enough underneath me for jumping. The seat felt very flat and hard. I went with the K2 and love it.
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    Are equestrian events allowed under the new rules?

    British Riding Clubs and British Dressage have confirmed yes they are OK still
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    Would you ride horse that had reared?

    I previously owned a horse that reared (more of a strop than a full blown rear!) and it tended to be when he was napping at something, he still does it now as far as I am aware but rarely. It never scared me but obviously isn’t something I desired him to do or encouraged. If it were bolt upright...
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    Horse tripped/fallen

    Highly recommend pro balance by progressive earth feeding for good feet! I’m not anti shoe but they are doing nothing for your horses feet. Get another farrier out, a decent trim and see where to go from there. You might find you won’t need shoes longer term when you can get the foot in a better...
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    Looking for a Stable Sheet

    I’ve got an Amigo one that’s quite good it’s a thick-ish cotton material.
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    Hind shoes getting pulled off by another horse - any ideas ?

    Overreach boots all round. When mine was shod all round he often went out with them on and I do think he was the one wanging they off 🙈🤣
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    What helps you at wobbly moments?

    I find it helps to accept that things will be scary and I will be nervous. If I am accepting and acknowledging of the nervous energy I seem to be more at peace with the feeling and overcome it quicker than just stewing in the panic.
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    Introducing 4yr old to hunting

    Would love to take my (now 6yo) young horse hunting but I am too much of a wimp. I think he’d love it and pick it as his ‘job’ if he could choose!
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    who has clipped already?

    I’m trying to hold off until end of September but will see how he goes. The last few days have been cooler and he’s hardly sweating as he’s quite fit but if the temps come up again he will start to sweat 🙈 in hindsight should have clipped him for camp when it was stupid hot, his coats come...
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    Potential Arthritis - what should I do?

    The insurance may use the exclusion on front limb conformation to say any issue with the knees is excluded as well? If you can afford I’d X-ray regardless and then with that amount of exclusions be tempted to cancel and have a back up credit card.
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    Managing lami risk by pulses?

    Highly recommend the flexible filly grazing muzzle as an alternative to green guard (which rubbed my boy and I worried about teeth!)
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    Are gazing muzzle cruel.

    Cruel? No. Deliberate cruelty to me would be knowingly keeping your horse obese and it then having laminitis and doing nothing about it. That’s a welfare issue and cruel. It is the lesser evil, I’d much rather muzzle and turnout than have to keep in a stable 24/7 with a lami prone horse or horse...
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    I was hoping to not have to clip until October but in the last 3 weeks he’s lost his summer coat and looking decidedly fluffy.
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    What would you consider a yard hopper

    I have moved twice since owning horses. First time was that he came down with lami and I couldn’t box rest at that yard as I was having surgery so he moved temporarily whilst I recovered. Then moved to where I am now (full livery) and I don’t plan on moving again unless finances/life dictate I...
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    Grazing muzzle what you’re opinion.

    I now use a Flexible Filly on my gelding. More as a preventative than anything else. He can still access grass through it but we aren’t on lush grazing. He has had a few sporadic days without it but his weight is kept in check and I’m neurotic about pulses and heat. He had a very mild bout of...
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    Tips for keeping a grey clean!!

    Wash them with your own tears? In all seriousness, I use Shapleys Easy Out with a sponge between baths and Haas Brushes. For bath time I use Goodbye Flys shampoo. When I am in a rush and really can’t be bothered I just flick the crud off and ignore it as best I can 😩 Winter is actually...
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    Saddle struggle

    Calton Saddlery, Emma Arden.
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    Saddles...ARGH...Black Country & can they be adjusted wider more than once...?

    Yes on a 17.5” seat though sorry!
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    Saddles...ARGH...Black Country & can they be adjusted wider more than once...?

    I believe so - but do risk the tree breaking especially if it’s already been stretched. I have an XXW VSD too wide for my boy now and I wanted it taking down but it’d put too much strain on the tree going from that to MW.
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    Wood Pellet Supply

    Warm Fuels (depending where you are in the country?)
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    Thanking others when out hacking

    To add, I also thank walkers for standing and allowing me to pass and also to bikers if and when they acknowledge me (most don’t and just pedal past quickly!)
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    Thanking others when out hacking

    I thank every car that passes (can get a bit tedious when there’s a few but I still do) by a wave if safe to do so. If he’s feeling particularly fresh or spooky I keep both hands on the reins and nod. If a car is up coming and unable to pass, I will trot on to the nearest gap, wait and thank. If...
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    You’ve had a physio out that quickly since yesterday? If that’s true and they’ve given him the ok, I’d be checking saddle fit then if he continues to do it get the vet.
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    Digital Pulses - interesting chat with farrier

    My horse had a very mild bout of laminitis last year due to being overweight. At the time the vet said he had mild digital pulses in all four feet. Despite being off grass for three months and being sound, he still, on some days, had a detectable (but not pounding pulse) and still to this day...
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    On and Off Lameness

    I’d be having him checked by my farrier to check for bruising or possible abscess. I would tone down the work if horse is sound and obviously not ride if lame. If nothing comes from farrier visit, then vet.
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    Arclid Hall, Sandbach?

    Friend goes there as trains with Tyler and she finds it ok in her trailer 🙂
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    Young horse bucking in canter

    I’d lunge with and without tack to give an idea. Second opinion on the physio and get the saddle checked. Few weeks of just walk, trot. Then try again. If it persists after that (and nothing come up from physio or saddle checks) ask the vet to have a look. My 6yo has bucked three times in his...