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    I am gutted as I have wanted to go to HOYS for years but my friend could never afford it. Last week she suddenly decided that she could just about afford it this year so I have fell onto the website to book tickets, only to find out the Saturday evening show is sold out :( *sobs* If anyone...
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    Colic - Sweating

    My friend recently lost her horse due to colic but she is totally thrown by the fact that he was not sweated up despite wearing two thick rugs (He was a poor doer and really felt the cold). Do horses always get sweaty when they have colic? He had obviously rolled a lot as there were kick marks...
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    RIP Star

    My friend lost her beautiful boy today to colic We took him to the vets and they operated but his large intestine had ruptured He was the most mischievous horse ever and full of character. He has had a rough few years with one thing and another and she has been the most patient and loving...
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    Horse on A19

    My hubby was coming home from work tonight and rang to say he was delayed due to traffic jam on A19 near the Stainsby Grange farm. When he got home he said there had been a horse on the road and he thought it had been killed Has anyone heard anything about it?
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    Why is it ???

    So difficult to find a nice horse! I am feeling really low today and a bit sorry for myself! I lost my mare very suddenly in July and have been looking for a new horse to love ever since. Thought I had found him last week only for him to fail his vetting It's a long story but I was supposed...
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    Pros and cons of buying from a dealer?

    Interested in anyones experiences. Good and bad please
  7. G does it work?

    I have been offered a horse on long term loan. That's all I know at the moment as other people are getting the info for me. Having never loaned a horse longterm before what is the usual expectations/advantages/pitfalls? What sorts of things do I need to clarify with the owners? If I had the...
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    Advice's a mine field!

    I am looking for a new neddy and of course when you want one there is never one that can be recommended by someone you know So been to look at a couple but they weren't right and now I am trawling the local paper and wondering what to do. Do I stick to private sales or are dealers a better...
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    Has anyone heard from her? Is she ok?
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    I am bored waiting for Nadja to foal I honestly think there is no foal in there at all Anyway to pass the time I thought we could write a story about the chucks so I will begin: Once upon a time there were three very happy go clucky chucks who lived on a farm.....
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    My car just died

    Why when things are difficult enough do cars always decide to break! Drove my car to archery tonight and almost there (Less than a minute away) the temperature shot up. Nursed it to the venue and opened the bonnet to find smoke billowing out of the head gasket Let it cool down and topped...
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    Crib Biting

    Sorry i wasn't sure where to put this so I hope it's ok in here? I have a friend with a three yr old pony that has recently (in the past couple pf months) started Crib biting really badly. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it? Should she reprimand or not? Vet or not? Cures? Any...
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    Sara Roache has died

    Just read the awful news that Bill Roaches (Ken Barlow in Corrie) wife Sara has died very suddenly The family must be devastated. She always seemed a really lovely lady. RIP Sara
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    Thank goodness Ellie doesn't have Navicular however she has.....

    Laminitis What a nightmare. El has been on and off MILDLY lame for ten weeks. The farrier diagnosed a bruised sole and said it could take three to eight weeks to get better. So I poulticed it and rested her, she came sound, went lame, came sound etc. Farrier came on Friday and said could...
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    How would you?

    treat a bruised sole and how long would you expect the horse to be lame for?
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    Brian Haemorrahage update

    Just for those that were interested in how my sisters little shetland was getting on. She has been to a specialist vet and he has told her that she will be fine although will always have a head tilt. My sister is going to retire her. I am not really sure what future she will have as I have not...
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    Brain Haemorhage

    Has anyone any experience of them in ponies?
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    I really MUST get one of these!

    Toning Up!
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    Where are the photos and updates on your baby? I am most cross
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    Stolen Tack Cleveland Area

    A yard near us had a saddle and three bridles taken last night apparently. I have no further details as yet but suffice to say if you live in the Guisborough area make sure you lock up well!
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    Looks like we need those HHO vibes folks!

    The foal born at Rollestone has not got up yet (nearly an hour old) and mum hasn't touched it at all Please get those vibes going
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    Problem mounting all of a sudden

    As many of you know i moved Ellie to a new yard at the beginning of March. I have owned her for 3yrs and never had any problem mounting her from a crate. When we moved to the new yard they have a 'posh' mounting block (two levels with metal handrail etc). As the crate had stayed at the other...
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    New Rollestone Foal

    Did anyone see it born? Congratulations Rollestone! Is it a boy or a girl?
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    I am sorry this is not horse related but I have posted this in Soapbox too but thought more people might see it here. I don't know if anyone can help me but a while ago we had a post from someone from Manitoba in Canada. I know it is a very long shot but does anyone remember the users name or...
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    Rollestone.....Have I missed something?

    is that a new foalie? Have I missed a post somewhere?
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    Cheeky Rollestone foalie

    Poor mum just managed to get a lie down and foalie went and almost stood on her head, forcing her up As soon as she got up and moved it went and laid down in her spot Blinkin kids!
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    Rollestone why has the camera?

    Gone off Kya??
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    Just out of curiosity can you build your own.....

    Horse trailer? My hubby has built superb quality trailers (normal ones for years) and when I commented today that I might like a horse trailer of my own, he asked why he couldn't make one? Is it lawful to build your own? Anyone any experience of it?
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    Rollestone Cam

    What is Kya doing? I think she has just eaten a huge chunk of her bed (just near the door) I thought she was nuzzling a foal at first till I noticed her big bump is still there
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    Poor Jube

    The horse that I had on loan for 3yrs (Jubilee) was put to sleep today after being found in the field with colic this morning. She was 29 so had a good long life She had cushings for the past 3yrs and so had been retired. She was a real sweety and I would never have got Ellie if it hadn't...