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    Any Vagina/Vulva experts in here???

    I've just posted in the veterinary section about my mares swollen Vulva and possible in lump in her vagina, could anyone with any experience in these 'parts' have a quick peep please :D x
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    Possible growth on Vulva/Vagina?? And behavior change with pics

    My mare has been a bit of a worry just lately, a few weeks ago she suddenly took a dislike to a 4yo gelding that had been in the field 3 months with no problem, she would charge him if he even looked at him and would also try and run out the gate if another was brought in, when we'd get there to...
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    Fly Bites in this weather??

    My mare has come in the past few weeks with little scabby swellings rather like fly bites, just as one lot has cleared up in the saddle area another three have come up under her armpits when I got her in last night, they are warm swellings at the minute and they obviously itch her. She suffered...
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    Update on my collie with a heart murmur, vibes needed.

    He's off to the see the cardiologist on Wednesday, he's lost a fair bi of weight over this past week and he's had a falling out with his brother and ended up the a bandaged leg thats been bitten and antibiotics :( We've also noticed one of his teeth looks to be falling out?? No idea how he's...
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    My collie has just been diagnosed with a heart murmur :(

    Just been to the vets with my collie, over the past few months he has been running after his ball as normal but getting tired quicker and his back end and back legs giving way, the past few days he has also had a cough and his tongue has a blueish tinge. The vet has found quite a prominent heart...
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    Home made filler ideas and which paint is best?

    As the title says really. Any ideas for some 'different' fillers? We have got barrels and cones but are looking at using and making some that are a bit more scary? Any ideas? And is there anywhere best to get cheap paint from? :)
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    A colour question.......

    I have have a flea bitten grey mare, she was dark dappled/roan when younger, would I have to find strawberry roan stallion to try and produce a strawberry roan foal? It's not something i'm looking at doing at this moment in time but very curious as it's something i'd like to do in the future...
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    Yello discharge from mares lady bit's with pics

    Could anyone who has ever come across this have a look at my post in vets please Thought after posting people reading the breeding thread are probably used to dealing with mares lady bits :-) x
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    Yellow Discharge from my mares lady bits * warning graphic pics*

    Whilst grooming my girlie last night I noticed she had discharge from her vulva and she was swollen has anyone ever seen anything like this In 23 years I've never come across it. She doesn't seem to be in season, has been a little under the weather but she sometimes does get a little down in...
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    Whats your thoughts on this frog *pics*,also in vets,

    Whilst waiting to hear from my farrier I thought I'd post some pictures of my mares frog. The cleft of her frog seemed to form a hole that looked little bit thrushy/pussy. I've been keeping it clean with saline and drying the area, she hasn't been exposed to any wet, we've had no rain for weeks...
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    Whats your thoughts on this frog? *Pics*

    Whilst waiting to hear from my farrier I thought I'd post some pictures of my mares frog. The cleft of her frog seemed to form a hole that looked little bit thrushy/pussy. I've been keeping it clean with saline and drying the area, she hasn't been exposed to any wet, we've had no rain for...
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    Homemade Hay bar Pic's please :-)

    Can anyone post pic's of their homemade haybars? I've tried searching but the pictures won't show up. I've got hubby on the case so I need to strike whilst the irons hot! Any pictures and hints would be fab
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    Found a lump on my collies leg this morn......

    This morning I noticed a lump on the top part of my collies front leg, it's about half the size of a golf ball (i think), slighty hard but a bit squishy at the same time, he doesn't seem in any pain, I have noticed he has been a bit quieter the past few days, but he isn't lame or bothered when...
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    Should I sell him as a companion or project (i'm very sad) :-(

    I posted the other day that I have got topart with a project pony that I've had since December. I've known for the past few weeks that we really can't manage to keep him through winter but I've been holding off advertising him as I feel so awfull about it. He was poor when I got him and wouldn't...
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    Where to advertise Companion/Project pony and ad help.

    Can anyone recommend the best place to advertise a companion/project pony? To cut a long story short, I ned to find a home for a project pony we bought last December, he would be happy to live out, has no health issue and would possibly be able to be brought back into work with the righ person...
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    I just don't know what to do with him...stuck in a rutt..

    I've come home from the stables feeling really down today so sorry if the post ends up long. I took on a project pony last December, he was very nervous and quite poor condition. I gave him the winter and start of spring to gain condition and trust before working him, when we started to bring...
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    Ozzy Osbourne's Little pom been killed.

    Poor little mite
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    Before and after pics of project pony 6 months on.....

    I got this little man back in December. He was very shy and nervous of everything and we couldn't do anything with him. He has come on leaps and bounds now and is getting better everyday, we have just started to bring him onto work and he has taken the tack fine although has a fear of anyone...
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    What do you all think of my new jockey? :-P

    Opinions please Just making sure he is holding his reins correctly....
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    Anybody go to the sale @ Lowmoor stud today in York?

    Just wondered what the prices were like that they went for, I went last year and was really impressed with the quality of the horses. I was going to go today but knew I wouldn't be able to keep my hands in my pockets
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    Rollestone Friday................

    Morning all........... Can't believe it I missed Ari foal!!! I had a migraine last night so fell asleep at 7pm. I must give someone my mobile number..... Anyway just off to find yesterday's thread for foalies stats
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    Whole yard has wormed but 2 owners won't... slight rant..opinions pls

    Yard owner delegated me the job of organizing the worming i.e putting a note on the notice board advising people what to worm with (Pramox) and that it needed to be done before turning your horses out onto the delegated summer fields, there are 4 grazing groups. Everyone has done theirs apart...
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    Moving onto spring you do it gradually?

    We are changing fields tomorrow, there's been quite a flush of grass. I'll only be putting my mare out for a few hours as she can be a bit colicky, she just stuffs herself silly. I'm going to leave her in until dinnner with a haynet then put her out until teatime. Just wondered out of interest...
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    Putting a bridle on nervous, headshy pony - advice pls

    We have had our project pony since December, when he came is was very nervous, slightly poor and unsure of anything you did with him. He has come on leaps and bounds, although he does have his off days, we are starting him again and have been lunging and doing in hand work with him for the past...
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    Rollestone Cam

    Is anyones working?? All i'm getting is a black screen with 'ready' in the bottom??
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    Best calmer for General Anxiety??

    We have had the new boy 3 months now, he came very poor and very nervous, although he is better than he was he still gets quite anxious at times. I thought perhaps a calmer may help to settle his nerves/anxiety a little, having not had to use one before I wondered wether there is anything that...
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    Anyone know anyone thats tried this matting??

    Just having a browse for some matting and saw these and just wondered if anyone had or knows anyone that has had it?? I have my other stables done in the normal 6x4 sheets and thought this would be easier to handle, the feedback on them seems good, a couple have said not suitable for heavy...
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    Aaarrghhh Derby house!!!

    Well I placed a rug order for newbie pony on the 28th Dec, they said it would take upto 7 days delivery, I recieved my order confirmation Email ands order number. Just thought I'd see if I can check the status via their website, it is showing as card declined, so obviously they haven't sent the...
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    New Project pony with *pics* Feeding advice welcome!

    My Christmas present arrived on Thursday, a lovely connemara X, 14.2hh approx 10yrs, he has obviously had a very unsettled life and is very timid although very quiet and willing, he needs to be brought back into work and is lacking topline. I know this will come with correct feeding and work but...
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    Best Horse buying website????

    We are currently looking for a horse for my dad, looked horsemart, adhorse, horsehunter and a few others. Everyone we like is miles away! Typical. Can anyone name any other websites to look at. Just to add we are looking for a cheapie no more than £1500, suitable for my novice dad to hack and...