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  1. MissSBird

    House rules for your dogs?

    Not allowed upstairs - our last boy Nevis never had an issue with it, but we've had to get a babygate to enforce it with Lui, and if you don't shut it properly he'll have it open and sneak up. Not allowed on the furniture without permission and must immediately get off when asked. No food...
  2. MissSBird

    Dog cornered a rat - advice.

    Ok, thank you everyone for stopping my panic. Needless to say when I left the house this morning I got a look of 'it's too early', a roll over on his bed, and ignored, so he seems none the worse for his adventure.
  3. MissSBird

    Dog cornered a rat - advice.

    Hey all, It's late so cutting a long story short - my dog cornered a rat in the bushes at the corner of our garden tonight. He's not a hunting breed and his body language seemed more curious about it than actually trying to kill/catch. Couldn't get to the rat very easily, but I did spot blood...
  4. MissSBird

    Sudden behavioural change in my dog.

    Update! Yesterday after dinner it started again. As soon as I came downstairs he got very excited to see me, and started tailing me about right at my heels. This time I was firmer with him, telling him no when he put his paw on my leg, so he stopped doing that pretty quickly. He still hung...
  5. MissSBird

    Sudden behavioural change in my dog.

    That is one of Lui's bad habits - he's the perfect height for just wandering up beside you and sliding his head underneath his hand. Like you, I've a tendency to find it endearing so probably let him away with it a bit more than I should. He always stops and goes away with a sharp no though...
  6. MissSBird

    Sudden behavioural change in my dog.

    Thanks for your responses guys. I appreciate your input - what I was mainly trying to get across by 'cuddles and playtime' was that this isn't a dog who recieves no attention from his family, as I was aware this could sound like a dog who is desperately bored. I wouldn't call him the best...
  7. MissSBird

    Sudden behavioural change in my dog.

    Funnily enough Corvus that is something that has crossed my mind myself...I'm happy to admit that I have mental health issues, but these got very bad in August and I'm now much more...myself...again so the timing of this doesn't correspond with that. Unless this is his way of responding to my...
  8. MissSBird

    Sudden behavioural change in my dog.

    So this is a bit weird, and maybe (probably?) nothing, but I thought I'd share it anyway to see if you guys might be able to cast some light. My family has a bernese mountain dog called Lui. He's entire, 3 years old now. We've had him since he was a very young puppy. There are 4 adults in the...
  9. MissSBird

    Showing tips

    As Gracie21 said, it kind of depends on her type - by that I mean if she is a show pony type or a show hunter type. If you can post a picture someone can advise you on that, but if you can't then she is most likely a show hunter type. In which case you want to show her in as plain tack as you...
  10. MissSBird

    Totally disheartened - sharing success stories anyone?

    Ugh, what a nightmare! Positive sharing stories to try and boost your spirits: I first started horse sharing at 14, straight from the riding school (though I was a 'helper' there so did have basic experience in stable chores as opposed to just lessons). As far as I remember I was reliable and...
  11. MissSBird

    Last poppy thread

    What a beautiful girl she was. You can see what a great partnership you had. You kept her comfortable to her end, and that's all we can do for our wonderful animals.
  12. MissSBird

    Menage or manege

    Just to add a random totally useless fact into this conversation, when a ballet dancer goes around the outside of the stage quickly (usually doing leaps or jumps) it is called the manege because, as a professional ballet dancer once told me, 'it's like what the horses do'.
  13. MissSBird

    Transporting horse long distance

    I agree with the others and say go for option 1. It will be less stressful for everyone involved, and gives you a chance to get settled in. I assume you are moving house and such as well, so you will have enough on your plate without trying to arrange overnights. Best let those with the contacts...
  14. MissSBird

    Ex-racehorse napping in show ring

    I'm not very experienced with ex-racers personally but I've seen this happen more than once in ex-racer classes, so you're not alone! Could you hire a local area, get some friends down and simulate a show ring environment? Have everyone enter and go clockwise so you can follow on in the same...
  15. MissSBird

    Cantering out hacking, sit deep or 2 point?

