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  1. catembi

    Are there any EVA stable mats that don’t stretch,please?

    I laid ark eva mats, the interlocking ones, in my stables two years ago. Laid onto concrete. All mine are barefoot and live out, so stables are kept open all the time and used as a field shelter and for feeding/tacking up. I was initially v pleased with the mats, but they keep...
  2. catembi

    Best diet for Rottie with protein losing enteropathy?

    Poor Roxy has been diagnosed with PLE & the vets have advised Royal Canin Gastro. She is supposed to eat as much as possible, particularly high protein/low fat as he body can't use protein properly. She isn't desperately keen on the Royal Canin. Is there anything else I could try? She really...
  3. catembi

    PSSM horse having a vacant episode?

    Has anyone's horse had a weird, spaced out episode? My QHxTB Cody is n/p1, n/p4 & px/px. I caught him in to feed this evening and he ignored his dinner & was stretching one front leg out at a time as far as it would go, then scraping his hoof down the wall. Then kept stretching his neck out &...
  4. catembi

    Poured rubber floor...would rats eat it?

    My new stable block will be finished in 2-3 weeks (yay!) and I was thinking of getting a poured rubber floor. I am also dealing with a rat issue. I remember what happened to a friend’s gel out pad...ruined by rats. Would the same thing happen to a poured rubber floor? So far, they have ignored...
  5. catembi

    Would it be possible to find a horse in Ireland sold from the UK without my consent?

    I will try to shorten this tale of woe to its bare bones... I bought a horse unseen from Ireland. She turned out not to be suitable. She went to livery 200 miles away in the UK with a former friend who was going to bring her on & sell her. I was paying the livery. I offered her to him at a...
  6. catembi

    EPSM people...I have Cody’s results:-(

    Well, he already tested n/p1 but I just had a feeling there was more, so sent some more hair to the lab in Germany. He has also tested p4/p4 and px/px. I so much wish that I had been wrong. I have read the info sheet and it’s not good. I think I should probably retire him. At 6! And before this...
  7. catembi

    Best rat traps?

    We have a problem with rats. They are living under the decking around the house, which is near the stables. We are going to have all the decking pulled up & redone with wire mesh, properly buried, to stop them getting under it again, but in the meantime I need to get rid. I have tried the...
  8. catembi

    Cody’s test result is n/P1 for EPSM. Now what? 😥

    As per title, I sent off a hair sample and the result came back this morning. Does this mean that he has it himself rather than just being able to pass it onto offspring (he is a gelding). It’s not my first brush with EPSM as Adrian my ISH had it. Cody is out 24/7 on poor grass, constant access...
  9. catembi

    Horse collapsing under saddle - any experiences...?

    The horse is a 6 yo QH that I have owned for nearly a year. He was brilliant to start with - v laid back, v athletic, bright, quick to learn, brave jumping etc. After about 6 months, he started having the odd 'angry' episode of not working forward, being sharp, exploding... Back, teeth...
  10. catembi

    Picking up a new girlie this morning!

    We are collecting an 8 year old female Rottie from a rescue today. Max has been so sad by himself. He has never been an only dog before. Let’s hope she cheers him up! Everyone seems to want to rescue the younger dogs but not so much the older ones. Photos to follow if all goes well. These photos...
  11. catembi there any likely diagnosis that isn’t bone cancer?

    Clutching at straws here... Milly is 8 1/2 and has been getting a bit arthritic so has been on Rimadryl for the past 6 months. It really has given her a new lease of life. Over the past few weeks she has developed a limp in front. I assumed it was arthritis based, but when we went for another...
  12. catembi

    T8 low profile dressage...other saddles with the same flat tree?

    I took my QHxTB for a v interesting saddle fitting yesterday. The upshot is that I am looking for a 16.5" dressage saddle in low profile but not cob. The Thorowgood T8 with surface mounted blocks was what was suggested - however, it looks quite slippery. I would prefer the grippier faux suede...
  13. catembi

    Taming the firebreathing & downs!

    I have now owned Cody (6 yo QHxTB) since April this year. He came to me as v green & quite weedy, & we've had a summer of clinics, lessons, hacking, competing, a few placings sj & dr our first win sj...and then the wheels came off! I think the catalyst was a hack when the bridleway had been...
  14. catembi

    Where to get a replacement wheel for a big wheelbarrow? Can't find one!

    I have a large plastic wheelbarrow with twin wheels but one needs replacing. Wheel size is 16" x 650 and the surface that comes into contact with the ground is flat like a car tyre, not curved like a normal barrow. I can't find the right wheel for it, but these barrows are everywhere, so...
  15. catembi

    Best way of holding poo sacks open?

