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    so sorry for you and Amy
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    Cliff Barnsby Breastplate

    Looks very similar
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    Body Protector - Recommend please

    sorry to hijack but which is best for big boobs
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    H.R.T. is it cruelly collected ?

    I thought britian was part of the eu
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    fly masks which one?

    Cashel are doing a long nose with PINK ears with 5% going to breast cancer charities at the moment good job i have a mare!
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    Horseware Fly rug waterproof under rug??

    Its supposed to be lighter than a turnout so on a warm rainy day your horse dosent get wet in their flysheet
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    your most favourite rider?

    franke sloothak (sp?) Michael Whitaker, Karen Dixon, Mary King Ginny Lang and Cpt John Leddinghan (sp again)
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    Responsibility, legalities....parental duty??

    In the UK the age is 14
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    Decisions! Would you drive one of these?

    My husband has the Nissan version of this van (it is identical except for the front badge) for work, it is a hightop but not as high as that and it is quite bad in the wind catches in the lorry tracks on the motorway and the gearbox frequently leaks.
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    alpha oil & ??

    Snap Alpha-A-Oil and Alpha-Beet out day in night ad lib hay have a happy calm TB Mare
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    Would you buy this?

    someone might like the pink
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    How do you feed hay?

    In a big tub on floor.
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    Best pants for riding in

    ok pants sorted now any tips for (macha whispers saddle sores of the human variety)
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    Best pants for riding in

    knowing my luck the first time i tried going commando I'd end up in A&E !
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    Best pants for riding in

    Off to M&S now!
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    Best pants for riding in

    now I'm riding everyday need something a bit more comfortable if you know what I mean
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    Huge tack theft in Surrey

    if your mum has insurance on her credit card the new saddles may be cover by that
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    Colour of foal........can anyone give me an idea please.

    so 2 bays could produce a chestnut then?
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    There is loads of advice in books etc about 3DE but not much about a ODE, I am hoping to start my BE career this year and will have OH as driver/groom. What is the best proceedure to follow with warm ups, how long do you usually have between phases etc...
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    What do you think of this horse:

    They'll have trouble when hes older
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    Rubber reins, recommendations for soft & supple please

    I second the Jeffries Bio-grip. They are fantastic
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    so what would be you top tip or best bit of advice??????

    Just when you think you've got it sorted everything changes again.
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    Children, their ponies and the snaffle debate

    At the end of the day its about whats right for your daughter and pony not what anyone else thinks
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    Walk bit of trot on road and mostly trot and canter off road, having got a school so do a lot when hacking.
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    Lots of British Dressage questions...

    sorry to hijack but does imported applie to Irish horses or just to continental etc imports?
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    Best Shampoo for Greys

    Get a Bay!!
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    Equestrian Family Tree

    Will try and get some photos up in the next few days when I get hold of a computer litterate person !
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    Equestrian Family Tree

    mines by Golden Heights (Shirley Heights) out of a Ben Faerie mare
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    Are Baseball caps chavvy???

    Very necessary but not evil, try milking cows without one.. it brings new meaning to the words sh1t hair!