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    Horse doing own stretches

    Saw a vid on Facebook that made me wonder about something. My rising 6 yr old Hanoverian mare who is at elementary level dressage has always stretched her back legs when leaving the stable in the morning. But lately since her work has really increased (collection), she's started doing full on...
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    Fractured splint bone experiences please! (preferably positive)

    I had a dressage horse who as a 6 yr old fractured a front medial splint bone - came in quite lame with a egg sized lump on his leg. We thought it was just a splint forming so rested, iced, etc but he didn't come sound and x-rays revealed a fracture, and he had surgery. It was years ago so I...
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    Dressage Horses - Astrid Bolton???

    Andiamo, I've PMed you! :D
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    What are your 4yo's up to?

    Mine is dressage bred, aiming at the 5 yr old classes next year. She's schooling 4 days a week, lunging one, hacking one. One day off. Schooling is starting to get more serious and she's learning the beginnings of lateral work, counter canter, rein back, starting turn on the haunches etc. I've...
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    Dressage trainer/rider recommendations

    I know Jo, she is fabulous and I'd trust her 100% too. :)
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    Lozenge bits and contact ponderings

    Very interesting. My 4 yr old was broken in a mullen mouth, and when I bought her I put her straight in a lozenge, because that's what I use. It didn't take her long to start being unsteady in the contact. She's now in a dressage legal Myler mouthpiece with loose rings and feels a lot happier in...
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    A musing, "Housewife" trainers, egos, and safety...

    I haven't read all this tread but there are some interesting nuggets here. My feeling is as follows (and this is dressage focused because that is what I do): Firstly, dressage done properly is fooking hard, and you need to be fit and strong and have a lot of coordination. Many people don't...
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    Bucas Power Turnout vs Rambo

    Also even when it was -15 that horrible winter the horse was always toasty in that rug, I only needed to layer when the windchill was particularly evil.
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    Bucas Power Turnout vs Rambo

    I was given a Bucas power full neck turnout seven years ago. It is still going strong, used every winter as a duel purpose rug and has never needed rep roofing. Three horses later it is still going strong. Size wise, they run true and accommodate big shoulders. Best rug ever, well worth the money.
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    Just seen Lee whinging on the Midlands nesw

    Lee was lucky to get the score he did in the freestyle, seeing as his horse was unlevel in much of the trot work.....
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    Susanne Miesner

    She's fabulous and if I could, I'd be there in a shot. (with my 4yr old btw). :D
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    James Dwyer

    Grade IV para rider. I was totally blown away by him. He doesn't have the flashiest horse in the world (if he did, he'd be guaranteed a medal, someone buy that man a top horse NOW!), but for me he was by far the best rider in the grade IVs yesterday. He is completely missing a leg on one side...
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    Musicmaker of Laura B. butchers down Charlottes Freestyle

    I thought Charlotte's was a bit "cut and paste", but the quality of the horse and riding made up for it. In fairness to Sligs, Laura's was lovely, the composition was seamless and it made "sense" as an entire piece. Freestyles have changed a lot recently. I think Imke's Wibi Soerjadi Kur set...
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    CS yesterday-please comments, condition, expression etc:

    I think there is an awful lot of over analysing going on here. Which is the curse of the one or two horse owner rider. Imagine if Star was just one of the x number of horses you had to ride per day, or to drive to a show to compete for an owner. What would you suggest then? Sometimes one gets so...
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    CS yesterday-please comments, condition, expression etc:

    In this situation after ruling out physical problems, I think you've got two options: Drop down a level or two, ease the work and build his strength and ring confidence, keep playing psg movements at home but make comps super easy. Or: send him to a v experienced professional (preferably...
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    Hickstead Premier League Report

    Well done! IT must be very satisfying to have got him to this point, especially given where he started from, he's a real tribute to "Team Worried"! You must be shattered, that is a ton of driving. xx:)
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    Dressage book recommendations

    you need the Bible of Dressage: :):):):D:D:D No honestly, you cannot get a better book than this. Forget about anything else, if you want something that sets out the sport of dressage and the training of a...
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    Jups' lesson with Hannah Biggs

    Sounds like a fantastic lesson, go Jups!!! Interesting about the micklem. Hope Bloss continues to improve. :)
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    Riding a horse in an outline - different methods of asking...

    I see the problem being a lack of general equestrian knowledge among so many riders, especially in this country. This leads to extremes. there are those who misunderstand the requirements, and either pull a horse's head down artificially, or conversely are so terrified to touch the reins that...
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    Riding a horse in an outline - different methods of asking...

    What makes you think that those who compete don't take the necessary time to condition the whole horse, as you put it? And please note that some of the "old masters" engaged in practices that would make your hair stand on end. I promise you this.
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    Benny's Big Futurity Adventure

    Having seen the photos of Diva when she came back last year, I cannot tell you happy amazing it is to see her gorgeous foal! Many congratulations, I know its been hard work but it must be so satisfying when it all comes right :) xx
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    Turning out after injury

    Sedalin is your best friend, but it can take up to 40 mins to really take effect to bide your time. :)
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    Riding a horse in an outline - different methods of asking...

    It might be worth looking at different types of contact and how it reflects in the body of the horse, and in the level of training. These are all of me, and I'm in no way putting myself up as an ideal!!! Just some examples. First - warm up photo on an Advanced level horse, stretching...
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    Big news (also in H&H!) *bounce*

    Very good luck, fantastic. Despite living slap bang in the midst of one of the horsiest areas in England, I rarely get H&H earlier than Saturday, but I look forward to reading your write up!
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    Olympic dressage

    Team medals are decided by the GP and GP Special. Then the top 18 (I think) go through to the freestyle which decides the individual medals.
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    Riding a horse in an outline - different methods of asking...

    Summerstars, you make a good point! :) Basically, riding correctly is hard work. The whole, ride your horse forward and straight malarky, only works if you ride properly, sitting correctly, in balance, and using your body in alignment. That is why so many horses can spend years going around...
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    Riding a horse in an outline - different methods of asking...

    Who said he would???!!! No one is advocating see-sawing, that is fundamentally incorrect in any "school". Anyway, I think the problem lies in a widespread misunderstanding of what "on the bit" means. Even the word "outline" (as in the title of this post) feeds into this misunderstanding. The...
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    Riding a horse in an outline - different methods of asking...

    There are two traditional schools of thought on contact and acceptance of the bit. On the one hand, there is the German school (broadly described), whereby "balance" comes through motion - hence, send them forward into an elastic, accepting contact, keep them straight with a swinging back and...
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    You have actually got to be joking - Irish SJ

    They've only gone and put Cian O'Bloody dope cheat Connor on the team instead of Denis Lynch. You have got to be taking the michael. Please someone say this is a bad joke. Or that HSI has actually gone clinically insane :confused::confused::confused::eek::eek::eek::mad::(