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  1. irishdraft

    Lungeing advice required.

    I have recently bought a horse that is always traveling / drifting left. With constant correction in the school I can get him much improved. I generally lunge once a week with elastic side reins clipped to the bit but lunge off the headcollar so it's not pulling on the mouth. On the right...
  2. irishdraft

    Irish draughts enthusiasts

    I have 2 IDs mare and gelding with 9 1/4 bone and 9 1/2 bone respectively I am looking for a youngster with more of a performance stamp as my gelding is really a touch heavy but have come across a young rid mare with 8 1/4 bone for sale from her breeder she is well bred but I am thinking this is...
  3. irishdraft

    Clipping Advice required

    I have a sporting Lucas terrier 3/4 sealyham who I would like to start clipping myself. I took him to the groomers once but the clip was so short he looked awful for months but now his coat needs a sort out. I have been looking at clippers & blades but it seems to be fairly complicated compared...
  4. irishdraft

    Horse/Dog/Housesitter Recommend ?

    Hi can anyone recommend as title ? On the east Sussex/Kent borders 2 weeks over the summer thankyou
  5. irishdraft

    Equine Fusion Jogging Boots help with fitting question

    I have some of the above boots on hire and have tried them on the horse, they seem to be a fairly good fit around the actual hoof but I can get 2/3 fingers down the back of the pastern into the boot although i have done the boot up as tight as it will go. As I am totally new to boots, have never...
  6. irishdraft

    Bates Caprilli Wintec 2000

    Does anyone know if the changeable bars in the bates caprilli and wintec 2000 are interchangeable. My friend has lent me her bates caprilli saddle but it has a narrow (yellow) bar in it as I am riding in a old wintec 2000 with a wide bar (red) and thought i could swop them round to see how the...
  7. irishdraft

    holiday insurance cover for your own horse ?

    A friend & myself are planning a riding holiday on our own horses this summer, my friend has raised the question suppose one of the horses gets injured/ill just before we are due to go, if we cannot go we lose the money paid, the provider has suggested insurance but i am unable to find an...
  8. irishdraft

    Advice re Raw Feeding Manifold Valley meats

    I am looking into feeding my three dogs raw food and I have seen manifold valley meats recommended as a supplier on here. It seems a simplier way of doing things than i have been reading up on where you have to obtain raw meaty bones, chicken carcases & cooking veggies etc What would you...
  9. irishdraft

    Any respiratory experts ? advice Please

    My 6 year old has had a bacterial infection in his lungs for the last 10 weeks, has seen vet, swabbed which indicated bacterial infection, 5 day course norodine, 3 days later more green mucus, pot of ventipulmin kept him clear for 10 days then more green mucus, then had 10 day course karidox...
  10. irishdraft

    Boothroyden horse transporters

    Has anyone used this company for their horse ? Good/Bad ?
  11. irishdraft

    Recommendations for long distance transporter

    anyone got any recommedations for transporters I have a horse 18hh HW who needs to travel from East Sussex to Newcastle, have had several quotes in the £600 range now have had one in the £325.00 range which seems way too cheap, I suspect this could be a travelling round drop off type of affair...
  12. irishdraft

    Camber Sands East Sussex

    Took my horse down to Camber this morning as we are now allowed to ride on the beach at any time of day and what do I see, a car park with loads of horse dung and hay all over it. Please understand people that ride on Camber if you do not clear up your mess we will be banned from Camber sands...
  13. irishdraft

    Anyone Got Any Acorns this Autumn ?

    We have large oak trees around the edge of my summer grazing and the acorns usually dictate when i move horses to winter fields but not an acorn in sight or on the trees, checked someone elses trees down the road they have no acorns either is this just my area or are there no acorns this year...
  14. irishdraft

    Recommend Flat work trainers for east sussex/kent borders

    As title I have a very large 17.2hh heavyweight youngster who while not actually naughty is quite cute at evading me with mainly a very wooden mouth and chucking his shoulder out so not alot of control whilst schooling. I dont want to keep pulling at him, not that he takes any notice but am at a...
  15. irishdraft

    Barefoot Peeps any experience/sucess with Pedalostitis ?

