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  1. JustKickOn

    Lemieux pillow / Anky pad thickness ?

    They're about the same, although the anky pads I've looked at didn't have the waffle type side like the Le Mieux do.
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    Four in hand - first try

    Picture of them all next time please! I've never tried driving but it looks so interesting!!
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    Older horse, back dipping. What can I do?

    Just a few little suggestions: Equitop myoplast helped my friend's old boy loads, and over four weeks the Physio noted a considerable change for the better. Carrot stretch his nose down to the floor and then ask him to step backwards Scratch his tummy (think of "the claw" type...
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    Olympics Eventing - Dressage Day One

    Surely equestrian is more popular than water polo?! :(
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    Paying livery monthly - 5 week months what do you do?

    This is how I pay my livery, it's the same amount every four weeks. I just have a standing order set up to their account so it pays automatically. Payment days are written on the calendar, so I know when to expect the money going out. It works out as 13 payments a year instead of 12.
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    Check out the size of this 'bean'!

    How do you know if they have one? And how did you get it out?! 😯
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    Riding Clubs - Onley Grounds RC

    Not a member but they're relatively local to me and I've heard good things about the riding club :) fab venue too with brilliant facilities.
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    Cost of ultrasound for tendon

    Mine was about £120 for two legs, but that included sedative. They were trying out a new machine so got a bit of a BOGOF
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    Totally devastated but he seems to have decided for me.

    I haven't followed your posts, but have an enormous hug from me. It's an incredibly brave decision to make and one of the final kindnesses we can show to our equine friends. Give the BHS Welfare team a call on Monday and ask them about Friends at the End. 02476 840517...
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    Am I right to think this is rude?

    Chill out. You're not there for long by the sounds of things. It's a gate. They asked a question, they're young, that doesn't really sound rude to me. Mountains and molehills..
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    A pair if mine pinched, I just bent them so they didn't :)
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    Saddle cloth/numnah shopping

    All of the pads I use are Le Mieux, they stay exactly where you put them and come up like new after a wash. The only problem I've had with them is that I just keep buying more!! 😂🙈
  13. JustKickOn

    Rambo Optimo Liners-which to go for, smaller or larger will fit?

    I had an Optimo, and it was true to size. They look like they come up big because the front vented bit. Had I gone down a size, the bum would have been handing out the back of it. Liners need to be same size as the rug so they're covered by the waterproof outer, otherwise they get wet and water...
  14. JustKickOn

    Fed up of selling my horse!

    ^^ my thoughts. If a horse has locking stifles, I would want to know, before calling up - time wasting for the buyer otherwise. Yes, you can manage the LS, have have them injected etc, but it is costly and will only mask the issue. For a horse that's 8, how much further down the line is...
  15. JustKickOn

    Fed up of selling my horse!

    Or you could say to them "What would you like to know, were there any aspects of her advert that you would like me to expand on?" From what I have read on this thread, I'm afraid the advert doesn't come across as being very honest. I do think you need to mention the medical issues in the...
  16. JustKickOn

    Do we all have insurance?

    Mine is in an equi veteran policy, so covered for bone fractures and breaks, external injuries aaaaand that's it. I pay £46.56 every two months, with a £150 excess. I'm cancelling next time it's up for renewal - her front legs, sarcoids, skin issues, mouth and teeth aren't covered anyway. She...
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    How many supplements is too many?

    Benevit advance as an all round bit and mineral. They're on wild field grazing and there isn't tonnes of grass. She gets a scoop and a bit a day, so less than she needed C Plus to help with her cushings. Since she has been in it she has been brighter and her coat hasn't gone through the awful...
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    How many supplements is too many?

    Double post!
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    Premier Equine - Is It Worth Complaining?

    If you stick it on FB, they will just delete it. That's what they did with me. I sent them a picture of my mare half strangled in a rug of theirs that ripped in half and twisted round her neck as she must have panicked. Horse had never ripped her rug before... I found a load of bits on...
  20. JustKickOn

    Royal Windsor cancelled today?!

    Car parks for public and lorries and the trade stands are flooded. Work have just called me to let me know as was supposed to be down there today. It's such a shame as so much effort goes into the show. :(
  21. JustKickOn

    rubber mats and straw

    Shavings underneath in the area where the wee is helps with the wet patch not spreading and absorbing. You don't need much. Is there enough air circulating round the stable to help it to dry out?
  22. JustKickOn

    T/O after 5 months - for those who don't T/O in the winter

    Well I definitely know Swallowfield do as I've been there often enough to see horses out in the fields in the winter. I know Jemma turns out whenever possible as I've been there at 7am rugging and putting horses out in the fields - sometimes if it's pouring or really bad they stay in, but...
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    Jin stirrups sizing?

    Horse Health had a child's version in their catalogue which fits up to boot size 5..
  24. JustKickOn

    Slow Motion Badminton XC

    For anyone interested, Centuar Biomechanics have captured another lot of slow motion footage from the XC yesterday :) it's intresting to see how the legs move, flex and what the riders do, and how the movement of the horse and rider affect how the saddle moves around...
  25. JustKickOn

    Where to buy manuka honey?

    Medical grade honey is sterile, hence it being medical grade. Table honeys are not as regulated so the Microbial levels in them are typically a lot higher. Although it may not cause an issue in each case where table honey is used, the risk of introducing an infection to a wound is not one...
  26. JustKickOn

    wrap around rug Orange

    This is the one I have, no chest bit with it either!
  27. JustKickOn

    T/O after 5 months - for those who don't T/O in the winter

    Off the top of my head, 20-30 mins from Solihull are.. I will probably think of more if I did a quick Google search and thought a bit more about where friends keep theirs. Swallowfield Equestrian in Lapworth - their standard of care is impeccable! Brilliant arenas and I have always seen...
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    wrap around rug Orange

    We have one in the tack room, I will check when I go to the yard later :)
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    Groom wages

    I do some part time work for a friend occasionally. If I have a few weeks notice, £7 an hour and if she is desperate and its last minute £7.50 a hour. Arrive on the yard at 7am, finish at 1pm usually with a 15 minute tea and biscuit break thrown in there somewhere. Includes feeding and turn out...
  30. JustKickOn

    saying goodnight to my beautiful girl today

    Crying reading that. Enormous hugs - it is such a brave decision to have to make, but sometimes to do the best by them you have to make that call. She knows you are doing the best by her x