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    Post party work

    My young sharer took my pony to a little show yesterday. She did a couple of showing classes and a jumping class. I don't do competing so don't know what I should do with him tomorrow. He can have a day off - he's in a bare paddock so can come out and free graze on some better grass while I do...
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    I've just seen on Facebook that Rossdale's Laboratories have confirmed a case in Buckinghamshire.
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    Sweet itch rugs in the heat

    My pony has very bad sweet itch and wears a rug all year - sweet itch type or turn out to keep him covered. There have been a few instances at my yard over the past couple of years when I've arrived and his rug has been off. When I saw whoever was on duty they'd say something along the lines of...
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    bitless bridle

    I'd like to try my pony in a bitless bridle. I'd want to buy one - not mega expensive as I don't know if we'll both like it. What should I be looking for. I see some advertised as 'cross over'. Do I need that?
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    RSPCA trainees

    Did anyone see the section on the pony being kept in a back yard today? I missed what as wrong with him and why it was considered by the inspectors to be an OK environment.
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    Corona virus

    I think it's interesting that when the EHV- 1 virus hit earlier this year the horse community voluntarily, and almost immediately, shut down. Competitions were cancelled and no off site hacking was allowed. With the corona virus there has been no suggestion of this. My Facebook groups are still...
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    Pony has hopefully lost weight over the winter - being weighed next week. This has been hard work for both of us - as much exercise as possible, weighing and soaking hay. I'd like to try and keep the spring/summer weight increase as low as possible so am thinking about using a muzzle. I never...
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    Field shelter

    Pony is on grass livery and has just been moved into a new paddock with a field shelter. This is obviously a positive given the very wet weather we're having. The less positive is that the shelter isn't on a surface. The ground was holding up well as it's on a slight slope until the last...
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    Sharers- oh not to need them

    So today I got an email from my sharer's mother to let me know that her child will be giving up at the end of the month. They began the share at the end of May. Taking out all of the flannel in the text the reason for stopping boils down to the fact that it will soon be dark in the afternoons...
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    Who needs a new hat?

    Just seen this on the Wish web site. I hope the reviews have been made up or it means people have actually bought this.
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    Lunging in canter

    Am I the only person who doesn't ask for canter on the lunge? I've never been keen in making them canter on what's a fairly small circle for them as I think it put too much strain on the joints. I also read in an article on thermo imaging (?) that the muscles have to work harder in trot than...
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    Reviving a bridle

    The colour of my black bridle has faded slightly. Before it gets any worse I'd like to try to revive it. Has anyone had any success with colour restorers? I don't want to end up with it looking worse. It's kept in a tack room that has no natural daylight.
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    Mobile weigh bridges

    Does anyone know of a mobile weigh bridge service that would cover Surrey area? Don't particularly want to link it to a feed company review as am happy with what I'm using.
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    Liphook vets admin

    Has anyone else been less than impressed by Liphook's admin? After a visit the vet prescribed a shampoo. This didn't arrive so I called the vet- she said she would check with their admin if it had been sent. A few days passed and it still hadn't arrived so I called the office. They had no record...
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    Seat savers

    Which seat savers do people recommend for a bad back? I had a herniated disc a few years ago and my back is getting painful again. I've used a Heather Moffett one for years but just wondered if anything else might help more.
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    Pony's future when I'm gone

    What have people decided to do with their equines when they're no longer around? I have no relatives or friends who would want my pony. I've looked at Blue Cross and World Horse Welfare but as far as I can see they initially loan and visit regularly to do checks but then let the loaner have them...
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    Sharer contract

    Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a contract to use with a sharer? I haven't bothered before but will be looking for new sharers soon and think this time I'll try to make sure things are quite clear re expectations etc as we start.
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    Looking for a feed to give my pony a bit more energy when he's ridden. At the moment he's on good hay, Thunderbrook chaff and TopSpec Lit balancer. I don't want him to have alfalfa or molasses as he has sweet itch and eliminating these from his diet seems to have helped. I've looked on the...
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    Skin problem

    My pony got kicked when he went into the field at his new yard at the end of May. The kick was on his shoulder and was fairly superficial; it took the hair off and broke the skin very slightly. The hair has grown back a little but seems to have now stopped growing. Can anyone suggest anything...
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    Ruggles rugs

    Has anyone else bought one of their turn out rugs and found it to be pretty hopeless? I bought a 1200D, teflon coated, light weight turn out in April this year. My pony has worn it a handful of times. He wore it today when it was raining and when he's come in it's soaked through.
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    Grazing muzzles

    What's the best muzzle for a pony with very sensitive skin that everything rubs on? He has sweet itch so will need to wear a fly mask as well.
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    Sweet itch rugs with lined shoulders

    My pony got kicked in the field when we moved yards by his new 'friends'. It was only the skin that was affected but this scabbed and fell off and he's now left with a small sore area. Unfortunately it's right on the shoulder and his rug rubs it as he moves so as new hair starts to grow it's...
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    Premier Equine

    Premier Equine has 25% off this weekend
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    Grass livery in Surrey

    I've just moved to a new yard and there's been a bit of a misunderstanding about the amount of help I need so it may not work out. Does anyone know any good full or assisted grass livery within reasonable travelling distance of Worplesdon? Must have good hacking.
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    Grass livery in Surrey

    I've just bought a pony and have moved him to a new yard. I'm not sure it's going to work as there's been a bit of a misunderstanding about how much help I need. Does anyone know any good grass livery options within reasonable travelling distance of Worplesdon which have good hacking. I need...
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    Yard opening hours

    Just interested to find out what's the latest time that a yard allows its liveries to arrive in the morning?
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    Follow up to post on sharer's stirrup irons

    A few weeks ago I posted about my sharer and the irons she's using. I have the pony and some tack on loan from the owner of the yard and he is shared by a child. I'd seen her riding him and said to the parent that I thought the safety irons-which he came with- were now too small. I asked on the...
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    Full/assisted grass livery needed

    I'm looking for full or assisted grass livery within reasonable travelling of Guildford in Surrey. Need good hacking with no/minimal roadwork. Getting desperate now as I'm fed up with pony being in a field of poo with barbed wire fencing that he's ripping all his rugs on. Pony is no bother and...
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    Hacking conditions

    The local hacking from my yard is fairly limited and the tracks are now very wet and muddy. I'm struggling to find somewhere to trot for more than a few strides but others on the yard are coming back from a hack and still talking about cantering. Is it me- am I being over cautious? If I did it...
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    Child's safety stirrups

    I have a pony on loan and a child who shares him. The pony came with tack and the child has been using the leathers and stirrups that came with the pony. I have my own. The stirrups are the ones with a rubber band on the outside. Am I correct in thinking that there should still be a gap between...