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  1. ElleSkywalker

    Reproofing stables with back pack sprayer?

    Morning, Am very short, and stables need re doing with stablecoat woodstain stuff. On their website it mentions using a back pack sprayer to apply......has anyone tried this rather than using a brush? I'd have to spend a lot of time up a ladder to do it with a brush and sounds so easy just...
  2. ElleSkywalker

    Showjumping height measurements, cup or pole?

    Went to a combined training event today, entred class billed max height 50cms. Walked course and thought these look huge. Measured said jumps with my new BS legal 60cm whip, fences just smaller than whip at top of pole. Spread on fences width of whip so 60cms, one fence over the whips length...
  3. ElleSkywalker

    Is my tortoise lacking something?

    Afternoon, Just been out in the garden with my tortoise Cedric, hes has a bath and been for a jolly scamp around the garden and drive, tormenting cats and ignoring all my carefully cultivated tortoise food (weeds 😂) in favour of trying to eat the concrete path, bricks, stones and dog poo 😳...
  4. ElleSkywalker

    Power phazer vs Tritec....discuss

    I currently use power phaser gel which does work but those horrid tiny black bitey flies still seem land on the bits that the gel isn't on. They drive poor delicate cobbler crazy. Wondering if worth trying tritec instead? The power phaser works quite well on horse flies but they are really...
  5. ElleSkywalker


    Afternoon, Just measured my traditional cobs bone, I think it's about 9" maybe slightly less due to floof at back of knee and her not particularly liking me doing it, but I have no idea if this is good or bad and what it means? She's probably just over 14.2 now and 5 years old. I think she...
  6. ElleSkywalker

    Getting mains electric to middle of field?

    Afternoon, *Firstly this is a temporary thing so digging channels or a large frame above ground arent viable options* I want to get mains electric from the outside of field across 10m to get to an inner field that will be it's own small track and turn out pen for lami ponies. I have...
  7. ElleSkywalker

    Who wants to hog my Cob? (Photoshop)

    Its not happening, I love her girly mane and floofy feet even if they are a pain in winter, but bored and shes clean so be interesting to see what she'd look like without mane and feather :) Just had a bath so still wet in these pics. Usually mane and feathers much floofier 😁
  8. ElleSkywalker

    Home made shetland shelter?

    Afternoon, I wanted to get my ponies another ark style shelter that was predominantly for my shetland to have so she can stay out overnight on her own mini track within a bigger track for ponies but carona has obvs ruined that plan so considering a home made one. I have; Lots and lots of...
  9. ElleSkywalker

    Pony Fight Club (introducing new pony)

    So I have 4 ponies I want to go out together on a track round a 3 acre field. Most have been in together at some point but one, who we shall call Stroppy Mare hasn't been out with the only one that earns its keep, who we shall call Cobbler and has been exceptionally jealous of her since I got...
  10. ElleSkywalker

    Stable sheets with bum flap?

    All my ponies love itching their bums, which scruffs up their tails so rather than leaving in fly rugs 24/7 was wondering if anyone knows of any skrim or cotton sheets that have tail flaps? Ps the bum itching is due to high no of midges near us as we are opposite a dairy farm 😏
  11. ElleSkywalker

    Reallly really warm riding trews?

    Suggestions please, I already have decathlon Kipwarm and Kerrets thermal riding tights and even with extra thermal leggings underneath neither are warm enough 😭 Am talking make u sweat they are so warm trousers, or over trousers or personal heaters that can be warn while riding 😂 I have...
  12. ElleSkywalker

    Shelters and Midges

    Do field shelters attract or give relief from midges? I've read they do both 😳 What are peoples experiences? Situation being a small track made of mudcontrol slabs with small areas of grazing/various hay points to keep pony moving. This is a mini track in the middle of larger track so has no...
  13. ElleSkywalker

    Selling saddles, where's best?

    Evening, Am fairly disheartened, I have 2 saddles to sell, both used for 6 months only and in great condition, but looking on Ebay it seems there is no market for them! One I'd be happy to get a couple of hundred for but the other I'd have though would have been worth about 1k. What are the...
  14. ElleSkywalker

    Can horses eat hay through Dinky Muzzles?

    Desperately trying to use winter to slim down a fatty or two, but one had to go out with the cobbler (who is sleek and does not need slimming at all) over night (9pm-6am) at present still have plenty of grass but soon will need to put some hay out over night for cobbler and dont want the fatty...
  15. ElleSkywalker

    Solutions Saddles

    Tell me about them please folks, I've accepted that cobbler might need something like this but as a former employee of a saddlery and having done intro to saddle fitting course I do remember being very suspicious of 'treeless' saddles however they seem like they would work well for my wide...
  16. ElleSkywalker

    Alternatives to Top Chop Zero?

