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    Hoof Armour

    Who can tell me more about hoof armour? Where can I buy it in the UK and is it easy to apply? I bought a horse in March who was shod in front and whipped his shoes straight off, I'm really pleased with how they've changed but we have very stony tracks out to the fields which he is stoic about...
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    Polo lesson recommendations

    Can anyone recommend somewhere for a fun polo lesson for 2 competent and confident riders? We have no aspirations to play polo but would love to try something different as a birthday treat. If we could also get afternoon tea afterwards then all the better! We are near Cheltenham so within...
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    Daf Brake Warning Light

    I had my lorry serviced and thoroughly checked over 3 weeks ago, I had it back for a couple of days after that and during that time I had a brake warning light come on whenever I applied the brake or handbrake, it went off immediately the brake was released. I took it back to the garage and on...
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    Staffordshire horseboxes

    Has anyone had any dealings with the above company? If so can you let me know your experience of the build and the quality of the finished box? I will be looking for a new lorry in the summer and ideally I would like a 4.5t with some living. I would also consider anything from 4.5t to a very...
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    Lunge Pen advice

    I have a few questions for those that know about building arenas or lunge pens. I think I can fit in a lunge pen at home of about 18m diameter, is this big enough for a lunge pen? It would be for 1 horse and would be used twice a week at most. If the size is suitable then there are still a...
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    Best internal boarding for wooden stable

    I have a couple of old fashioned wooden stables that I want to start using this year. They are basically solid but the internal boarding is either missing or damaged. What do people usually use to board out the inside of stables? I would be using them for one well mannered horse and one...
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    Best complete food for Dachshund

    I have a 4 month old mini daxie who is currently on Eukanuba as this is what te breeder provided. I am not a fan of the Eukanuba and would like to change her onto something better quality. Grain free if possible. I have used the all about dog food website but there still appears to be lots to...
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    Stirrups for dressage

    So, it's nearly time for Badminton shopping and I fancy some new stirrups on my dressage saddle. I just have plain fillis irons on there at the moment and Spenger Bow Balance on my jump saddle. I would really like some much lighter, more modern stirrups, if they have a safety aspect then...
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    Bortram Coach Builders

    Hi, Has anyone used or dealt with this company and has any feedback about them? Good, bad or indifferent all welcome! I have seen a lorry advertised by them that I like the look of but don't know a thing about them. Many thanks :-)
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    Lancashire Heeler

    Does anyone own or have any information on this breed? We had our lovely Australian Shepherd put down a couple of months ago now (cancer) and I'm now considering another dog. I absolutely love the Aussies but our house is very small and to be honest I am enjoying not having mud and dog hair...
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    Oats v Copra v Re-leve

    Also in Horsecare & Feeding but figure I might have more luck here... I'm getting to the stage where I will be needing to feed my horse a bit more feed, I needed to strip a bit of weight off him after summer but he now looks great and I want to maintain that. He is currently turned out for...
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    oats v copra v re-leve?

    I'm getting to the stage where I will be needing to feed my horse a bit more feed, I needed to strip a bit of weight off him after summer but he now looks great and I want to maintain that. He is currently turned out for a minimum of 14 hours and comes in during the day for me to ride and to...
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    EVA matting in lorry?

    Has anyone used EVA mats in a lorry rather than rubber? We are just 're doing the floor in my 3.5t at the moment and I'm hoping to use EVA mats. I'm thinking they will be lighter so be easier to lift. I travel 1 16hh who travels v well if that makes a difference. Thanks :-)
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    DIY horsebox floor replacement

    I'm hoping that the great and good of HHO can help with a little combined wisdom. I have a Mk1 Renault Master that needs a new floor, a hole has developed in the granulistic and the ply beneath is clearly rotten. It has a full metal platform chassis that the ply floor sits on top of. This...
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    Riding hat for toddler

    Can anyone recommend a lightweight, adjustable riding hat for a toddler? At the moment he wears an adjustable bmx helmet for the times when he has a little sit on his pony but I may take him to a tiny tots gymkhana soon so he'd better have a proper hat. The hat he wears at the moment is...
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    Opinions on Anne-Marie Taylor

