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    Refund money

    So I payed some money to reserve a pony, she did the purchase visit and she passed. Tho the vet advised me about a lesion on a left eye plus some few little things. the seller says that the pony she never had any problem but now I am concern to have my deposi back as she is gonna be ridden by a...
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    Horse shopping

    I found a 3 years old mare which I like very much, at least in video. Very quite mare with good sire and dame. I am looking for a SJ competition horse project. What should I watch about the mare? What should I be aware when I am gonna try her ? What should I ask? Etc etc I bought previous...
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    Horse jumping riderless

    I want to buy a young horse. When a young horse jumping very high riderless is that the real amount of scope that the horse have and it will have in future? What I am saying when you see young horse jumping big, is the real scope for the horse or its just a matter of luck on a specific jump...
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    Hi! Looking To start again

    Hi, my name is Filippo,I am italian based in London. After many years without riding a horse I would like to start again. When I was in Italy I had a 3 of Horses, may years ago, I did 1.20 cm jumping competition in a good level, I had first grade. Now has been like more then 10 years I...