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    Herd dynamics - geldings

    Oh good, it's been a while since I've done this so had forgotten It only took my boy 2 weeks to settle in but he was here before, and only moved away when he was injured, so I guess he felt more comfortable and remembered my mini and the old boy, who he was stabled next too for a while before...
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    What are the odds of selling a horse to a loving long term home?

    If you sold a horse to me I'd keep it forever. I couldn't sell them. I'm be too worried about where they'd end up
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    Herd dynamics - geldings

    It's been a long time since I've posted but looking for your experiences in roughly how long it can take for a new horse to be accepted into a herd My set up is 5 arces, but set up as 2 tracks, to limit the grass and increase movement. No other horses on the farm. My big horse has been...
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    Oh my... saddle fitters!

    It tried 5 different saddle fitters in one year!! finally on the 5th person I found someone that actually knew what they were doing. she's now been my saddle fitter for 4 years and I wouldn't use anyone else. She basically trained because she had a young difficult horse to fit, and had loads of...
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    Champion hat and sizes

    I always wear champion and have always been the same size (7) luckily your head doesn't really getting any bigger! sure i was this size when i was 12 and im 36 now.
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    Horses on Footpaths

    the lane that goes through my farm is a footpath but has always been used by horses. i couldn't leave the yard without going down it. all other horse/riders in the village use it but i wouldn't ride on a footpath that I don't know, as you never know when you might get to a gate or a stile and...
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    Difficult decision, what would you do?

    could you move them both to somewhere that does grass livery, it would probably do the old one the world of good to be out moving more (I'm assuming that you aren't on grass livery at the moment) I had a horse on loan for 3 years who had arthritis and she wasn't lame or stiff the whole time as...
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    Body Protector all the time or not?

    I'm happy to share :')
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    Anyone use retirement livery

    Nope my mare lived her days out with me. Cheap grass livery with a big shelter and my other horses for company. Where she'd been on and off For 16 years. We moved a few times but ended up back there for the last 4 years of her life
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    Groundwork exercises

    I would use a bit and a slip head until he stops being rude. Would also carry a whip and use a long rope. I'm taking my horse from some inhand pole work sessions, starting next week. You could try doing something like that to get him used to be worked inhand more
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    Exercise Ideas for teaching patience/calm

    Just repetition, do it every day I remember years ago my old farrier moaning that people with young horses don't do enough. He said something like for every day you don't pick up their feet, it sends them two days back. So he said people should do it daily, so they are used to it
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    Body Protector all the time or not?

    I always wear mine. Mainly because my old mare was pretty wild and trampled on me when I feel off once. She got me on my ribs but no damage because I had it on. She also got my leg and even 16 years later I still have a hard lump on it Also I find my BP stops my boobs bouncing around, and I...
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    Sheath swollen

    My friends horses bits swell if he isn't working as much as he's used to
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    Tow bar grease - silly question

    Thanks all, forgot to check back for answers until now.
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    Tow bar grease - silly question

    When I took my trailer for a replacement ramp the guy put some grease on my tow bar for me and told me that I should make sure I keep it greased up. The only problem is, I get a new car every 6 months, so I need to get some grease of my own to make sure I can do each car. Now my silly question...
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    Weird habits - Whats your horses odd quirk??

    I can only catch my shetland in one place, and I have to scratch his bum before I can get hold of his head collar! if I try and catch him from another spot he will literally run circles around me. My big horse always has to have a drink when we've finished riding, even if its only a 20 min...
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    Opinions pls on companion options

    AH okay, sorry misunderstood your set up! sounds like that could work. my plan was similar to yours, but unfortunately I did end up having to retire slightly earlier than I thought, so I ended up looking after 3 for 2 years and didn't have anything to ride! though I love spending time with my...
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    Decent waterproof winter coat

    I love my jacket from premier equine! I got a red one a couple of years ago and they had a sale a while back, so now have a black one too also got a nice horseware jacket in the Robinsons sale last year, its got an amazing hood on it, which had like a peak so that your face doesn't get wet in...
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    Opinions pls on companion options

    I found myself in a similar situation about 6 years ago! I ended up buying an 18 month old and had him and my old girl together. it was a nightmare, one would get upset if I tried to do something with the other, so I ended up getting a shetland as well. I'm so lucky that my shetland is good...
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    Straw Poll - Microchipping Regulations / Updating Passports

    I've not had any communication from any of them about anything, ever.
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    Moved yards yesterday, reassurance required!

    Well I did put him on his own! and Sam broke out as soon as the 2 were let out, even though he was getting zapped, so didn't want him getting hurt on the electric fence rope
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    What to feed young Connie

    my connie x tb! doesn't need feeding, so he gets a scoop of top spec senior light balancer, just for vitamins, he has the senior as he's shoeless and had a few bone issues, so this feed has a few extra bits for bones and feet. but otherwise he just has grass
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    My horse hates hacking

    I would fine a nice quiet confident horse to hack out with and do that a few times to see if it helps?
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    Moved yards yesterday, reassurance required!

    How long should I expect it to take before a dominant pony will accept my boy in to the little herd? My big boy is now with my shetland again, after a 4 year break. The New Forest pony that lives there is being very protective and won't let my two sniff, and is keeping them well apart! I...
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    Fun things to do for horse who doesn't like schooling??

    He did have his hocks fused at 5, but now thinking about it, I do think he got less keen in the school after his shoes were removed
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    Fun things to do for horse who doesn't like schooling??

    no worries at all! I hope that at some point in his little life he will be more happy to do it! but if not, its no biggy to me! we will just do fun stuff! I do wonder if the school at my current yard might not help, (they've just replaced it but we can't use it until it rains, so I might not...
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    Fun things to do for horse who doesn't like schooling??

    The hate for school relates back to when he was 4 and he was diagnosed with pedal osteitis and hock spavin! we spent a good year correctly his pain issues and resulted in removing his shoes. I paid a dressage rider (rides for GB) to school him for me for a while but even though he was no...
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    Fun things to do for horse who doesn't like schooling??

    thank you, both of these sound great!! haven't even thought of Western, which could be an idea too!! will defo look them both up :) Think mounted agility would be really good, as he does always prefer being in the school when we have lots of poles out, so might be able to trick him into being...
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    I think weatherbeeta do a wide range now. and Amigo do the XL range. I find Masta quite good for wide horses, and Mark Todd used to be, but not had one for a few years now
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    Fun things to do for horse who doesn't like schooling??

    Hello all I've decided to move my boy back to live with my shetland, we move on Thursday next week. I'm leave a yard with a school, walker and lunge pen and going back to his old field, which is around 3 arces with a massive field shelter! I've spent alot setting up a new track system, as...