    Totally depends on what sort of canter I am trying to achieve. If I'm looking for an engaged 'schooling' canter I sit deep. If we're just having some fun, usually 2 point to encourage him to open up some more.
  16. MissSBird

    Prospective buyers riding another horse

    I've been pondering this a little. I totally see where you're coming from, and it sounds like a good idea for this type of horse. However, if I was buying, it would put me off. I get very nervous when people watch me riding, particularly if I feel if my abilities are being judged. I think I'd...
  17. MissSBird

    Horse box servicing

    I know someone near Perth and someone south of Glasgow? Either any good to you?
  18. MissSBird

    Thoughts on this horse...and questions to ask when phoning up

    Personally I wouldn't touch any horse with sarcoids. Having witnessed the physical pain they can cause for horses and the mental pain and stress they can cause for owners, I wouldn't knowingly put myself at risk of that, however benign they may seem at the time. I know there are others who...
  19. MissSBird

    Persuasive Essay Topics

    Just a heads up megaar - you will probably find your teacher will suggest you do not touch the fox hunting debate for either your discursive or persuasive essay. It's been done to death and is a fairly old topic (consider that it was banned in scotland over 10 years ago now). It was popular for...
  20. MissSBird

    Am I wrong..??

    I have a connie I've been told could have gone to high, maybe even top levels, as a working hunter. This season I have totally quit competing. We're both far happier for it. I'm more chilled, he's more up for his work when he does it. What you do with your horse is quite frankly your own...
  21. MissSBird

    Numpty showing queries

    Technically spotties do not count as coloured, so affiliated coloured classes (the ones that say CHAPS or BSPA on the schedule) are not open to you. At lower levels, however, it varies. Some schedules may specify whether spotties are allowed or not. If they are then fab! If they don't specify...
  22. MissSBird

    How old is this foal?

    That's what I thought, but I really wasn't sure (no experience with little babies at all!). Thanks for the input!
  23. MissSBird

    How old is this foal?

    My dad was recently ski mountaineering in rural Turkey, and he came across this little mare and foal on the side of the road. He was asking me how old I thought it was. I'm no expert but I thought pretty young given the state of the mare, but that may be misleading as it's not clear how often...
  24. MissSBird this hypocritical?

    I can see the weight issue kicking off again now... I think the difference is pernamence. A splint, spavin or an unsoundness in wind is (generally) a pernament feature. Laminitus is a disease which can be cured, or at least highly controlled, in some circumstances.
  25. MissSBird

    RIP my beautiful boy... how quickly things can change

    What a horrible shock, and a tragic thing to happen. Thoughts are with you. x
  26. MissSBird

    Do sarcoids put you off completely??

    Yes they would I'm afraid. Having seen the stress sarcoids can cause on horse and owner I just don't think I could put myself through it. Most of the time, there is always another horse on the market somewhere. Any horse can get sarcoids of course, but for me it's a risk I just wouldn't take.
  27. MissSBird

    Palatable low cal feeds?

    I think some people on the yard use it so could maybe borrow it to try. I'm not convinced though - he has a history of not being keen on wet feeds.
  28. MissSBird

    Palatable low cal feeds?

    Hey Guys Inspired by Oberon's post in whatever New Lounge is called now, I am looking for a little feeding advice. My good doer connie is only in light work/hacking at the moment as University commitments are limiting my time to ride. Ideally, he wouldn't be getting feeds at all as the...
  29. MissSBird

    Scottish BE Peeps - Auchinleck cancelled :(

    For those looking. Don't know if this is at all right areawise but Muirmill in Ayr have posted that they're still accepting entries for their dressage this weekend on their FB page. Have also seen that Greenfields/Drumclog is holding showjumping in their outdoor arena with classes up to 1m.
  30. MissSBird

    Pros & Cons - Trailer test or 3.5 ton lorry? (also in TR)

    Facing up to this decision right now myself. OP I would go and take a look at a few 3.5 lorries on the market that are within budget, so you can get a feel for what's out there and if you are happy for your horse to travel in one of them. Some of the older ones are a bit scary. That way you'll...