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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    R reg old DAF 45 lorry been for its pre Mot inspection and monumentally failed 🙈 Garage say upwards of £5k work needed. This does include 3 new tyres and front brake discs, plus adjustments to rear brakes, some other bits and pieces but main one is replacement fuel tank. Garage say no...
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    Bournemouth Horseboxes? Good?

    Hi, anyone had direct experience of Bournemouth Horseboxes? Currently looking and they have a few on their website that may be of interest. Pm if don't want to post. Thanks.
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    Recommendations - Young Horse Jump Instructor - nr Worthing

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good jumping instructor, either for them to come to me (Worthing area) or I can get to them within reasonable distance. Specifically to assist in training a dressage bred youngster who has confidence issues with jumping. She is a home backed 6 year...
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    Anyone done DIY upgrade wood to plastic floor on Bateson trailer

    I need a new floor in my (new to me) Bateson Ascot, currently the old style wood. Am undecided on whether to just replace like for like, as my brother in law is a very experienced carpenter/builder and could easily do that. Alternative have the plastic/metal floor put in, which to be...
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    Kate Peckham - physio Sussex?

    Anyone know if Kate Peckham, physio based in Sussex is working at moment. I believe she was on maternity leave at one point but I'm trying to get hold of her unsuccesfully and wondered if she is still off work. If so any recommendations, vet suggested Jenny Hadland. Unfortunately my...
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    Landmark Stud - Devon Anyone brought from this stud or know if it is a good one? PM if prefer not to post publically. Thanks
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    Recommendations for Bowen or similar - Sussex area?

    Grateful for any recommendations on Bowen or similar bodyworkers for the Sussex area (to come to Worthing area)? Friend's horse isn't quite right at the moment and vet can't find much, nor physio, so she wants to try some alternatives.
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    % of Import Tax on supplements from USA???

    Anyone know the percentage of Import Tax that would be applied on something like a joint supplement from the USA? I know that sometimes they can sneak through, but I want to make sure that "if" it gets caught up, it won't be prohibitively expensive. I think its still worth ordering from the...
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    Gutted - latest scan showing minimum healing of tendon

    I'm gutted, took my mare back for her 8 month scan on her annular ligament and SDFT injury on her pastern area and whilst she is now sound in a straight line and not reacting to palpation over the injury site, she is still slightly lame on one rein on a circle. Scans revealed that the annular...
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    To boot, bandage or go bare in exercise - tendon/ligament injury?

    OK, my mare is off to the vets next week for another scan on her annular ligament/SDFT injury in the pastern area and everything crossed, I hope she is given a green light for the slow process of introducing her back to work. I am thoroughly confused as to what is best with regards to support...
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    Insurance Exclusions - Advice? Also re-valuing after injury

    Background - mare is subject to a current claim for vets fees for an injury to her annular ligament and her Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon on a hind leg in the pastern area. I had my insurance renewal through today and they have excluded : "All losses arising directly or indirectly from...
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    Coloured Showing Experts??? Advice please!!

    Any coloured showing experts out there? My sister has recently bought a 14hh 4 year old New Forest x Coloured Cob gelding for my niece, he is eligible for CHAPS registration and on his passport is classed a Tobiano? This is our first coloured pone and we know very little about showing...
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    Stress fractures - hind quarters - any experiences?

    Anyone got any experiences (good or bad) of stress fractures on hind ends. My mare who is on paddock rest for an annular ligament/SDFT strain on her left hind, has decided that these issues aren't interesting enough for her and has now come up lame from doing "something" in the field on...
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    Peak Performance Nutrients "Advance HA" Joint Supplement

    Not sure if this should be here or in stable yard, but thought as it is arthritis related, put in here. Has anyone used Peak Performance Nutrients "Advance HA" Joint Supplement? I like the look of it as a replacement to Cortaflex for my mare who has the start of arthritis (and some...
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    Lorry Plating - Recommendations for garages nr Worthing, West Sussex?

    Any recommendations for places to take a 5.5T lorry for servicing/plating around and about nr Worthing, West Sussex? I know of Tullets, but any other recommendations? Also - our normal mechanic who does our cars was going to sort the lorry out for us with the plating, but he is now saying...
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    Another how to choose a stallion post for my mare?

    I know, I bet you get loads of these, but I would really like some advice on how to choose a stallion for my mare. Firstly a bit of background. My mare is at the moment on box rest lame with an ligament injury that could worst case scenario be ridden career limiting or mean extensive time...
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    Sprenger WH Ultra Bits?

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but my search function doesn't appear to be working at present. I need to replace my existing KK Ultra bit and was looking at the WH Ultra range with the little roller in the middle or the rubber ball. Anyone had any experiences good or bad with these...
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    2008 Dressage Tests

    Are these available yet? I can't find mention on the BD website, but have a schedule for a local dressage series which gives Prelim 19 (08) for the new year ones. When do the new tests get published?
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    RideIrish - Dealers Sussex - Opinions urgently wanted!

    Hi, I know they have been discussed before, but wondering if anyone had any opinions on the dealer "RideIrish" based in Sussex. A friend is near to buying from them for one of her children (experienced friend) PM me if you would prefer to give opinion off the forum. Thanks
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    Cranleigh Show - unbelievable!!!

    I cannot believe that Cranleigh are still holding their show for horses tomorrow - the blooming place can't be more than 5 miles out of the surveillance zone!!!!! They have the front to put on their website "please support the farming community"!!! Is it me, or is that mad!
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    Grackle for dressage

    Hi, rather than search the lengths and breaths of the internet can any tell me if you are allowed the high cheeck grackles in british dressage, it's the mexican style. I don't think it is allowed but just thought someone on here might know! Cheers
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    Transport - Towing

    Hi, I am looking to sort out transport for my horse, I am really not sure what to do, money is tight as I am sure it is for all fo us! Ideally I would go for a lorry but I don't think this is viable! So the next option is a trailer, my problem is what to tow it with! Does anyone here tow with...
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    Back Supports - Any recommendations?

    Just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for back supports. I am looking to buy one for my on-going back problems, but am really confused as to which one to get! Was thinking of getting a magnetic one, but not sure. I would be looking to use it for riding and if it was discreet...
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    DIY Yards in the New Forest Area? Any suggestions?

    Hi, I'm posting on behalf of a friend who is relocating soon to the edge of the New Forest (lucky girl!!). She will be living in Marchwood and is looking for a suitable DIY livery yard for her mare. She'd prefer somewhere with a school, direct access to the forest and preferably 24/7 turnout in...
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    "sigh" timewasters, its not just buyers that fit the bill!!

    Why are people so thoughtless??!! My sister is looking for a lorry at the moment and we thought we had found a definite possibility. Rang up midweek and arranged for viewing on Sunday (a mutually convenient time). At the time no other people were booked to see the box. Sunday comes...
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    Severed Extensor tendon????? Recovery??

    God, just had a call from a friend and apparently the horse of one of my closest friends slipped under the post and rail last night and crashed the bottom rail. Don't have much detail, but he has severed his extensor tendon, not sure how badly, but possibly right through. He is currently in...
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    Anky withdrawn from Hickstead Int Dressage at RIHS

    Just been to look at the programme for the International Dressage at Hickstead this week and there is a notice saying Anky has had to withdraw because of illness. What a shame, she isn't always my favourite rider, but I was looking forward to seeing her ride "in the flesh", as have never...