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    Broomhill Ambles-did anyone go?

    Took my 5yr old out for the first time ever yesterday evening and had an absolute blast. He'd never seen so many horses all at once and was shaking to begin with, but after a shaky start( bucking, leaping etc) he was absolutely fabulous. I'd never been out with the hunt before either, so it was...
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    big or small bale hay in the MANSFIELD area?

    Hi guys Can anyone point me in the right direction? We're desperately short of hay and really need to get some in. Everyone we've tried so far is out, or is charging like £50 a bale:eek: Anyone?:)
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    Absolutely amazing! Well done Toddy :D

    I'm just so so happy that Toddy won.:D It's a fairytale really, but once again he's shown his class, and immense ability, and the reason why he is still the best at what he does. His experience showed in the SJ.......I was cringing at each and every fence!! Congratulations Toddy, and Land...
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    Gawd, lami watch from here on in :-S

    Noticed today my pony has grass glands already:o He had an episode of lami last May after our fields were fertilised, so I am SO happy that his is being left alone this year! He's been on a diet lately, and has lost alot of weight already, aswell as being in more work, so I'm hoping with...
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    How do you deal with a horse that's just totally lost their head?

    Sort of similar I guess to the stressy horse post, but with a different angle. If you're riding and your horse just loses it, and you KNOW that you are in the brown stuff, how do you deal with it/what do you do? Do you dismount and leave the argument for another day, or do you continue...
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    Anyone here a member of East Midlands Dressage Group?

    Hi guys As per title, am thinking of joining with Naughty Pony and would love some feedback before I decide to take the plunge. Is it friendly? Is it a perfect or p*ss off kind of place, or are they accepting of the more challenging equine?;) Views/experiences etc all welcome. Thank you:)
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    Naughty Pony has his very own blog. I decided to set it up so I'd have a written record of his exploits and achievements(ha ha ha) ;) Feel free to comment/follow us. Beth xx
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    Do horses/ponies who don't show natural jumping ability ever 'get it

    Hi guys, I know this isn't really a CR post, but as most of you train/compete on a regular basis I thought your experience would help with this. Lukey is a lovely pony, but just does not 'get' what to do with his legs when jumping. He is only rising 4, and I have only ever loose schooled him...
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    Super Molichop Shreddi?

    Just wondered if anyone knows if the beet pulp contained within this feed is mollassed or unmollassed? The info on the product label and their website isn't very clear. Thanks Beth x
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    Ok, young pony, backed in the summer............

    .........ridden after 3 wk layoff due to the weather, acts the arse and broncs after 5 mins of ridden 'work' (term used loosely as was just being walked round). Rider sat the broncing very well and carried on in walk for another 5 mins(albeit on the lunge as rider(my daughter) didn't trust pony...
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    Decent snaffle bridle under £100?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a decent snaffle bridle for under £100. It needs to come with just a cavesson noseband though, I don't want or need a flash attachment as I ride my boy in a drop noseband . I currently have a Collegiate but don't like it much How much would I be looking at...
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    Notts people... Readyfield bloodhounds @ broomhill grange?

    Has anyone been to one of the meets at Broomhill? What are they like? Suitable for a first time for a young horse? They've got a meet planned there for the end of feb, and i was thinking of taking lukey as i'm only 15 mins away and could hack there and back etc. Comments? x
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    Derek thompson taken ill?

    Just heard on the radio that Channel 4's Derek Thompson has been taken ill...just wondered if anyone knew anything about this?
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    Jumping on the bandwagon...crank nosebands

    Now these things I really detest, and do not see boy purpose for. I've always thought that in order to properly relax and be able to flex at the poll, a horse needs a certain amount of mobility in the why is it that the vast majority of dressage bridles come with these things as...
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    Saracen re-Leve?

    Hi guys just wondered if anyone uses this feed, and if so, your thoughts on it? Thanks
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    Tips on maintaining riding position on a young horse?

