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  1. Hornby

    Andrew Hoy Burghley

    Anyone know why Andrew Hoy retired when going so well XC? BBC didn't say and the round on Burghley TV stops after the dairy mound (?) Just curious as he was so well placed.
  2. Hornby

    My boots are crushing me!

    I have a nice pair of long leather field boots that I wear for dressage. Recently they have been crushing my calves so that I am in pain and can't wait to get them off. :o Should I : Stop eating for a fortnight so my calves shrink? :p Ask a cobbler to insert some elastic alongside the...
  3. Hornby

    Idea of what's in N39(2010) please?

    Would someone mind giving me a general idea of the main movements in N39 please (I will get the test tonight from Dressage Diagrams when I have access to my passwords..:rolleyes:) but before I put a rash late entry in please what is involved? Any halt to trot? Reinback? (having probs with an...
  4. Hornby

    Aids to rein back please?

    As title, doing N37 next week (so can't use voice, movement right in front of judge :p) what are the aids please? (Neither horse or I have much of a clue at the moment! :rolleyes:) Thanks. *Edited by admin* See how Michael Eilberg teaches his horses to rein back...
  5. Hornby

    Micklem Bridle - BD legal?

    Is the Micklem bridle BD legal? I was surprised to see one at the regionals today The combination did not score high enough to be placed but was not eliminated....looked very like a grakle though (horse not really happy in head / mouth so maybe that's why it was used...) Just curious?
  6. Hornby

    Price of dressage horses

    If a horse is shown in the results of Brightwells Stars of the Future sale 21st November as "£5800, make an offer" does that mean it didn't make reserve and bidding stopped at that price? As it appears (I am no Poirot) to be for sale now on Horsequest 5 days later for £12,500 and it's only 3...
  7. Hornby

    Unsolicited advice! (rant warning)

    Went along to local BD centre today to support the music classes that they have started to run, although our Novice level is "work in progress" at the moment. I had simplified the floor plan so the music ran out before my movements at a couple of points and he was heavy in the hand and not...
  8. Hornby

    Buddy at the Petplan Area Festival Myerscough - sorry long!

    It has been my main aim since joining BD in January to qualify and compete at our local Area Festival and we were lucky enough to qualify at Prelim and Novice. So after lots of practise and trying to remember 2 tests (usually only do 1 ) we set off yesterday. I had nice times and we were...
  9. Hornby

    Petplan - dropping the whip : when?

    As you know, you can't carry a whip in the Petplan but when is the latest you can drop it? (Clever horse with good eyesight! ) Can you carry it in the go round before you enter the marked dressage arena (may be helpful with spooky judges and flowers) and drop it just before entry to the white...
  10. Hornby

    Do you turn your precious competition horses out with others?

    OK so all horses are precious but we are not in the NL here Do you turn your horses out with others or do you think they are less likely to come to harm on their own? How about over night? (Just watching my two hoon about last night as they had missed one day of grass due to rain and now...
  11. Hornby

    Buddy's got points!

    Very pleased with my heavyweight cob - took him to Myerscough yesterday for his second affliated Novice test (N38), although it was a warm day he tried hard (although we did have a small "discussion" during the counter canter which resulted in a change of leg and a 3 ). We scored 65.17% so...
  12. Hornby

    Nov 20 test - what is the judge looking for in this bit?

    I hope to do Novice 20 soon (British Dressage) but there is an exercise that I have not come across before - what will be judge be looking for please? 20m circle in canter and over X a canter / trot / canter many strides of trot please (if I do more trot strides I can get a...
  13. Hornby

    Muck heap removal - how much?

    What shd I give our farmer neighbour for taking away our enormous muck heap today - despite the horrible ground conditions meaning he couldn't spread it but will have to leave it in a field till spring? And he killed about 15 mice for me too that were lurking!
  14. Hornby

    BD registration - is it going up?

    I was speaking to the BD office about registration and they mentioned in passing that horse registration was £50 now but would be £54 from Jan 09, I didn't really explore this at the time as was asking other questions but I can't find any details on this on the BD website. I want to register...
  15. Hornby

    Trec competition video

    I was really pleased with Buddy as he tried so hard. We came 7th (rosettes to 6th - typical! ). Canter (slow as poss) - full marks 1 Bending poles - knocked a cone so lost a few marks 2 Rein back - he didn't like the chalk on the floor but we lost marks for a couple of tiny knocks 3 Jump...
  16. Hornby

    BD bridle number - how do I attach it please?

