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    Herd dynamics - geldings

    It's been a long time since I've posted but looking for your experiences in roughly how long it can take for a new horse to be accepted into a herd My set up is 5 arces, but set up as 2 tracks, to limit the grass and increase movement. No other horses on the farm. My big horse has been...
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    Tow bar grease - silly question

    When I took my trailer for a replacement ramp the guy put some grease on my tow bar for me and told me that I should make sure I keep it greased up. The only problem is, I get a new car every 6 months, so I need to get some grease of my own to make sure I can do each car. Now my silly question...
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    Moved yards yesterday, reassurance required!

    How long should I expect it to take before a dominant pony will accept my boy in to the little herd? My big boy is now with my shetland again, after a 4 year break. The New Forest pony that lives there is being very protective and won't let my two sniff, and is keeping them well apart! I...
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    Fun things to do for horse who doesn't like schooling??

    Hello all I've decided to move my boy back to live with my shetland, we move on Thursday next week. I'm leave a yard with a school, walker and lunge pen and going back to his old field, which is around 3 arces with a massive field shelter! I've spent alot setting up a new track system, as...
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    Paint for trailer - what did you use?

    Hello I've just had the ramp on my ifor williams 505 replaced. Pick it up tonight. To keep the cost down I didn't get body coloured panels, as the guy said it would be easy to paint it. Has anyone else done this in the past? if so what sort of paint did you use? my trailer is burgundy so...
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    Quiet mains powered clippers

    I know liveryman have brought out new style clippers in the last few years. Does anyone have any that are quieter than the old arena clippers?
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    Trailer tyres

    I need to get some new tyres for my trailer, I've found the size and that they need to be 6 or 8 ply and was thinking they'd cost a lot of money, however I phone a local place today, who can do 8 ply in the right size for £42 each!! does this sound too cheap? I've not had to replace them...
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    coincidence or unfortunate - abscess - self trimming

    I'm convinced there is a reason for this but others think its a coincidence. Almost 2 years ago to the day, my horse had his shoes removed! medical reason meant that shoes were making him lame. Vet wanted us to try self trimming, which works perfectly for him, however he does grow flare on...
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    Robinsons - what a joke

    Yesterday I fell off my horse, obviously I hit my head, I always blimmin well do! So looked online for a new hat. I want the same hat, know it fits!! well they had it on the Robinsons website for £59, bargain I thought, but guess what, the size 57 was magically not there, not out of stock...
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    I think my horse is trying to tell me.................

    that winter is coming!!!!!!!!! he's starting to moult and is coat is defo looking like more wintery! is it just me or has anyone else noticed this too?
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    Does your horse have a sixth sense??

    I'm always of the opinion that when a horse spooks there's a reason for it! a change in the colour or a bush or something being there that isn't normally there etc! but today I'm thinking maybe they do have a sixth sense! So we were hacking down a long road, which we go down quite often...
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    Rubbing hair away on face

    What would you do, if anything.... if a horse that shared a field with yours, was rubbing patches of hair away? mainly on its face but earlier in the year it was all over his body! most of it grew back but now its started to rub its face badly again. I'm pretty sure its nothing...
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    Do you dream about PTS after the event?

    In September last year I had my old girl (31) PTS but recently I've started dreaming about her! I was actually quite okay with my decision at the time, as I could see she wasn't as comfortable as she had always been. But recently i've started having weird dreams that the PTS didn't work, she...
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    Can anyone edit a photo for me? pretty please

    I really want to get a few little canvas made of my mare, who I lost in Sept last year. unfortunately I only really have pics that were taken on my phone over the 15 years. My fav pic of her has another horse in the back ground and she isn't very central, so I wondered if any of you kind...
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    How can I clean my waterproof gloves

    Random question but my pink sealskinz gloves are so dirty and I want to wash them but I read the label and you literally can't do anything to clean them! has anyone risked washing their waterproof gloves? would i bet stupid to try it, ignoring the label?
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    Connie x tb's, how big is yours?

