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    Horse doing own stretches

    Saw a vid on Facebook that made me wonder about something. My rising 6 yr old Hanoverian mare who is at elementary level dressage has always stretched her back legs when leaving the stable in the morning. But lately since her work has really increased (collection), she's started doing full on...
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    James Dwyer

    Grade IV para rider. I was totally blown away by him. He doesn't have the flashiest horse in the world (if he did, he'd be guaranteed a medal, someone buy that man a top horse NOW!), but for me he was by far the best rider in the grade IVs yesterday. He is completely missing a leg on one side...
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    You have actually got to be joking - Irish SJ

    They've only gone and put Cian O'Bloody dope cheat Connor on the team instead of Denis Lynch. You have got to be taking the michael. Please someone say this is a bad joke. Or that HSI has actually gone clinically insane :confused::confused::confused::eek::eek::eek::mad::(
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    My 4 yr old, three months of work (matchy sort of!)

    Various things have got in the way of my plans for my Breitling mare, meaning that we missed all the 4 yr old qualifiers and she's ended up having to have some time off as I've been injured. Anyway, she's back in work and back on track, having gone right back to total baby work after her break...
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    German dressage team announced

    Helen Langehanenberg, Kristina Sprehe and Dorothee Schneider, Anabel Balkenhol first reserve, Monica Theodorescu second reserve. :) It's going to be a very very exciting games......
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    Great day for Irish SJ

    Paul Beecher winning the Hickstead Derby on a homebred/home produced, and Trevor Breen winning the speed derby. :D Well done to both, especially to Paul who has worked his guts out on the circuit on home produced horses for years . So great to see him win big :):):):D (sorry that should really...
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    Shopping help!

    Really do need help. I need a very specific noseband and can't seem to find one. Crank flash, but not very wide (for very delicate baby faced 4 yr old mare), but nicely padded. Brass/gold coloured fittings (to match my bridle). She's currently in a drop which is fine, but I'd rather have her in...
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    I find it quite disheartening.........

    that, despite a demonstration of near perfect dressage yesterday (Charlotte and Valegro), all I see on Facebook and other fora, including this one, is criticism of the state of dressage, dressage riders and competition, prompted by the pictures of Totilas. Can't we celebrate the good, positive...
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    New world record score

    for Charlotte duJardin and Valegro in the GP special - 88.002%. Amazing. :D:D:D
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    I used to post on her quite a bit but have "retired" recently, mainly as I haven't had a horse of my own for a few months. People might remember me - I had a bay gelding called Oskar, who was sold a last year. I've finally found myself a new horse - meet Bella. She's a 4 yr old by Breitling, was...
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    Insurance recommendations

    Sorry I don't come on her much, but a potential new horse has lured me back. I've always been with SEIB (since I started insuring horses, over a decade ago), but I know lots of new companies have come online etc. So who do you recommend for a competition horse, above average value (will have a 5...
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    fascinating. Horses sleep better on straw :D
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    New bling, new hat, matchy, etc.

    I had a bit of a wee photoshoot today, to try out my new purchases, a fabulous UVEX helmet (everyone must go buy one now, they are amazing), and a lovely champagne crystal droopy browband. I haven't put photos up of my horse for ages, so here goes! CC always more than welcome of course! As are...
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    Bundeschampionate 2011

    I was lucky (thanks to the hospitality of an extremely kind friend! :) ) to be able to spend three days at the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, which was a fantastic and educational experience. Notes: 1. Horses are ridden *much* more forwards and with far more impulsion than in the UK, from...
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    Furst Heinrich

    Obviously very well known stallion with lots of super progeny out there. But I've never ridden or handled one. So, can anyone who knows them please tell me if there are specific traits that I should look out for in a Furst Heinrich horse? Good/bad anything? Thanks! :)
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    You can watch the dressage from Aachen on right now. Richard Davison currently in the lead on 68%, Charlotte DuJardin about to go in next. Emile and Laura go later on, as does Totilas :D
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    British dressage team contenders today

    Looks like the selectors are using CDI Fritzens as a selection trial; many team hopefuls are competing there today. Emma Hindle and Brisbane on at 11.48; Gareth Hughes and Sandman at 12.24; Carl Hester and Uthopia at 3pm, Emile Faurie and Elmsgaarden Marquis at 4.36 and Charlotte Du Jardin and...
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    *matchy matchy* dressage horse in the air alert!

    Frodo Beutlin has been visiting for a few days and she came and did a photo shoot of my dressage horse Oskar. Bless her, she also brought me a gorgeous pair of new Pikeur breeches - love the colour - and a new girth for the very sensitive skinned Oskar. I did a brief session in the school...
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    Laura B, Totilas, Huburtus S on shortly

    (Hubertus, sorry! Typo) :D
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    RIP Douglas Dorsey

    Just saw on Fb that Laura Bechtolsheimer's retired grand prix horse Douglas Dorsey, who won the national championship a few years ago, has been put to sleep due to laminitis. Thoughts and condolences to Laura and family. :(
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    Totilas Time! Live from Munich, he's in at 13.12 our time. Very excited to see him in action for the first time without Edward Gal. Ps. Emma Hindle debuted her new GP horse and got a solid 68%.
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    Charlotte DuJardin wins her first international

    Charlotte and Valegro won the Grand Prix at Vidauban yesterday with 73% in her first international. Carl Hester was second on Charlotte's horse Fernandez. Very exciting for British dressage in the run up to 2012. :D:D
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    Video clip of Valegro at GP Not much, just him going around the ring in passage and extended trot before the bell but can I just say: WOW. GB is very lucky to have this horse with a British rider. :D:D
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    I'd settle for this score sheet... WELL DONE LAURA!!! She wiped the floor with Adelinde and has proved that her WEG silver was well deserved despite Parzival's absence. That must have been one cracking test and I wish...
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    Happy 26th birthday Kostolany!

    Is this the nicest stallion in the world? Quite possibly.... Bless him! :D:D:)
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    Pictures of Totilas with his "new man" Humm, so Matthias, when you say "no, I'm not going to ride Totilas", you mean "yes, I'm going to ride Totilas". LOL. On the up side, how lovely is that piaffe. :cool: I hope Totilas is happy.
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    BD national convention report

    Just back from a rather chilly Hartpury. It was a great day. I stupidly forgot my phone! So sorry, I couldn't text anyone :( But caught up with some friends I haven't seen for ages. I took copious notes so thought I'd do a report in case anyone is interested. Firstly, Klaus Balkenhol is...
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    This does make me very sad :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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    Edward Gal masterclass from Stoneleigh A pleasure to watch, in every way. The man is a master :) :D
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    Totilas sold to paul schockemohle.

    True! Press release just out. I just hope and pray that the ride stays with Ed, and he doesn't disappear into the Schockemohle breeding programme.