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    Having a school built, Cambridge people

    Got your pm but can't reply on iPhone - have a mobile number will send it to you tomorrow though can't remember his name! Other one to try is fishlock stables he does arenas too, number is 01945 701131 (Gary fisher - tell him Ian and Abby recommended him!)
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    Having a school built, Cambridge people

    We used : Mallow Arenas Walnut Tree Farm Ely Prickwellow Rd Cambridgeshire CB7 5RG Phone Number: 01638781794 6 years ago now - excellent arena - never puddles apart from during a proper downpour and is gone within 30 mins.
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    Selling a foal, when to advertise, deposit?

    Sorry - bought end august, girls born 3rd July and 20th July (yes we bought two lol)
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    Selling a foal, when to advertise, deposit?

    We bought from stud 10% deposit, they paid routine vet/accidents etc until collection plus foot trims and feed - option to have deposit returned in case of accident/injury affecting value
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    How are your fields looking?

    Knee/mid thigh grass - best it's ever been. Free draining fen soil so no mud :0)
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    Gt Witchingham?

    Talks of heavy rain tomorrow and Friday round here and heavy showers rest of week - wouldn't be hopeful :0(
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    MAN or Iveco

    MAN every time - ours is a 95 M plate and perfect. Wouldn't touch iveco with someone elses bargepole!
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    Tractor Recommendations for a Novice!

    We have iseki to do exactly what you want and it's never missed a beat, friend has more expensive siromer which again has been fine for last 6 years
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    Premier Equine Travel boots problem for white feathers

    I use shaped bandage pads under my travel boots as they are nylon lined and make my lads legs sweat - works fine
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    Goodbye Ron

    Aww, so sad but the right decision (however hard it is to make) - huge hugs
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    Upgrading the chassis on horseboxes - anyone tried?

    Yes, did it ourselves for cost of new chassis, new u bolts and meal for friends who had loadall and a forklift - sold old Bedford chassis and that paid for box refurb - have a very handy OH though
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    Kent & Master saddle

    Not heard good stories from a saddler - reckoned they last approx 2 years so may as well buy a good brand and it last 10x longer!
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    Houghton Hall today

    WFP jumped wrong last fence yesterday - was announced over tannoy, was flying when we saw him just before water
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    PTS: Insurance Claim Advice *please*

    Stupid phone! They wouldn't pay out as 1 year box rest on bute was deemed humane
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    PTS: Insurance Claim Advice *please*

    My experience also that they won't pay - OHs old mare did her tendon for 4th time and went down with lami
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    Cooked pork rib bones ??

    Can super spangle have them or too risky?
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    Turnout rugs for dressage horse?

    Shires best on my chunky necked horse or masta
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    Horsebox parts - top tip, good old eBay!

    There is a place in Boston does refurb tachos - got ours fitted for £50 (analogue) in bedford truck
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    Mare supplelments for those that get tight through the back...

    Sepia pillules from Holland and Barratt worked a treat on OHs old mare - had tried all off shelf mare supps, marble and regumate and other than regulate was the only thing that worked and miles cheaper! Had 4-6 pillules on a piece of apple 20mins before ridden. Was recommended to my on here
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    a practical question. How do you stop numnahs killing your washing machine?

    Velcro cleaner brush (or for cheapskates like me a cat brush from tesco) first though never killed a machine yet in years despite numnahs, muddy brushing boots, lw turnouts, fleece rugs etc
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    Medoc or Roulette who would you choose?

    All the medic youngstock I know have made 16.2 or thresholds but sadly Medoc has passed away now :0(
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    Arena Surface Top Up Question

    Ours is springride rubber chunks - virtually same as equistride at sheepgate - on silica sand. We are a couple of miles from kerilli south lincs fens and exposed, no issues with blowing away and IMHO rides much better than the strip style rubber both flat and jumping - chunks approx 25mm - we...
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    Cheapest place to buy HKM Breeches?

    Brilliant - will keep an eye out
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    Farriers - Can you buy shoes off them?

    Ours gives us them - saves him taking them for scrap! My Indian colleagues always want them to take back to India for good luck and OH welds them into fire baskets etc
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    Cheapest place to buy HKM Breeches?

    Think inter equine sale finished yesterday - what are HKM like on size compared to pikeur?
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    Long over due lickle ex-racehorse update (incl an ROR demo!) :)

    I'm be pboro too, where in Rutland have friends out that way
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    Painting my lorry.

    OH sprayed ours with Dacrylate (sp) tractor paint - excellent result and not as expensive as car paint. Lorry is stick sided steel with glasonite panels. Prep is the key to good finish and took at least twice as long as spraying
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    Marbles into mares instead of regumate?

    Good results short term on OHs old mare - then she "spat" it out! Had very good results with her with homeopathic sepia - equal to marble and regumate
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    saddle fitter reccomendation east anglia

    Have used bridlepath and mark fisher both v good, poppy also excellent
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    Working or Show Springer? (photos included!)

    Working - looks similar stamp to ours (not that I've figured how to do pics)