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  1. Regandal

    SI pain/disorder

    Interesting video, gives real horse examples.
  2. Regandal

    Spotting SI pain/disorder

    This is a fab wee video, very clear and with real horse examples. Obvious caveat that you get a vet out if you suspect any disorder.
  3. Regandal

    Trouble at PFK

    What on earth is going on over there? Marte has gone, there are concerns about the accounting (not inferring she is involved) and they are being helped by someone who didn’t have a good word to say about them. Odd.
  4. Regandal

    Gut bacteria and laminitis

    Anyone seen the stuff posted on fb by Affluent Malnutrition? I can't remember the name of the company, but they sell Phytolean. Anyhow, they are doing some interesting research into the difference in gut bacteria between horses prone to laminitis and those who are not. Presumably with the...
  5. Regandal

    SI dysfuction

    This is very interesting, came up on my feed as I'm on a fb group for horses with PSD. Of course, I've now convinced myself that both of mine have ALL the symptoms. Sigh.
  6. Regandal

    20% off Pro Hoof - ends 1200!

    Not sure if it's already posted, but there's 20% off Pro Earth just now. Ends at 12.00 though, so get a move on!
  7. Regandal

    Barefoot Help

    The lady who looks after my boys' feet has co-authored a book. This is a shameless plug for it! It will be published this summer, information on it is available on fb. It is Barefoot Horse Keeping - The Integrated Horse. Jane is one of the kindest, most gentle people I have met. I count...
  8. Regandal

    Made me laugh.....

    Probably been posted before, but I found this amusing. No. 8's fly mask made me inhale my coffee.:D Excuse the Americanisms.
  9. Regandal

    Better than nothing....

    Not sure if anyone remembers the thin/lame horse taken on a common ride near Edinburgh. Owner has been fined, horse returned to him. Hope it stays well.
  10. Regandal

    If my numbers come up..........

    ....tonight I would like that lovely bay hunter over there, the one at £9000. Please, Mr Camelot, pretty please! He has really caught my eye.
  11. Regandal

    Happy post!

    Just so happy for my old ID. His shoes came off in the spring, along with my WB's. (they were only shod in front) The ID had acute laminitis last summer, nearly lost him. Very flat thin,tender soles. Wednesday, the trimmer was out and uttered those magic words - "there's concavity in the...
  12. Regandal

    Laminitis and travel stress

    I have been offered the most wonderful retirement for my old boy, as a companion to his field and stable mate. Problem - field mates owner is moving hundreds of miles away. It is so kind of her to offer to take my boy with her, I am so, so very grateful. The journey will involve a ferry trip...
  13. Regandal

    PR training

    I have a 13 year old warmblood, ex-showjumper. He was very good at his job, and may have been over-indulged as a result. Think spoilt, a bit bolshy but not nasty. About 2 weeks ago I started using positive reinforcement to install some manners, with small bits of carrots as a reward. I am...
  14. Regandal

    Treeless saddle & rising trot

    I've recently acquired a treeless saddle and really like it - however I find it difficult to rise to the trot and end up doing a weird rocking thingy. I had no idea how much a treed saddle pushed you upwards/forwards. What should I be doing? M
  15. Regandal

    Disturbing horse owner behaviour

    Having been away from horses for years, I find myself bemused by some of the stuff I read. However, one thing which drives me insane is the way some people refer to themselves as their horses' "Mummy". Excuse me, but why? It sets my teeth on edge something awful. There are "proud Mummies"...