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    Return to work after injury

    Looking for some advice. In May, my hunter sustained a small field injury to his hind suspensory. We had an undisclosed kicker temporarily added to the herd and I assume he did it trying to get out of her way as is tough and not prone to injuries. He was never lame on it but it was swollen so he...
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    An education of the countryside

    I have been thinking about this for a while and would be interested to hear others opinions on this.. Having not grown up in a rural community and becoming involved in hunting and country pursuits later on, I initially found it very difficult to find out information about hunting, shooting and...
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    Pony Bridle

    Need a new bridle for the pony. She is pony sized and I would like one that has the nose band over the headpiece not underneath. Havana brown, basic cavesson. Can’t seem to find anything. Recommendations please!
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    A great time to buy and sell

    I've just sold two saddles on ebay in the last two weeks as well as a bunch of other items. As well as horses, all tack and equipment seems to be selling really well at the moment! So if you have anything to sell I'd advertise it. Never sold so much so qucikly. Also, ebay have an offer running...
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    New pony!

    Lockdown must be getting to me as I bought this little guy unseen from Ireland last week! He is a 2yo 3/4 ID. Don't have any great plans for him yet. What do you think?
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    how much would you pay for..

    a 14yo bay ISH gelding, RC allrounder, hunts and jumps nicely, has evented.
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    Riding and leading- keeping horses fit through winter

    I have the opportunity to have another horse, she would be coming from a friend and will be a nice second hunter for the winter. However, I work full time and with the dark nights I know it will be a challenge to keep two fit enough for hunting as I struggled through last winter with two and and...
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    How to get your horse to respect smaller fences?

    Any ideas or exercises would be greatly appreciated! I have a very scopey connie mare who wont touch a pole once you put the fences up, but at smaller heights she doesn't respect them quite as well, having 2 or 3 poles. Long term this won't be an issue, but she is doing a ODE in two weeks at 80...
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    Topspec turbo flakes

    Has anyone used these? I have an eventer who is a very good doer but needs more sparkle and am wondering if these might be the solution
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    Horse Scout

    Has anyone used their service to either buy or sell? I am looking to advertise my mare, who is a high end sport-type connie. I have been contacted by Horse Scout about advertising her with them as they have clients who would be interested, they are quite expensive to advertise with so was...
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    What to do if...

    You left a bucket of dry sugar beet on the yard and your dog ate it? Do I need to rush to the vets or will he just be sick? I know the main reason this is such a problem with horses is because they can't be sick, so will the naughty pup throw up and be okay or should I be taking it more...
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    The best stirrup leathers?

    As the title. What are the best stirrup leathers to buy? I bought good quality english leather ones from a high end tack shop that made their own about 4 years ago. For the price I paid I expected them to last longer but now they have stretched so much they are almost beyond useable. Also...
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    Selling horses

    I have nothing useful to say, just venting about how annoying it is. I haven't sold one for years and had forgotten how awful and time consuming it is!
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    Keratoma experiences

    After a vet visit today I am faced with the possibility that my horse has a keratoma in his off fore hoof, I am awaiting x-rays next week to confirm the diagnosis but it is looking likely. The treatment is surgery to remove the growth, then box rest until the hoof grows down again- approx 6-9...
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    Riding in the dark

    With winter approaching and the nights drawing in, this is the first winter where I will be working full time. Having previously had the luxury of daylight hours to ride all year round I've never had to consider this before. Where I am we have lots of off-road riding, quiet lanes and fields to...
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    Acorns are out early

    After a horrible afternoon of acorn induced colic, I thought it best to warn people that acorns are out early. My horse, thankfully should be fine, but please be viligiant as the acorns are big, green and early this year!
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    XC time penalties

    How many time penalties are added per second when you exceed the optimum time XC? I have scanned the BE rulebook but cant find an answer
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    Cost of breaking a horse

    With a rising 3yo mare, it is fast approaching the time to send her away to be broken. I am out of touch with how much this is likely to set me back so I can start saving! So was wondering if anyone has sent a horse away to be broken recently and how much it cost you for this? Particularly...
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    Best methods for stopping rub marks on clipped horse?

    After my ride this morning I dismounted to find rub marks on my horses sides where my legs had been. My legs are quite still and I was wearing clean half chaps, has never happened before and keen to avoid it getting any worse. I covered affected areas in sudocrem. He has never suffered with...