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    Ex racehorse running backwards!!

    Hi All, I took my ex racehorse show jump schooling the other evening and it would seem he would rather run backwards than jump the fence! He started off extremely nappy towards the other horse I was with, then he went lovely, then started running out and backwards again! Anyone else had...
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    Pedal Osteitis

    Has anyone else has a horse with this condition? My horse was diagnosed just over two years ago and we've managed to keep it under control for a good while, but now we cant keep him sound :0( Hes back off to the vets tomorrow and Im felling very nervous. I had to retire him completely a...
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    Micklem Competition Bridle

    Just wondered what peoples thoughts are on these? Any experiences etc......
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    Audio Dressage tests

    Morning all, Does anyone know if there is such a thing as audio dressage tests or an app you can download so you can listen to your test to learn while riding? I've tried recording myself calling my tests, but it didn't really work as I couldn't get the timings right! It looks like the BD...
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    Best/most popular body protector for xc

    So we're venturing out to begin our eventing career soon and ive decided to treat myself to a new body protector. Other than the point two air jacket, whats everyone else got and your opinions? Thanks
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    race safe body protector

    Does anyone know of anywhere bucks/beds/nothants area that stock race safe body protectors? Thanks
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    Blenheim ticket codes

    Do any of you lovely people have any discount codes for Blenheim? Thanks :0)
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    Recommend me an instructor

    As Im now turning my hand to a bit of dressige, Im looking for an instructor in beds/bucks. Im based in a village between Milton Keynes and Bedford and desperatly need to find an instructor. Ive heard Caz Brown is very good, is there anyone else? I dont mind travelling to them, although...
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    Dog owners - I need a bit of advise pls

    Im a little unsure what to do here and just wondered what other dog owners would do. My beautiful Scottie dog Buster has cancer in his bladder and although the vet only gave him a few months, 7 months on hes still going strong and seems happy although does get a bit puffed out and more tired...
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    Equi Trek Trail Treka M

    Do any of you have one? Im going to buy a new trailer and cant decide which one to get. I was almost definatly sure on getting a Bateson Deuville, then I rang and spoke to Ifor Williams and thought Id get a new one of those, but Ive just been looking at the Trail Treka M on the Equi Trek...
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    Equi Trek Trail Treka M

    Do any of you have one? Im going to buy a new trailer and cant decide which one to get. I was almost definatly sure on getting a Bateson Deuville, then I rang and spoke to Ifor Williams and thought Id get a new one of those, but Ive just been looking at the Trail Treka M on the Equi Trek...
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    Why is my horse STILL lame???!!!!

    Its been about six weeks now!! Vet came out and wasnt really too sure what was wrong and thought it was some bruising to the foot and said for me to hot bandage the leg for 3 days and see how he went and then I may want to consider x-rays, scans, nerve blocks etc. He did get quite a bit...
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    Where to find yard to rent?

    Can anyone recommend anywhere for me to look for a yard to rent, with living? Ive looked on H&H and prime location.
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    Renting yard and house

    Can anyone recommend any web sites to find equestrian properties to rent? Ive already looked on H&H!
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    Getting Rides

    As it looks like I will probably be out of a job at the end of this month, Im looking at freelancing as a groom and hoping to try and get some rides showjumping or even just schooling. Would I be best to just put up adverts or go to shows and talk to people? Any advice much appreciated.
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    Poorly Scottie doesnt have a bladder stone

    Vet rang and hes coming round well, but bad news it that its either a tumour or inflamation from an infection we never knew about. Theyve done a biopsy and we'll get the results in a week. He's got to stay in tonight and hopefully he'll come home tomorrow. Im going straight to see him after...
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    Update on poorly scottie

    Took Buster to the vet and hes had an ultra sound and has a large bladder stone. Im going to pick him up in a minute and bring him home for the night and take him back in the morning for the operation to have it removed. He'll have to stay at the vets for a few days after the op. Poor little...
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    Poorly Scottie

    Just after abit of advise really. Buster is an 8 year old Scottie and has been being sick alot lately and when he came in thismorning from the garden after going to the toilet he had some spots of blood coming from his winky! He seems fine in himself though, eating ok and fairly active, but Im...
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    Could this be worth a cheeky offer?

    I really like the look of him.*0.11159*HHO:291998&pg=1&si=CAT*1**0&sr=h&cr=1&kwe=horses&
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    New year, new challenge!

    After showjumping for, I dont know how long now! I have decided to have a change! Showjumper turned eventer! Or, going over to the dark side some have said! haha Ive done abit of everything with Arch quite successfully so I think we should do ok. So Im just looking for a bit of advise...
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    Anyone else used Dormasedan and it DIDNT work?

    Two tubes and a twitch later and my horses clip STILL isnt finished!! A very expensive clip indeed!!!! It worked to get his body done and his head was practically on the floor, but as soon as you try to do his head or chest, PING a very awake pony with front legs flying at you!! Next...
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    Just rode in my new Tekna saddle (dressage)

    And Im very happy with it! Considering Im used to a jumping saddle and riding with the knees up to my ears, it wasnt too bad! AND........Arch spent most of the time with his nose almost on the floor!! Not bad for a usually, tense highly strung horse!
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    Cracking lesson with JunoXV....

    ...........AKA David, thank you sooooooooooooooo much :0) Ive been having a few problems with Archie recently, with him hanging on the left and falling in, but thanks to David I feel that is a thing of the past!! There will be no more constant fighting with my horse, just lots of calm...
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    Should I take him to the doctors?

    I know this isnt NL, but I need a quick answer! My dog pulled the buggy over at the yard thismorning while my 10 month old baby was in it! He landed on gravel and got dragged abit and has scratchs and sores on his head and its very red. He seems ok now, he's just having his morning nap...
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    STILL got a snotty nose!

    Mums horse has now had two lots of anti-biotics and a course of Ventipulmin which has cleared his snotty nose up each time, but its back again! Mum is going to speak to the vet again today, but I just wondered if anyone here had any ideas? He's on good quality haylage and straw, so other put...
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    Cant seem to get Your Horse Live tickets!

    Anyone else having problems? Could they have sold out?
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    Heavy in the hand

    Although Arch is going really well, he has become very heavy in my hand and feels quite hard in his mouth. His teeth are up to date and he's ridden in a loose ring snaffle, Im just wondering if I should maybe try a different bit?
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    100g turn out rugs

    Can anyone recommend one? Id like the new Shires Tempest 100, but my local tack shop doesnt have my horses size and the other one I really like is 200g! I dont really want to spend any more than £50 if I can help it! The 200g one is the blue and red amigo one and its technically a medium...
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    Blenheim Promotaional codes....

    ....You lovely people had some last year and I was just wondering if you have any this year too?? :0)
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    Is my son over horsed???

    Im just not sure!!!!