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    Irish Wolfhound

    I have always wanted a big dog - however renting has prevented me from getting a dog much larger than 50lbs. Well it seems as of next month my wife and I will be moving into our own place - therefore it is BIG dog time. I have always wanted to an Irish Wolfound. I knew they die young, but...
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    Please Vote For My Dogs

    Our dogs mean the world to my wife and they have an opportunity to be in a calender which will raise money for dog rescue organization. It would mean so much to us, if you helped vote for our little guys so we can see them in a calender. Please please vote for Bella and Millie so they can be...
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    So it was just over 3 years ago I sold my polo ponies and vowed never to enter the dreaded world of horse ownership again. However recently the urge has been increasing, not to get back into polo but rather show jumping. I have only jumped once in the last 17 years - came over to England to ride...
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    VIDEO - My Showjumping Contest Today

    I am really excited - I haven't ridden a lot, only got off the lead rein a couple weeks ago and entered my first showjumping contest today. My horse wasn't really good - you can see him hesitate in the air which I had troubles with and then he refused one jump too! I plan on schooling with my...
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    Not sure if you have heard of her - she proved she was a super horse today. Having never lost in 13 starts, including last years Breeders Cup Distaff, today she took on the world in the Breeders Cup Classic and continued her perfect record.
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    Please Wear Your Helmet
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    Video Of Horse Get Hit By Car

    My horses getting out of my field and hurting a motorist was always once of my concerns - this is what happens. POOR POOR DRIVER!!! HORSE GETS HIT BY CAR
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    Rachel Alexandra

    Just won the Preakness beating winner Mine That Bird - pity the race wasn't longer as he was gaining. The real test will be when she races Zenyatta - right now in the US the fillies are better than the colts and far more exciting.
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    Please Help Me (Updated)

    Yes - we had a fantastic night last night. I posted my request on Craigslist (again) and someone took it to another online community (www.reddit) and they really got behind me! It is amazing - yesterday I was down by 300, this morning I am up by 1300. Unfortunately the contest is not over...
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    Bloodhorse published our horses first article: Inside Track: Gift of the Heart By Esther Marr Even though Iain Holmes didn’t pioneer the concept of using a Thoroughbred racehorse’s name to raise...
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    Guess who just chased a horse down the street in their boxer shorts

    Was in the shower, and the dogs started barking like mad (our dogs do not bark), so I jumped out in enough time to see the horse trotting away. I put on my shorts, grab a haeadcollar and took chase. He only got down a couple houses, but when the door came crashing down it probably scared him...
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    So my fiancé and I took a job looking after 4 horses (part time, really just clean stalls, turn them out, bring them in, etc) for a family in return for rent-free living in the apartment above the barn. The family seemed very nice, and we have always got on well with them, and we believe they...
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    Cause we all know one is not enough!!! I am very exicted!!
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    Is It Rude To Ask?

    How much somebody weighs, when responding to a wanted horse lease advert?
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    A Horse My Girlfriend Rode

    Is headed to the Kentucky Derby - ran a great race in the Gotham yesterday, and has the earnings now!! WAHOO!!! His name is Visionaire.
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    Well It Looks.............

    Danielle and I will be moving into the 22 acre farm and occupying the apartment above the barn rent free in return for caring for their 4 horses. Both the people and the horses are really nice, and it will be nice for Danielle and me to move out of her parents house, but not have to spend a...
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    Looking After An Oldie

    So if I do move into this farms guesthouse and look after their horses one of their horses is 35 - a champ by anyones account. I really have not looked after any elderly horses, and just wanted to some insight beyond the obvious difficulties eating, maintain weight. From the sounds of things he...
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    Stay tuned - very exciting development here. PS Note it is plural!!
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    How many people put their dogs on the treadmill. Bella goes on there for between 20-40 minutes a day, at speeds between 4-5 mph and at various inclines. We started doing it because she was getting a bit naughty (chewed the couch) with the lack of exercise. Initially she was not a huge fan, but...
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    One Year Ago Today

    Barbaro died
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    Dressage - The Real Way

    Click Here
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    With the Horse Trust being in the news so much recently I was reminded of my visit there, and seeing Sefton (this was early 90s). I just remember he was BIG! He is my favorite horse of all time - - -
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    National Western Stock Show - it is like olympia for Cowboys. Not only is it one of the largest show grounds (showing everything from horses, to yak to Bison), but we got tickets to the Pro Rodeo which includes Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding, Tie-Down Roping, Steer Wrestling, Team...
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    Bella's friend is worth?
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    This weekend Bella is flying to Boston (from Denver) with my girlfriend and I. She will be flying in cabin and is very well behaved. We are not going to be feed her breakfast until we arrive (it will be 2 o'clock in the afternoon), and limit her water about 2 hours before she flies, and then...
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    Stella and Clarita Update......

    So I am back in Denver. After spending the summer working with the race horses, the gf and I decided although it was fun the quality of life sucked - moving around so much, no money, etc. So we got in the cars and headed west - 2000 miles west! So here we are in Denver Colorado, putting our...
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    10+ Yrs Ago How was Your Horse PTS

    I mentioned on another forum that when I grew up in England (10 yrs ago), horses were PTS via a gun, and taken to the hounds. This was refuted by one member, but I just thought I would ask here. So I thougt I would ask back in the 90s what methods were used for PTS!
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    More Good News

    My girlfriend got a job riding for us - she has ridden a lot, but never galloped - quite lucky to start with us, as we rarely if ever start new riders. She is doing great too, the boss really likes her.
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    Spoke to my friend who is a vet yesterday - she said you can smack any animal except fish, and you had to be careful smacking porcupines.
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    Part Of My New Job

    Seems like I could well be taking the horses to the races - which means I get to drive the rig. I am very excited - very big trucks, and very expensive horses.