    Just for fun - how big all of yours? I lost my old girl in Sept she was 31 and was in her prim she was 15'2 but very high withered My gelding is 7 this year and some what oversized, he's managed to make 16'1 - maybe 16'2 but I'm too scared to measure him! He's very different to my mare...
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    Where to buy Bridles parts separately?

    I bought a new head piece from a seller on a facebook group. it took 3 delivery attempts before the item actually got to me in the post. They ended up having to send recorded delivery. When I open it and its not like a normal blimmin head piece, so its totally useless to me and annoyingly...
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    How do you fill your hay nets?

    Just wondering, as my horse is on a bit of a diet and I like to feed as much hay as he can eat, so last winter I shoved in as may slices of hay as I could leaving them in this sections, but now I'm using smaller holed nets and trying to not give him so much, (but still enough to last the night)...
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    How things can change in just 6 months

    Not sure if anyone remembers my post from back in June. I did an update a few weeks after but thought I'd do another one 6 months later. In an attempt to make his life a little...
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    What would you think about this phone call from my vet

    I had the vet out last week to check over Sam's teeth! Its been 9 months since he last had them done and they said that there wasn't any sharp bits, so gave him a routine rasp, I was very happy with the service, the vet was showing me in side his mouth and what he was doing etc. He said that...
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    Has anyone seen any riding hats in black Friday sales?

    Fell off my rat bag of a horse today, so need a new hat, so if you've seen anything in the black Friday sales, please point me in the right direction :)
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    John Whitaker turnout rugs?

    Anyone got one? If so, how do they fit? I'm trying to find something that is more generous on the chest than a weatherbeeta genero or shires tempest, neither or which have leg gussets, so hoping that these will give more room for the chest
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    Riding Schools in the New Forest - recommendations please

    Hello Its my best friends birthday next month and her husband asked me about arranging a hack for her as a nice surprise. Ideally he wanted her to come out with me and my boy but I don't know anyone that has a horse that's suitable, also the hacking in my area isn't great. So I suggested...
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    Nervous traveller

    Following on from the stubborn loader post; I'd be interested to hear how you all cope with a nervous traveller? Sam will load no issues, but he stands on the trailer shaking, by the time I arrive anywhere he's always soaking wet! He's never had a bad experience travelling, always seems...
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    Anyone else have a clever pony?

    We have a couple of apple trees on the way from the yard to the field and some times Sam can be a twit on the hill on the way to his field, so a couple of times I've picked an apple from the tree and he's got it if he makes it to the bottom of the hill without rearing! so that has helped us get...
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    Amigos for big chests

    Am I right in thinking that the Amigo XL is the only rug that they make that fits horses with larger chests! Sam's chest seems to have grown a lot since last winter! so I think weatherbeeta rugs are going to have to be sold to get something a bit more generous. Thinking the larger...
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    Arrggghhh brewing an abscess

    I think I'm a bad mum? What would you all have done Last week Sam has his feet trimmed for the first time in a year, he's currently self trimming, due to numerous hoof issues So farrier just tidied them up, nothing drastic. Gave him the rest of the week off and rode on Saturday, he didn't...
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    self trimming for 55 weeks and got the thumbs up last night

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers but my horse had his shoes removed last year because he was 6/10th lame, with remedial shoeing my vet wanted my horse to self trim and I've just seen on timehop that it was this day last year that he had raised heels fitted. they sent him from 2/10th lame to...
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    Am I being selfish? I feel horrendous

    For the last 3 years I've thought "this is the last winter" for my old girl. but each year she seems to get a new lease of life before I have to let her go. I've obviously decided that again this year and maybe selfishly I've decided that the beginning of September would be the time...
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    do you ever look at your shetland and think....

    where do I find a 16hh version of you? If I was ever to look for another horse I defo think a big version of my Shetland would be the way forward! not that I will ever be looking for another horse hehe