    I'm struggling a little at the moment with my position and was hoping someone could point me go the right direction. Riding Lukey is like riding a slinky! He's either shooting off which means I get left behind, or he slams on the anchors(usually due to his being nosey!) and I end up on his...
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    Woohoo, go big brave boy :)

    I am SO proud of my little Lukey, super newfie! For those of you who don't know him, he's my just backed baby, my little superstar in the making He's been hacking out with his buddy for the last couple of weeks, but today he ventured out on his own for the very first time! He was so good, so...
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    Lindhurst farm livery, notts

    Hey guys does anyone have any knowledge/Experience of the above mentioned yard? I'm possibly looking for an alternative arrangement for my boy before winter sets in and this one is relatively close by. Any comments, or experiences welcome. Thank you x
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    Jeffries falcon vsd saddle?

    I know by rights this should be in stableyard but you don't seem to get many replies in there so thought i'd ask in here first I was wondering really if anyone either has/had one or has any experience of them etc. I've been given one to try with Lukey and would like opinions on how they perform...
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    Ragwort...the reporting of.

    I would appreciate your thoughts/help please lovely hhoers If a yard owner refuses to remove ragwort from areas of grazing that horses are actively kept on, having been asked several times, what's the next move? Is Defra the place one would need to go ? Thanks
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    Schooling advice being sought...would appreciate your thoughts.

    Hi guys i'm looking for some advice about my daughters loan pony. Pony in question is 6, and has had very little formal schooling. The problem is his laziness in the school...he is just so backwards thinking it's untrue Out hacking he is very forward going, so it's really frustrating for my...
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    OMG I am in love - Levisto z

    Happened across some showjumping on Eurosport last night and was completely mesmerized by this little guy He looks just like an overgrown pony with all that hair!! Does anyone know anything him? X
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    Baileys competition mix

    Does anyone feed this, and if so what are your thoughts on it? Daughters new loan pony is THE laziest creature on the planet and needs some more oomph! He is out during the day, in at night on ad lib hay/haylage and currently fed scoop of safe and sound and scoop of fibre nuts plus vit min...
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    Bullying in the field...

    Well, i've worked out why lukey has been coming in with injuries. Daughter witnessed him being chased by one of his field companions and being bitten in the process The injuries i posted about earlier this week that looked like wire cuts i now think are from him trying to get away from this...
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    I must have THE most accident prone pony ever! :(

    I am getting so frustrated with lukey of late, there's always something he's done, or been done to him. Got to the yard yesterday to find a horrible cut on his knee and loads of swelling, today swelling gone down significantly, but this time he's come in with 2 long, clean cuts to his quarters...
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    Potentially silly question...sweet iron bits?

    ...are they dressage legal? Daughters new loan pony went beautifully in a sweet iron french link last night and she wants to work towards doing a few prelim dressage comps, hence the question. Thanks x
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    Phew! Normal service is resumed :D

    Hallelujah, my sweet, angelic boy is back We've had another successful day at 'school', daughter got on him again and he was an angel. Nothing seems to phase him at all, infact I was shaking more than him I really do need to get a grip...I get nervous on his behalf! He's being introduced to...
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    Alright, who did it?......

    ...Who swapped my lovely, kind, polite pony for the rearing, snorting, fly-leaping git that greeted me this morning? i'm not in the least bit impressed, infact i'm positively seething! So, whomever it was, I expect you to have swapped him back by the time I get to the yard tonight, ok...
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    Emotional morning...utterly exhausted.

    Had a lesson with lukey this morning..Lukey is 3 and unbacked, sorted a few issues out and all was going well. Then progressed to him being led With me walking alongside putting pressure on his back/saddle...he wasn't phased at all, so we got the mounting block and i gently lay across the...
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    Bad pony, bad BAD pony!

    Lukey is well and truly in the bad books after being a complete dick for my lovely farrier. Lukey's eyes were out on stalks as soon as his van drew up, and reared the second the farrier went to lift his foot up I could understand it if lukey had had a bad experience with a farrier, but he never...