    Has anyone had any lessons/training sessions with Anne-Marie Taylor? So far as I am aware she has a pretty good reputation but I wondered what her style was etc? She is running a young horse training session at a venue local to me with an hour of SJ in the morning followed by an hour of xc...
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    Eventing and 3.5t lorry

    Sorry, sorry, I know this has been done to death a bit but I was just wondering if anyone evented with a 3.5 ton box and how you found it? Do you have enough payload for your (one) horse and all your kit/water/hay etc, so 2 sets of tack, numerous sets of boots and all the other rubbish I seem...
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    Hoof pics - please be kind!

    Ok, so I am being very brave and posting pictures of my horse's front feet (I haven't bothered doing the backs as I'm actually fairly pleased with them). For history as far as I know it: I have had him about 2 weeks now, he is a 3 yr old ISH from Ireland, been turned out in a field his whole...
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    Cost of vetting & airway scope - Ireland?

    Can anyone please tell me how much a 5 stage vetting plus airway scope would cost in southern Ireland? Many thanks :)
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    Cost of vetting & airway scope - Ireland?

    Can anyone please tell me how much a 5 stage vetting plus airway scope would cost in southern Ireland? Many thanks :)
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    Barefoot - Rockley Farm & insurance

    Has anyone on here used Rockley farm to rehab a navicular (Palmar foot pain) horse? If so are you able to give me a rough idea of cost and was it covered by your insurance? Also, was your vet happy to refer you? Just looking at my options at the moment, I'm hoping for the best but horse...
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    Shivers in the competition horse - experiences?

    I know this is probably more veterinary but I was hoping more people in here may have experience in managing a comp horse with shivers. A bit of background: I have a 7 yr old KWPN mare that I bought as a 3 yr old and had broken in the spring of her 4 yr old year. She has good movement and...
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    Grrr, sellers! Mini rant

    Not really CR but as this is the only place I come even to lurk... As I am on maternity leave and have a lot of spare time on my hands and my event horse is out on loan I thought I would look for a little project to keep me from going insane - I could just go back to work early but this...
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    Bit suggestions after hunting today

    Ok, I don't normally ask for bit suggestions as usually my mare is strictly snaffle mouthed but we have an unusual problem at the moment and the combination that I thought would work brilliantly failed quite badly today! My mare had a sarcoid removed from her mouth last year and as a result...
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    Stockland Lovell BE100 plus

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me a bit about the event at SL? I was pencilled in for the BE100 at ALW that weekend but I am doing the unaff at ALW this weekend so thought I would try and go somewhere different. Added to that is that fact that SL do the BE100 plus and I am tentatively planning...
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    Exercises to strengthen the back (rider's)?

    Morning all, Does anyone know of any good exercises to strengthen the lower back for riding in 2-point position? We were XC schooling at the weekend and my lower back was absolutely burning after a few minutes of cantering/galloping. I think it must just be lack of fitness as I don't...
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    Shipton Moyne - Cancelled?

    I see on the fixture list that Shipton Moyne has been cancelled this year, does anyone know why? They were scheduled to be running both young horse qualifiers so I assume these will be moved elsewhere.
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    Bitless bridles and also fitness - your help and advice please?

    I'm hoping someone can help me out here as I have no experience of bitless bridles at all, including hackamores. A bit of background, I have a now 6 yr old KWPN that was competing Pre Novice last season and that I had hoped to have a crack at Novice on midway through this season. She had a...
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    Great Tew Novice

    Could anyone tell me if Great Tew would be a good first Novice? I have looked at the course pics and it looks lovely but they can be deceptive. My horse is a 6yr old and was clear xc at all her BE100's last year except for Dauntsey where we got stuck in the mud at one of the simplest fences...
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    Is anyone going to the 6 yr old champs, Osberton? And if so...

    Could you please do me a favour? Is there any chance anyone could take pictures of the CIC* course that they will use for the 6 yr olds? And possibly the show jumping too? I can't get up there to watch but would be very interested in how stiff the course is etc. Many, many thanks to...