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    Exercises to help slow pony jumping

    We have just been lucky enough to purchase a great little pony for my daughter. Daughter loves to jump but has been used to our sedate little FYFR whereas this pony really jumps. I'd like some ideas for simple exercises I can use to help slow the pony down whilst daughter gets used to the...
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    Saddle Company fitter south wales

    Does anyone know who this is? I’ve rung saddle company but the person I need isn’t in and knowing how busy fitters are I don’t want to lose a day getting horse fitted. Thanks in advance!!
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    Dengie Happy Hooves Molasses free

    I like to treat my ponies as laminitics wondering since the above comes in way under the 10% sugar and starch rating wether anyone had any good experience of it? We have A LOT of grass here so mine are both restricted already so thinking this could be a good addition Rather than the balancer...
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    Dog detangler - pig oil?+Other bathing questions

    Has anyone used this on their dog? My GSD has a medium plush coat and its being destroyed by the mud we have (we have a smallholding) so I was thinking about using this on his legs and under belly instead of the pricey dog specific stuff (I'm a qualified groomer and even with a discount its...
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    Balancer for laminitic

    After cocking up by glibly believing the Laminitis site's (and being quickly pulled up *Thanks guys*) endorsement of Spillers Lite+Lean balancer (which wound up over the 10% ratio start/sugars) I am now almost ready to buy a new bag. For those of you who followed the thread, don't worry I didnt...
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    Lead rein WH pony

    Can anyone advise what this class will entail please and what turnout would be expected?
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    Who rolls first?

    Is it the higher ranking horse or the lower ones?
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    Stable build/general building question

    We have recently had a block of stables installed. Wood building on concrete fitted on to a brick course (2 bricks high) Stables built with back to the prevailing weather direction. I have noticed water is getting IN to my stable from the rear, I think by hitting the rear wooden walls...
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    Anyone use a micklem on a pony?

    As title really. Section A pony. Just thinking about it, have never seen one on a pony before so just wondering if anyone has used one and if so how you found they fit etc.
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    Soil/grass/hay testing companies

    Whom would you recommend please?
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    Low Grade Laminitis recovery

    Sorry I know there is a similar thread below but my situation is slightly different. Pony sore on front feet, after doing my usual abscess etc check I had the vet out who has diagnosed her with very early signs of lammi. Vet wasn't concerned slightly, as no pulse, so advised to keep off the...
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    Recommend rubber mats

    Looking for good quality, mid range rubber matting. My preference in my head is the thick rubber rather than the thinne Eva-but open to suggestions! Photos would be a boon! Thanks
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    Best saddles for children

    As title please, what saddles do your children ride in and what type is your preference and why?
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    Just fallen off on the road-wwyd

    I have just got in from having fallen off on the road. Mare spun, lost footing fell on side (losing me in the process) then got up and ran away home.. Hasn't she seen Trolls? Anyway left behind I was. Thankfully got driven the mile 1/2 home found her with superficial grazes to knee/coronet...
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    Sports Horse GB PASSPORT no old owner details

    Has anyone come up against this, need to change this but none of the old owners (from a decade back) have been registered so cannot complete the forms which require old owner signature. TIA
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    Good dealers of riding club allrounders upwards - SW/WM

    As above really, must be based South West or West Midlands. Thanks
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    People who hire horseboxes - what do you look for?

    I am thinking about hiring a horse box, fairly regularly but haven't done this previously. I've borrowed friends, but never hired one with an agreement... Can you tell me what kind of things you would ask/want/look out for in your hire box? What sort of things do you want in a hired...
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    What could this be?

    Vet is obviously booked, but inbetween him coming there's plenty of time for me to get some thoughts together so.. New horse (cob type 5yo) When purchased was fairly fit (to do half a days hunting say) I have ridden her twice/three times a week overly fairly testing ground (hilly) End...
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    Booting up over a splint?

    Should you? Splint is fairly pronounced but settled.
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    Best BS accredited trainer - south wales area?

    As title really. Thanks for any recommendations :)
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    Unable to load cob - best method to get her on?

    Last weekend I was unable to load my cob. I was borrowing a friends lorry, side loading and I dont think she understood the question. So anyway, I had to go somewhere, so didn't have time to fart arse about with her then. So am borrowing kind friends lorry to practise this Sunday. Do you...
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    Best numnah/saddlecloth/pad for a XW cob?

    My current numnah is slipping flat to her withers (or lack of) no matter how high I pull it into the gullet at the beginning of the ride. I'm not 100% sure she's (or I am) not a little one sided which is causing some movement in the saddle to one side, effectively pulling the numnah flat...
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    How fit does a horse need to be to get the best out of 3day SLM

    As title please! How fit would you say a horse needs to be in order to get the best out of a 3 days stockland lovell camp? Thanks
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    Anyone care for a difficult horse shop?

    For those of your bored, who are convinced I can find what I want in my price range, I set you a challenge! 15hh+ (max 15.2 really) 8+ middleweight (absolutely no skinnies!) hunter/cob etc. Sex irrelevant, colour irrelevant (but if you'd like to know I prefer solids!) MUST hack alone, load on...
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    What colour jacket for everything on a black sec d?

    I need a new show jacket, a jack of all trades that I can show and jump in. Any suggestions on colour? Photos would be great too.
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    Happy mouth bits - is it just a case of suck it and see?

    I've not used happy mouth bits before, but wondering what the plus points of them are and whether it's simply a case of seeing if your horse takes to it or not?
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    Saddles for big bottomed beauties riding big barrelled beasts...

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for saddles to suit a round cob mare? Preferably low - mid budget so second hand would be ideal, fitting comes about beauty in this case! Any suggestions gladly received.
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    Leominster horse and pony sales - Dec. What to expect?

    I've not been to this particular sales before (previously been to Brecon/Llanybydder) how does it compare to these? Looking for a fairly innocuous riding horse. How is the trial area as I can see one is supplied? Generally speaking, what's the level of horse that's presented there? How...
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    Nicest light trailer for 2x16 and under?

    Can anyone recommend a nice light trailer, suitable for carrying up to 2x16hh? Currently have an Ifor classic 505 but looking to change this for something lighter.
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    Recommend a sales livery in Bristol area please

    As above really. Looking for a reputable place with fairly quick turnaround, suitable for a RC low level comp type. And as always, reasonable prices preferably. Thanks