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    Trailer Servicing - Hull/East Yorkshire area

    These guys are good - not far from Howden.
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    Bomb proof coloured cob, no real interest why?

    [ QUOTE ] Come and try him lol! You wouldnt be dissapointed, but i do prefer 'Yorkie' bars Oh just for anybodys concern, i wouldnt actually sell him to a novice rider, i dont mind someone who can ride but he is still learning after all. [/ QUOTE ] I ate the biscuit and raisin yorkie I had...
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    Not far from me - will keep an eye out. Would offer to loan you stuff but unless you have midgets nothing will be of any use.
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    Bomb proof coloured cob, no real interest why?

    if I told you the Kit Kat was a new caramel kit kat would you then accept my offer of 20 quid??? He really does sound like my perfect horse!
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    Bomb proof coloured cob, no real interest why?

    I think he does suit a market imo. I would certainly be interested in him if I was in the position to buy (which I'm not unitl I get moved - unless something 'really' special comes along) I have ridden for years and have had youngsters in the past but have also had a big knock in confidence...
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    Congratulations!!! It was nice to meet you at the weekend - pleased you got home safe and didn't bounce off the road! She is beautiful. Take it easy (or as easy as Maddy allows!) x
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    My little helper is growing up!

    Hasn't he grown!!!! No longer the cute little puppy that tried eating my toes!!
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    just don't understand.

    my vets car was keyed and paintstripper thown over it - the police think it was linked to him having pro hunting stickers in his window
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    Has Clipcloppop...

    She hadn't this morning. There was talk of her making HHO history by 'popping' at the South Lincs meet up on Saturday!!! LoL!!! Kerilli is bedding up her foaling box just incase and we are going to get the hot water and towels on standby!!!
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    South Lincs meet up.

    [ QUOTE ] I'll bring something chocolatey for pudding! [/ QUOTE ] the OH has now declared he wants to come - beer, pool and now chocolate - he just couldn't resist!!
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    Shetland foals how much ?

    are they registered? any good breeding lines? this is a good site
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    South Lincs meet up.

    we might find some new and interesting combinations!!!
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    South Lincs meet up.

    its mediterranean so I'm sure it will be ok
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    South Lincs meet up.

    I'll do a lasagne and garlic bread if thats ok with everybody?? Nice and easy for everybody to tuck into. Is anybody veggie?? Never done a veggie lasagne but happy to give it a go if needed?
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    South Lincs meet up.

    Posted in the other one but again - I'm up for it! Clipcloppop - will make sure we have hot water and towels at the ready!!! - It can't be much different to foaling - I'm sure we can all cope if you decide to pop!!! lol!!!
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    This is how I celebrated my engagement! Bloomin horses!!

    Congratulations! My friend lost the diamond out of her engagement ring the day after getting it. They had been visiting some other friends when she lost it and they evenutally found it in the friends dyson!
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    Lincolnshire Peeps

    Ooo I go past there when I drive to my OH's! Hope it all goes OK Another HHO Lincolnshire member!!
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    Lincolnshire Peeps

    [ QUOTE ] A lovely haylage company very nearby and there are others that will deliver. Plenty of small animal vets around but the equine vets are further out, there are 3 or 4 equine practices that do cover our area though. [/ QUOTE ] Hay is sorted - again the joys of a farming OH!!! I...
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    Lincolnshire Peeps

    Calling all Lincolnshire people... It is looking very likely that I will be moving to the Spalding area at the end of the year or early next year. Can you lovely people point me in the direction of the 'horsey' shops - feed stores and such like? Also, what are the 'going' farrier rates...
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    Big Good Vibes Needed For Mrs Mozart

    Get well soon Mrs M x
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    Flowers/present for Laura.

    Done - thanks for organising this. Still can't believe the sad news
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    msg from Ellejs

    Words just aren't enough... So sorry for your loss Laura. RIP Connie xx
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    Look what I found in the garden......

    It looks like the grizzly remains from a nasty murder with all those bones!!!
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    Can I come in please?

    Pleased you are both safe and well. I swear I heard the crowd sigh when it came over the loudspeaker you had fallen - there was a lot of HHO support for you there and please don't let a few negative comments put you off. Hope Connie enjoys her holiday and fingers crossed the MOT comes back clear.
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    Congrats Laura!! Best turned-out rider at Burghley!!

    Well done for getting the best dressed. Good luck for Saturday - have a safe and fun ride. I will be cheering for you!
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    Who will you be rooting for at Burghley....

    I would like to see Mary King do well - she come across as such a lovely person - she is always smiling! And Apache Sauce is just a lovely looking horse. Would like to see Dunauger do well - have liked him ever since Tracey Garside was leading after the dressage at Bramham. WFP looked rather...
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    Iggle the shetland arrives - with pics!

    Welcome to the addictive world of Shetlands!! This website may be interesting
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    Bad Horse Transport! **Pics**

    No picture as I was too gobsmacked but yesterday I did see a big ifor williams trailer with two big horses in the back being towed by a VW golf!!!
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    Miniature Shetland - how much can they carry?

    He is lovely!!! Be warned though that minis get addictive - I started with one nine years ago and now have 8... (and looking to get another...) I found with my lot if they can get their heads through a gap they will just barge their bodies through! Hence the OH building me a new fence...
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    If you haven't used it before then Feedmark have an offer on at the moment where it is 50% off things you haven't tried before. Makes it a bit easier on the pocket.