    I have a cheapo (£3) bridle number for my first attempt at BD (prelim) this w/e. It was 2 pieces of elastic string top and bottom and 2 small clips on the number bit itself. How do I attach it to my bridle please?
  17. Hornby

    Supplier for stable mats please ?

    Please can you recommend a supplier for stable mats. My horses are going through bedding at a rate of knots and with short supply this winter I was considering this as an option - so who do you recommend please? Do you lift yours and clean under - does it give you a hernia? :G: Is it...
  18. Hornby

    Freestyle dressage - arena size?

    What size arena do you use if you are devising a test for the first time please? I might do some affliated (eventually) but am trying this for the first time. My own arena is 20 X 40m but if all affliated tests have to be in a 60 X 20m arena should my floorplan use this size please?
  19. Hornby

    Home internationals - what are they please?

    A couple of people have mentioned these Home Internationals but they are new to me....could someone explain please?
  20. Hornby

    P19 - allow the horse to stretch in trot

    I am comtemplating doing P19 - but what is expected in this movement please? V - circle left 20m diameter and allow the horse to stretch. Do you loosen the reins, or move your hands forward or both please? Also, how far does a 20m circle at V go, does it touch A and X? Never ridden in a 60m...
  21. Hornby

    Bedding recommendations for grey mare

    I currently bed my white - grey mare on white dust free shavings that I order in bulk. She would eat straw but tends to keep fairly clean in herself in winter (but I also rug her up well). What do you suggest given the rising shavings prices please? I prefer to muck out each day and have...
  22. Hornby

    Watching the eventing at the Olympics on TV

    So according to the BBC the eventing schedule is like this: Saturday 9 August 2330-1540: Team and individual eventing dressage day 1 Sunday 10 August 2330-0255: Team and individual eventing dressage day 2 Monday 11 August 0100-0500: Team and individual eventing cross-country Tuesday 12...
  23. Hornby

    Freestyle dressage clinics - are you going?

    I noticed that Freestyle Dressage are doing some introductory clinics on these dates : 12th July Dorset 19th July Cornwall 30/31st July Wellington Riding tbc 2nd August Lincolnshire 12th September Myerscough 23rd September Towerlands I was keen to do the one at Myerscough but can't find much...
  24. Hornby

    Road studs - won't it be like wearing heels?

    I am new to studs - hence dim question please. I have a long distance ride coming up (mostly road work) and don't want to slip but won't road studs like this (just one on outside of each hind foot)...
  25. Hornby

    Grooming + electric shocks

    As it has been so dry (up North) for weeks, I am building up lots of static electricity when I am grooming (I do anyway if I walk round a shop with plastic carpets ). If I touch my finger to my horses, accidently when grooming, I am giving them and me an electric shock! I hate it more than...
  26. Hornby

    Leg ice stuff do you use it?

    I am thinking of doing a pleasure ride and wanted to use some leg ice afterwards (I will probably need it more than horse but it is for him! ) I used to use Ice Tight (a clay) but you clever people seem to favour the cool ice "washes" do you use it? Smear on legs after ride and...
  27. Hornby

    Fit of a hanging snaffle

    I tried my cob in a hanging snaffle tonight - the same size as his usual bit. When I took it off I was a bit upset to see it had marked the sides of his lips - not cut them at all - just made them "greyer" if that makes sense? It seems that the lower part of the bit had rubbed as it rotated in...
  28. Hornby

    My new horse arrived today!

    I lost my chestnut ID just before Christmas (it was very sad but he was 26). Today my new horse arrived, he is a heavyweight show cob called Buddy! And he is grey! See pics, as he arrived and meeting my mare Kangaroo who is very happy to have a friend again. I hope they are not too large, I...
  29. Hornby

    Any views on this transporter please - Will Boulderstone?

    Has anyone used and have any comments on Will Boulderstone as a horse transporter please? I have a competitive quote from him but just wondered if anyone had used him, he is based in Lincolnshire, I believe. Thanks. (PM if preferred).
  30. Hornby

    Would you ever have a red ribbon even thou' your horse DOESN'T kick?

    Ok, probably a rant but my mare got really worried at the dressage warm up yesterday due to the large number of large horses, all cantering, different reins, close behind/ overtaking, one grinding teeth and threatening to go up, one that didn't want to turn in canter - 5 sec delay to aids, a...