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    Which yard boots again....but slightly different this time.

    That's all really useful. I've some walking boots but they cut into the heel unfortunately but have just ordered some insoles as recommended by the physio so will try those in my wellies to see if that makes a difference, it's a blooming nuisance that's for sure. There's no way I'd pass any...
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    Which yard boots again....but slightly different this time.

    Physio said better fitting, possibly zipped, I think the problem with wellies is that they are loose and give no heel or arch support. I’ve been trying to find some that don’t cost too much but anything more fitted is pricey which I may just have to suck up!
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    Which yard boots again....but slightly different this time.

    I know this comes up regularly but I have a more specific question. My Achilles’ tendon problem has flared up again but much more so than in the past and according to the physio is on the point of rupture. The physio has said that wellies of any sort are a complete no-no so what I’d like...
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    Alf v Paddling Pool!

    I was cold hosing the kicked knee of horse number one and horse number 2 marched up to the water bucket which is about 3ft across and quite high and put first one front leg in, waved it about a bit and then put the other and did the same. I wondered why the water never stayed clean for a day...
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    Horse potentially much older than what I thought I bought

    Mine was chipped and passported and sold as “9” but when I had him vetted the vet suggested that by his teeth he was more likely 11. It didn’t put me off and a bit of research has found that although he’s on a white Irish passport he’s likely to have been imported...
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    Horse for sale

    Having just bought a horse and trawled through 100’s of ads I totally agree with the comments on rubbish photos. (And don’t get me started on having a conversation with the seller, driving miles and getting there to see something bearing no resemblance to the horse discussed!)...
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    Sarcoids, your experiences good and bad please.

    Mine is grim I’m afraid. 10yo TB had no evidence of sarcoid when I bought him, however after about 1 year I noticed he had trouble urinating. On investigation it was discovered he had small sarcoid right up on his willy. It was surgically removed and all healed well, however about 2...
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    Massive insurance hike after claim

    I had an exclusion put on my previous horse for CoPD when he’d been treated for a lung infection. Granted, it was a bad infection and took a while to clear but I was unhappy with the exclusion and took it up with the insurer. I said he’d never had or been treated for a cough in the...
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    If you are advertising your horse for sale.......

    Yes, I tagged the seller in comments and said I’d messaged.....still no joy. So frustrating!
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    If you are advertising your horse for sale.......

    If you are advertising your horse for sale, by whatever means please do respond to people when they make enquiries. Two examples, one on FB - I’ve messaged privately with asking if the horse is still for sale and then with an explanation of what I’m looking for and a contact number. Another...
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    Long pasterns & their implications?

    Could you both expand please? I’m interested in everyone’s opinions and it would be helpful to have as many as possible.
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    Long pasterns & their implications?

    Yes, I’ve seen that - will investigate more closely when I view. These are from last summer so if it’s still there then it will be a cause for concern.
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    Long pasterns & their implications?

    Can I have opinions on these pasterns please - to my mind they're a bit on the long side? It's a 5yo ISH which was broken last summer, turned away and is now back in work - I'm looking at it with a view to bringing it on as a hunter. The shoulder is also a little straight, but I don't want...
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    Turnout after boxrest

    With mine I put him in a roundish pen in one corner of a larger area, with his mates out. None of them were fed beforehand and there was a decent amount of grass. The first time he went out, I grazed him in hand for a bit then quietly unclipped the rope but stayed in the pen - he was also...
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    When to keep horses in?

    My fully clipped hunter is out - he prefers it that way - and his little Welsh companion is out naked. The pony has actually put weight on in the last month so this cold spell is a chance for him to lose some of his podginess! Luckily we have a big field with plenty of hedge and tree shelter...
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    Thinking of maybe going into hunt service

    Contact the MFHA and ask about their apprenticeships.....
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    Leaving the field at the end of your day

    We always say at the beginning of the day “if you need to leave before the end of the day, come and find the field master and they will let you know the best way back”. Do not just go back the way you came - permission will have been given for the hunt to cross the land, as a field, at a set...
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    Leaving the field at the end of your day

    We always say at the beginning of the day “if you need to leave before the end of the day, come and find the field master and they will let you know the best way back”. Do not just go back the way you came - permission will have been given for the hunt to cross the land, as a field...
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    Constructing stables in open fronted barn

    I’m no expert, but I think as long as the actual stables are draught free (so no draughts around their legs and bodies) then a good flow of air above them is a good thing. Mine spent a winter livery in a huge barn, open at the front and one side but were cosy and warm with plenty of...
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    First visit to Horsepital, what to expect?

    Just ring them and ask, I would imagine requirements vary from place to place.
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    Europeans cross country thread

    I think he's actually a pretty good commentator, in tandem with Harry Meade - he's asking what to an insider is an obvious question but to anyone who is unfamiliar with the competition is helpful, and Harry is good at explaining without being too technical. It doesn't look an easy course, they...
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    Making a yellow horse white again!!

    I use Provoke Touch of Silver (human shampoo for grey hair) for mane and tail - leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse, works brilliantly. I use sheep washing shampoo for the body - Showtime Whitening Shampoo is about 15.00 for 4 litres.
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    I will NOT go in, and you CANNOT make me!!

    Mine isn't a regularly good loader, however 18 months from when we first started we have an understanding! He would waver about and step off the ramp, plant himself about 2 lengths away and not move forwards/backwards or sideways, rear and then gallop. Once you could get him to focus it was...
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    Not a good update on robin

    Our dog had a mast cell tumour removed from her back leg last October - the wound was about 8" in and must have had about 20 stitches. The wound "broke down" and all the stitches popped out (gross) and we ended up with something that was about 2" wide - open, weeping, and raw. It wasn't...
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    Should I attend vetting?

    I couldn't attend the vetting for the most recent purchase but used a vet recommended and used by a relative who was local to the seller. I had a long conversation with him before hand where he asked me what I wanted it for, how it was described in the advert, price and whether I had any...
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    Taunton Vale Foxhounds

    Well done - it's such a thrill. I've learnt (from a day with the Ledbury) that you need to be close enough so you don't get caught up in chaos and can actually see what you're jumping and how much of a drop there is but not so close that you realize how big the damn things are! A day at...
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    Better a day too soon...

    Such a sad story, it's so hard and especially if the vet is pushing for further treatment. I had a good experience with my vet regarding my old pony who kept colicking. He had a couple of mild bouts which we dealt with easily but as they became more frequent she advised that I have a long...
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    Anyone had knee arthroscopy?

    I couldn't ride, could only walk short distances and certainly couldn't kneel or squat and even turning over at night was extremely painful so felt that there was only one way to go. I was back riding 6 weeks post op, it was uncomfortable but the consultant (lovely horsey chap) said that it...
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    Anyone had knee arthroscopy?

    I had this exact op last summer - I'd "a significant tear to the meniscus" which was not going to heal by itself. It was agony and there was no question that I needed the surgery. I went private (NHS wait was 6 months) and it was absolutely fine. In and out in the day, a couple of stitches in...
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    Possible brand?

    Thank you - it had never occurred to me that he might have come from Poland. Next time I have the vet out I'll ask him to bring the scanner, so far only the passport chip has turned up but who knows! I'll have to have a dig around and see if I can find out more.