    I have to poo pick into sacks that gardeners take away twice a week. The worst part is trying to get the wretched sacks to stay open. I use Wilko's blue rubble sacks which are probably half the size of a big black sack. I have tried using a trug, popping the bag inside & then folding the top...
  16. catembi

    Planning for arena/stables-anyone had to do an archeo mitigation survey? Help!

    We applied for planning a year ago...refused on some small points which were easily answered (e.g. gets taken away twice a week by gardeners), and one larger point (access for fire engine - we have now removed the double garage to allow this...sobs...) We reapplied answering all the...
  17. catembi

    'Invisible' mud fever?

    My boy came back from retirement livery with swollen hind fetlocks & before I could investigate, ended up at vet hospital for 8 or 9 (very expensive...!) days to treat something else. They diagnosed mud fever & treated while he was there with hibiscrub & barrier cream. He was sent home with...
  18. catembi

    How to wash rug in washing machine, please? Anyone do it?

    I have been trying to read the instructions on a very grubby bottle of Nicwax with a disintegrating label, which isn't going well... How are you supposed to wash a rug in the machine? I think that it says not to use detergent, but how does the rug get clean without? And then what about the...
  19. catembi

    Interesting morning jumping! And a bizarre disaster!

    We went off to a local venue for SJ today! This week has been a bit hit and miss for riding - torrential rain stopping play, then yesterday my hay turned up so late that I then didn't have time to hack before it got dark, so I was hoping he'd be good & not too fresh. He started warming up...
  20. catembi

    Anyone understand herd dynamics...bullying Shetland...?

    Trev (ex-racer) and Florence (Shetland) used to live together at my old house. She arrived at 6 months old, latched onto him & all was well. Sold that house, had a v protracted purchase, Trev was in retirement livery while the whole nightmare played out, & eventually there was an established...
  21. catembi

    Do mud fever turn out boots work?

    Trev has come back from retirement livery with mud fever in one leg, which he’s never had before. He has been at the vets for a week for something unrelated and they have treated, and I am trying to get organised for when he comes back. I have laid a load more mud control mats and have a hard...
  22. catembi

    Lorry tracker...anyone got one? Opinions?

    Following a recent snooping incident, I am seriously considering getting a tracker for my box. Are they worth it? Do the police actually try to retrieve stolen vehicles or shrug their shoulders and give a crime reference no? Any brands to go for or avoid?
  23. catembi

    Picking poo off carpet fibre surface - easy or difficult?

    If I ever get planning permission, my school surface will be carpet fibre. I have tried out a carpet fibre gallops (OMG, my QH is **fast**) & spoken to a few people who have had their arenas down for a while, but I forgot to ask what it's like to poo pick from.
  24. catembi

    Aaaaarrrgggghhhh, mud!

    So we’re not even out of September and my clay fields have gone from concrete to swamp. I have a properly excavated 15m x 10m hard standing, I had some drainage put in by a drainage expert, I have 2 1/2 pallets of mud control mats laid, but this isn’t going to be enough room for 2 horses and...
  25. catembi

    Guess who’s home...

  26. catembi

    And the dimmest person of the year award goes to... has got to be me! I had entered the dressage at Moulton College for this morning. V excited as I haven’t been there before and have always wanted to. I was super organised, packed the lorry last night, threaded my needles, learned my test, up at 6.30 this morning, plaited, left on...
  27. catembi

    Anyone else go SJ, NOT want to do it, get going then *LOVE* it...?

    ...or am I just weird? We went to a local venue today as they had a few hours of clear round. I was going around the warm-up ring in walk & the CR was at 60 cm & I was thinking, that's too big, I don't want to do it. The practice jump was too big as well, & I thought, why the hell am I even...
  28. catembi

    Horses won’t eat their new hay!

    I have just bought the most gorgeous batch of meadow hay which smells amazing and I could happily eat myself! Looks like I might have to eat it myself as none of mine will touch it! Not even the Shetland! Don’t know what to do!
  29. catembi

    Showjumping today...with photos!

    I am not sure if anyone is interested in our very low-level reports, but I always enjoy reading other people's reports & there isn't much to read on here atm... Following the meltdown in the dressage last Sat (it was raining hard & Himself did NOT approve...) we did a dr lesson elsewhere but...
  30. catembi

    A weekend of two halves - double dressage! Photos!

    The highs and lows of horses can be summed up in this one weekend! Luckily the low came first! I have now had Cody for about 3 months, I am *still* having planning issues with getting an arena at home so we have been whizzing about doing clinics etc & started competing low level sj. So far...