    My mare has been diagnosed with pedalostitis, vet suggests shoes, pads and bute but she is only just 11 so I have been looking into barefoot. My farrier has also looked at the x rays and thinks there is also sidebone present, which vet didnt mention, this mare has always been pottery and unhappy...
  16. irishdraft

    Any tips for mounting problem ?

    I have a 17.1 heavy weight Id whom I have backed about 6 weeks ago, he has a slight resistance mentality with a few things the worst being he will not stand by the mounting block to be mounted. I can place him side on by the fence, stable or whatever happens to be around and he will stand for me...
  17. irishdraft

    Protein causing lymphangtis type symptoms

    Does anyone have any experience of protein definately causing a very swollen hind limb ? a friend of mine has this ongoing problem with their horse which they are convinced is caused by too much protein, the horse is not lame but if not ridden daily the leg is huge which obviously causes...
  18. irishdraft

    Showing Ridden Hunters question ?

    Hi guys I have a rising 4 year old pure ID who I think is quality enough to show in HW ridden/ working hunter classes next year, he has great movement and clean limbs but has a small flat sarcoid by his eye, would this be enough to knock showing classes on the head ? I only hunt so am not up...
  19. irishdraft

    Experience of Efudix / Fluorouracil

    my youngster had a two week treatment of the above on various small sarcoids, on his groin no difference at all, on his eye, smaller but the skin is still crusty indicating sarcoid is still present, what results has anyone had ? I am thinking about applying cream for another two weeks to the...
  20. irishdraft

    Recomendations for equine dentists in east sussex/ kent borders ?

    Hi As title I want to get my two youngsters looked at, it will be the first time for them, one of them has been shedding teeth for months ( on and off !! ) they are both 3.5 so lots of tooth activity but want to check everythings ok plus my mare who can be difficult and one of the youngsters...
  21. irishdraft

    ILPH KITTY Where are you ??? NOT STOLEN

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of ILPH horse Kitty, my friend had her on loan for 10 years and has just emigrated to Oz ILPH will not give her ANY info regarding Kittys whereabouts, she only wants to know how she is etc Kitty is a 17.2hh shire cross dark bay, hunted with the Coakham...
  22. irishdraft

    Anyone had Experience of banding sarcoids on sheath/prepuce ?

    Hi Peeps my 3 year has had 3 small sarcoids banded on his sheath/prepuce, site unsuitable for liverpool cream, imo only one was suitable for banding, the biggest one, but vet insisted on banding a very small nodule higher up the prepuce, of course the band was off by the next day and poor...
  23. irishdraft

    Filled fetlocks and hind legs any ideas ??

    I put all of my horses (3) into a new field last night, has been grazed previously by them but has been rested so good grass in there but not excessively so. This morning when checking i noticed one youngster had filled fetlocks and half way up his hind legs, other 2 were fine. So to be on safe...
  24. irishdraft

    Goitre/Goiter swollen thyroid gland

    has anyone had experience of this in their horse ? I have a 3 year old who seems to have a slightly swollen thyroid gland. he has just been backed and now lightly hacked and seems completly healthy but I have noticed he has a little dry cough when going into trot and wondered whether it was...
  25. irishdraft

    Border collie litter siblings

    Hi guys Has anyone had experience of trying to train border collie litter siblings, we were silly enough to take litter pups, brother and sister. We have done quite a bit of basic training with them and also walk and train them indivdually and they are quite good. The main problem is that if...
  26. irishdraft

    Good Phsio and saddle fitters in east sussex

    Hi guys as above, any recommendations would be welcome thx
  27. irishdraft

    backing young horses

    Can anyone recommend someone who backs youngsters in the south east area who they have had good results with. I have 2 3 YO IDs I want backed and lightly hacked this spring