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    Lincolnshire Peeps

    Calling all Lincolnshire people... It is looking very likely that I will be moving to the Spalding area at the end of the year or early next year. Can you lovely people point me in the direction of the 'horsey' shops - feed stores and such like? Also, what are the 'going' farrier rates...
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    Is he loosing weight or am I kidding myself??

    Frodo has always been on the large side and had lami two years ago This was him last year, And this was him last night, I can see a difference but I just wondered if anybody else can? Sorry pictures aren't of him in the same position - getting Frodo to stand still is hard enough!
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    Veteran classes with foal at foot?

    Can you show a mare in a veteran class with a foal at foot? Honey is 15 so would like to start entering her in veteran classes but she has a foal at foot. Is this frowned upon or is it OK? Obvioulsy people all have different veiws on breeding from the 'older' mare - I must add that this...
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    New Arrival

    Introducing our new arrival, Camertons Waltzing Matilda (or Matilda for short) She was born on Friday at 11.45pm. After two weeks of saying tonights the night Friday night was finally the night. Honey foaled no with no problems but I just had to help to get the shoulders out. Within 10...
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    Due to a broken horsey I think I may be needing to buy shares in Vetwrap. Does anybody have any recomendations where to buy it cheaply? I will probably be looking to buy 50 rolls. Any ideas would be appreciated as I'm running out fast!
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    Caledonian Saddles - Anybody have one?

    Looking for a changeable gullet synthetic saddle and have come across the following on ebay, Caledonian Saddle has anybody got one? I'm only wanting it as a general hack around saddle for the next few months until horsey finishes changing shape. Or am I best spening a bit more and getting a...
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    Bridle Recomendations

    Now that 'Trevor' is officially mine I need to start shopping for all his bits and pieces... Can anybody recommend a cheapish bridle? Don't want anything fancy - no flash and preferably a wide noseband?? Don't want to spend a fortune just yet as will only be out hacking for the next few...
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    Fittening Plans

    Subject to vetting I am now the very proud owner of a new horsey. He has been turned away all winter but before that was sucessfully jumping 1m+ classes so was very fit. He is now totally unfit and untoned. How do I go about fittening him up?? He is a bit on the 'slim' side so obioulsy don't...
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    BSJA Records - Help

    Can some kind person please explain to me BSJA records.... Looking at the total winnings it lists the following, Home (Actual) Home (Notional) Abroad (Actual) Abroad (Notional) What does this mean? Are the numbers points or pounds? Also how are all the grades worked out? The horse in...
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    How much?

    I have just been to look at a new horsey for myself but just wondering if you guys think he is the right price? He is 18 years old, 17.1hh Irish Draught X, chestnut gelding. He used to be very well known in the local jumping circuit and has been there and got the T shirt in all things...
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    PMSL - Men doing dressage

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    Soaking Hay

    Never had any experience with soaking hay so could do with some help and advice. As I am limited for time (dark nights and working full time) would I be able to soak the hay over night then lift it to drain during the day and then feed the following night? The yard owners don't want me to feed...
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    Field Rent

    What is the current rate for renting grazing? (Sussex area) The field is resonably good grass, decent fencing and I 'think' there is mains water to the site. What would you pay per acre?
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    Laminitis and excerise

    My pony Frodo has lami The vet came out yesterday but has said the lami is only very very slight and we luckily have managed to catch it in the very early stages. The vet is more concerned about Frodo's weight (he is probably classed as obese). Please don't slate me about letting my pony...
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    Good Vibes Needed

    Don't normally make these kinds of posts but please could you all send your good vibes to my pony Frodo at 11am. The vet is coming out as he was lame last night (Trying not to think about the 'L' word ) Fingers crossed its due to him running around like an idiot and making himself foot sore.
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    Hi Can anybody tell me what weight horse a tube of equest will worm? I need to work out how many I need to order. Cheers