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    Rubber mats on half the floor?

    Is there a way to successfully secure them so they dont slip? Really dont want to do the whole stable as it has a leak on one side which Id rather leave clear so it drains through, pony doesnt need the whole area bedded either. Is there a good way to secure the front edge so they dont slip...
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    Im sure its been discussed before so apologies. Is this a fait accompli now. Vet due this week for booster and dentals and not sure whether I absolutely need to chip them? I know its "the law now" but I also strongly suspect there will be an awful lot of horses who wont ever see a chip or a...
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    Stolen Daschunds

    I know thats spelt wrong but just in case anyone hears anything. A friend had 3 little daxxies stolen on Friday night, all girls and 1 due to pup yesterday, Oswestry area. They are all over social media with them, dog lost, ports, police and anyone who they think mught be able to help. Im...
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    Advice re cushings pony

    Pony was tested as extremely borderline so for now I am treating him as a lami risk and managing acccordingly. He is a 15 yr old Sec b and his only symptom was not moulting all of his winter coat, since I clipped him he looks so much better and is obviously happier. As he does very little work...
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    Uprating a 3.5t?

    Can it be done and if so what the the pros and cons. I really only need about another 300kg to get a Sec b on next to the hipo so a 7.5 is a but OTT, plus our yard is very tight for turning so its not overly practical. I love my little van conversion and it would be fine for the short trips we...
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    Would you clip

    Little Sec b, has had bloods taken but result not back yet for Cushings. He is like a pony of 2 halves, head, neck and bum are fine but his middle, sides and back are very hairy still, with the watm weather forecast would you clip tomorrow, I have clippers but only one set of blades which clip...
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    Cushings, can I pick your collective brains please

    Recently bought a little Sec b and I suspect he has cushings, 16 years old and the only classic symptom is he is still holding onto his coat. I have no previous experience and am not overly bothered as he seems happy and content, no lami at all and is in very very light work and is perfect at...
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    Sec Bs, how tough and hardy are they?

    Have just bought a 15 yr old Sec b for my grand daughter to learn on. I have a large breed native myself who although he can be a bit of a prima donna is actually pretty tough. I have never owned a Sec b before and he is a lovely little chap, but to me he looks like a mini TB rather than a...
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    Best bit for a childs pony?

    For the ponies sake, would I be better off with a little french link snaffle or a straight bar rubber snaffle? This is for a complete beginner, still on the lead and obviously not in total control of her hands yet. Which of these, or another option, would be the kindest on the pony?
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    Teaching a child to ride

    Are there any riding instructors on here who would be happy to answer a couple of questions I have about the best way to start an 8yr beginner off. I have the child, I have the pony, my mind has just gone completely blank about how you actually start to learn :)
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    Temporary insurance

    Is it possible to get insurance cover for just a month? Potentially collecting a new pony tomorrow and Im just wondering whether to take out cover just in case, god forbid, anything happens on the journey home or the first week or so at home. I am a BHS gold member if that helps.
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    Another lorry question?

    Assuming traffic and weather conditions are OK, what would be the highest speed you would drive a 3.5t renault master with 1 pony in on motorways. Most of my journeys are local on B roads and quite short so never even thought about speed before. Im thinking from the ponies perspective, do...
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    Travelling a new pony

    Two questions: Fingers crossed we are collecting a pony next weekend and satnav says the journey is about 2hrs 30mins. 13hd pony in a 3.5 box, would you stop halfway to offer water? Also, given that we will have to stop in a services area would you get the pony off to walk it if you could...
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    Finding a suitable pony for a child

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Im not in any riding clubs so out of the loop and would be way down the waiting list for the sort of ponies that go by word of mouth. Tentatively starting to look for a pony suitable for a complete beginner but a first ridden rather than lead rein as...
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    Thinking ahead, repairing all the muddy bits!!

    I will definitely have to do something in my gateway this year. Ive saved a bit of ground so that as soon as it drys up in spring I can shut off the gateway we are using now and rest it all summer. Its an area about the size of a tennis court that will need sorting and as its not my land I...
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    Bute for arthritis

    How much can a 600kg horse have per day? I thought maybe 2 sachets a day for 5 days then reduce down to 1 and down to half and gauge the success or failure. He isnt lame, just a bit reluctant to go forwards and a but awkward for the farrier. Hes not a forwards sort of horse but he doesnt...
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    Best way to clean magnetic wraps

    Specifically the PE ones. They arent filthy but are getting a bit grubby and greasy. Whats the best way to clean them?
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    Burghley live stream

    Trying to watch the dressage and the only option seems to be to create an account, asking for card details but saying you wont be charged!! Anyone have another idea
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    European Eventing on the telly?

    Just realised this is on over the Bank Holiday weekend, anyone know how we can watch live?
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    Hickstead tv

    Anyone know why clip my horse wont live stream from Hickstead just now??
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    Cyclists, a question

    As I sat patiently behind a cyclist this morning waiting for a safe place to overtake it occured to me that they seldom acknowledge or thank drivers as we horse riders do (well, most of us). Horse riders get such a bad press for failing to thank drivers who slow down, wait for them. As we have...
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    treeless saddle pads

    Does anyone know if you can just use an ordinary saddle pad under a treeless, specifically a barefoot western saddle with an ordinary western blanket. Would like to have a couple of spares but the "proper" ones are so pricey, wondering if an ordinary blanket would be ok for short hacks
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    Aussie all rounder sheet

    Just wondering whether one of these would work as a poo proof stable sheet. I need a lw sheet for the stable that poo wont soak through when my delightful hipo chooses to lie in his own poo and squish it down, hard! Blurb says they are water resistant! Anyone used them in the stable
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    3.5t van conversion ramp question

    Has anyone had their ramp altered to either electric or fitted dampers to help with raising and lowering. Started to struggle with my back and Im worried I will get it halfway up or down and have to let go! It has the hydraulic dampers fitted so that the top half doesnt fly up or snap shut too...
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    I hope Sky Khan won the best turned out :)
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    Cockerpoo breeders

    I know, I know, they are not a "proper" breed but does anyone know a reputable person who has nice pups. They tick all the boxes for a friend of mine but she has no idea, and nor do I as I dont know the breed myself, how to find a responsible breeder rather than a puppy farm type breeder
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    How many dogs is too many!!

    We have 3 atm, 2 springers and a jrt. The springers are 8 & 9, slowing down, 1 with arthritis, but generally in good health, the little terrierist is 5. We have the option to buy a pup, a gundog and a breed that OH has always wanted, a breed I have had before and adored. We are in the perfect...
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    Yard wellies that dont slip in the wet

    Anyone recommend a non slip welly boot. Our yard seems to be very slippy, think the very old concrete gets damp and the wellies I have do seem to slip on it. Can anyone suggest a decent welly boot that has a good non slip sole. TIA
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    Anyone seen any wellies in the sales?

    As title, the sales this year are so far disappointing Im finding. Anyone seen any decent wellies at a good price?
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    Premier Equine

    Does anyone know if PE are due a sale soon? Wanting to order some bits but holding on to see if they go on sale!!