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    What am i doing wrong?

    hey u, well i also have a warm blood, 16.1 and shes a mare, i have the same prob wiv her, wot i hav started doin wiv her is lungin her off all tacked up until she is sweating, then take the sod out, beliv me i hav tried everything with her, they are very naughty, my friends didnt think my girl...
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    just been reading your posts, my mare was lame on and off for ages, we tried everything with her, magnetic boots, bandages on legs in evenin, vet called on numerous occations, just stratch his head and couldnt find the problem, x rays, nothings showed up, bloody nightmare, then my sister...
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    Who should sort this out? (long, sorry)

    are you sure you not related to him
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    yard owner ( long boring post but need some advice)

    thanks, see sister has posted aswell, the shelter is still is a heap in her field, and asked him what he was going to do about it and he asked me what i would do in return, dirty old man.
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    yard owner ( long boring post but need some advice)

    well thats wot we though buts it hard to find anywhere local.
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    yard owner ( long boring post but need some advice)

    my sister and i rent a stable and field off a old couple and one of the field shelters blew out of the field in to the next field and the yard owner left it in the field and its still there making it in possible for us to put our horses out in the day time, its very heavy and me and sis cant...
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    e s p m

    ok will do, have found a website with it on as well. thank-you
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    e s p m

    thats the one
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    e s p m

    hi, can anyone help and tell me what this is please
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    hmm what would you do

    o thats wot i thought too great minds think a like ............
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    field and stable wanted

    looking for stable and field in tewksbury area anybody have any ideas, please
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    hmm what would you do

    just myself i think
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    hmm what would you do

    thing is hav had a word with her and it just seems to me that, when ever she wants to leav mine in she does, told her that the horse is not a fair weather horse and needs to be turned out every day, which she agreed to do but this is about the 10th time she has done this.
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    hmm what would you do

    have a little issue, my horse is at a yard and we take it in turns to let the horses out and bring them in, theres this person who has more thatn one horse at the yard and she does the morning and the others do the evening, to cut a long story short she keeps leaving my horse in its stable when...
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    Can a horse fake lameness??

    to be honest if your horse is insured why not send to liphook, or get your vet too, i am sure they would test the horse for everything, then at least your mind will be put at rest.
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    horse history

    anybody from little coxwell or oxon, need some info, pm please
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    moody mare

    think i need some calmers for this very mardy mare, any ideas on which ones i should try
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    a white arab on our yard was suspected with strangles, huge abccess apeared on her neck, stood with head stretched right out and loads of white horrible stuff streaming from her nose, having a problem breathing, we all moved our horses from her as didnt know what it was, vet assured us it was...
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    horse is having digital radiography, been sent there by vet, had on going problem with back legs(hips we now think) vet said horse 5/10 lame, no pretty to look at when looking at her from behind, walks with very snachy strides? Can anyone explain in english, layman terms would be good
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    What breed is your dog?

    mine is a mastiff call levi
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    nerve blocking

    thats why there are doing the front then cause the problem is in the back, all make sense now, thank-you
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    nerve blocking

    was wondering about this treatment, have been advised by the vet to have this done and some x-rays, can anyone tell me why they do this??