    I know I know, probably been done loads before, but any alternatives to top chop zero? Storeing straw is not possible, needs to be a low cal as possible for a bunch as fatties to be fed along side rationed hay (2018 hay not new) so they arent left hungry. They do nibble on the top chop zero but...
  17. ElleSkywalker

    7 day mud away vs pig oil for feathers?

    Evening, I've just coated my cobblers feathers and tail with 7 day mud away as I had some from the try it club but one small spray has nearly all been used up with one application 😏 So am left wondering if it's best to spend the extra on mud away or go for pig oil instead? It's just to keep...
  18. ElleSkywalker

    Horsebox trackers, switch or not?

    Afternoon, Looking at a tracker for my horsebox, have gone with suggestion from the manufacturer for a Phantom tracker but have a choice of two, one sends you a message everytime box is moved, either by the engine or towed, the other has a switch you need to turn off everytime u drive it, then...
  19. ElleSkywalker

    Lorry Satnavs, recommenations?

    Hi all, Anyone got a lorry satnav recommendations? Its only for a 3.5 tonner but am sick of being sent down stupid side roads and narrow tracks to save 1 min on journey times 😏 One I can put dimensions in and that will actually pay attention to them ideally 😂
  20. ElleSkywalker

    Drying feathers

    How? After 20+ years of trimmed and pulled horses I now have a feathery beast how I've been showing a bit but am struggling to dry her legs. I have some thermalux leg wraps but they only reach to then too of her hooves so she ends up with a tide mark of mucky over her hooves. Are there any...
  21. ElleSkywalker

    Horsebox tie up paint protector thingies

    Ok so I may be a *smidge* precious about tieing ponies up to the side of my horsebox and repeated people (generally ones who have to hold cobbler while I tack her as I refuse to tie her up 😀) have said you can get a pad thingy that magically attaches over the tie rings without damaging paint...
  22. ElleSkywalker

    Tiny bees and hiccuping horse

    Evening, So randomly for a few weeks every year we have lots of tiny little ginger bees vanishing into our feed room and a few stable doors. They soon give up and go elsewhere and I can't say I've ever noticed them coming back for any honey or anything so I honestly have no idea why they do it...
  23. ElleSkywalker

    Floppy traveller

    Evening, New cobbler actually travels quite calmly, a bit of squeaking and the odd stomp but doesn't appear stressed or worried at all. However, she flops about like no horse I've ever travelled 😂 when I accelerate she squats back and braces bum on the back wall, I've been accelerating...
  24. ElleSkywalker

    Veteran insurance vs no insurance

    Afternoon, Black pony is now 17 and hasn't been ridden in years. She's previously had claims for a tendon injury, head shaking investigations, treatment for glandular ulcers, EMS, Cushings and an abcess. I would not ever put her through colic surgery so am considering either cancelling her...
  25. ElleSkywalker

    Help sorting turnout groups of 5 ponies needed!

    Afternoon, I have 5 ponies kept at home who I need to work out turn out solutions for the summer for. I lost my dominant mare in November who used to sort problems for me and its left me with a bit of a head scratcher. I'll number ponies below in order of dominance. #1 - 17 year old NF mare...
  26. ElleSkywalker

    Traditional cob mane cleaning tips?

    Afternoon, *we are not in a flu risk county and pony vaccinated last month with correct vacs* Don't laugh uproarasly but I want to take Cobbler to an in hand show over the next few weekends (choice of 4 in next 4 weeks is ace) she has 4 white feathery legs which am ok with washing etc and big...
  27. ElleSkywalker

    Hacking Apps?

    Afternoon, I know there are a few hacking apps about but quick search hasn't found them. What do people use? And what do they record? Distance travelled, pace, letting someone track your movements etc? Has to be for an android phone 😊 Fankies in advance
  28. ElleSkywalker

    Tips for rider to overcome fear of traffic

    ****PLEASE DO NOT POST NEGATIVE TRAFFIC STORIES**** Hi all, as above please no comments on how you would never hack in traffic etc, horror stories etc I completely understand and sympathise but this thread is not a hacking on roads vs not thread it is a how to overcome RIDERS fear of traffic...
  29. ElleSkywalker

    So I bought a Cobbler....tell me about them

    I bought a little Cobbler earlier this month as she's fantastic on the roads and steady as pie which is what my manky leg needs. She's only 4 but a very good girl. I've never had one before and always thought if I had one I'd whip all its feathers off and hog it's mane but she is very beautiful...
  30. ElleSkywalker

    Shrinking turnout rug after washing?

    Hi all, So I sent a bucas turnout rug for washing and reproofing and put it on the pony tonight and it seems to have shrunk. It's tight across tum yes but the pony *could* have chubbed up yes but its also tight across her shoulders. Last time rug was worn was around 6 weeks ago. Any thoughts...