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    saddle help please

    My daughters pony is in a 15" saddle, my daughter is getting too big for this saddle and could do with a 16" Are there any saddles you can recommend that are short panelled Thanks
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    How much am I looking at?

    I'm hopefully going to start the horse hunt very soon I will be looking for something 14.2/15hh native type Not bothered for colour age but must be safe and good in traffic Not for competing just a horse to love and enjoy So my question what sort of price do you think I'm looking at?
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    Planning winter feeds

    I'm wanting to go next week to stock up on my winter feeds I'm a bit unsure best to get I have a 5 yr old cob in light work will be in over night out in day he will get small amount speedi beet micronised linseed & brewers yeast he did well on that last yr with a Rockies 5 star lick in his...
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    A 'what if ' question

    What would you do if you had the chance of owning 6 stables and 6 acres of land and you really wanted to start up some sort of equine business what would you choose to do?
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    Spring grass

    I've never had a horse that's been too bothered by spring grass before but my daughters pony that we got last summer over the last few weeks has turned into a spooky nervous pony I'm worried for my daughter riding her and am guessing it's the grass, I've put her in the little starvation paddock...
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    Insurance question

    Do any of the insurance companies do multi horse policy's and if so which is best thanks
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    Can rinsing sugarbeet remove the sugar?

    I normally feed speedi beet but was in need of some more as my husband was passing the feed store (25 miles away) I asked him to pick me up some feed he got sugar beet instead of speedi beet by accident so if I rinse it after soaking will it remove the sugar? Added bonus £4 a bag cheaper with...
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    Horse rearing at stable door

    I'm in need of some advice I have 6 horses all stabled overnight in a barn so all stables can see each other. The problem I have is with my 4yr old he is fine in the stable over night but come morning if he is not first out he rears at the door and I'm so worried he will hurt himself. Even if...
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    How much linseed and brewers yeast

    I know this has been done before but I've just ordered a 20kg sack of each to add to a feed of speedi beet and healthy hooves. I have 6 ponies a mini 3 sec a's and 2 cobs they only get a token feed apart from one of the sec a's who is older and needs to put weight on. How much would you add to...
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    When do you start bringing in on a night?

    When do you start bringing in over night? I have six and its a bit of a mix 2 hopefully will stay out 24/7 2 will stay out till it gets really bad then I have one oldie who has started coming in now she is feeling the wind and starting to drop weight so my daughters pony comes in too to keep her...
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    Does anyone not feed supplements?

    Im just sat here thinking about how many different supplements and things there are now and how back 30/40 yrs when I had my first pony you never heard of all these different supplements and feeds, So does anyone not feed any supplements to their horses? just been nosey really :-)
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    neue schule starter bit

    Im looking to get one of these for my youngster, he is in a 5in straight bar happy mouth just now, ive heard the neue schules come up a bit small so what size do you think I should get him? thanks
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    Feed for a veteran pony

    I have a 25yr old pony who last yr lost too much weight over winter he is back to just right now but I dont want it happening again so im starting to think about winter feeding for him he is in light work will come in over night fron oct onwardsand get ad lib hay....what do you feed your oldies...
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    Mary please

    My daughter is doing a talk in her English class she has to do it about a famous person connected to their hobby so she has chosen Mary King. If you don't mind please could you help us out with any bits of information on Mary King, horses she rides and medals she has won... Thank you very...
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    When a field has been spread with fertilizer how long does it stay in the ground, thanks
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    Laminitis help please

    I've been lucky to have owned horses for 20 yrs without any sign of laminitis until now... Please can you give me any help tips and advice for laminitis from starting with it to feeding and how to manage in the future.. He is on box rest and bute for a week then see how he is, vet has said...
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    Retirement Livery

    I have been thinking of starting a retirement livery for either older or injured horses that were no longer in work.. Does anyone run a retirement livery that could tell me about costs etc Any info would be a great help, thanks.
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    pony dropped weight

    Our little pony is 22 now and has always managed fine on hay overnight out through day but this winter has really dropped her weight more than I would like her to have, so im going to start giving her a small feed what would you recommend?
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    Help me design a tack room

    I am out of action at the moment with my leg bandaged up and on crutches and i'm so bored hate been stuck inside So I have desided to re design my tack room..well at the moment its not really designed more dumped everywhere! My husband has got hold of some kitchen cupboards and work top to...
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    Which vit/min supplement do you recommend?

    I know this has been done before and I should really look through old threads but what is the best value for money supplement at the moment?
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    molasses free chaff

    Which molasses free chaff do you use or which would you recommend. thanks
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    Fussy feeder

    Mine come in over night and get a small feed to mix supplements in so we started of with fast fibre which my older boy gets all year round and loves mixed with handful of hi molasses free so my youngster ate it first couple of nights now won't touch it so I used a bit of friends safe and sound...
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    Hay soaking quesion

    Unfortunatly my hay is a bit dusty this year,nothing too bad but im wanting to soak it before feeding so I'm just wondering how long you can leave it draining after soaking and rinsing.. I feed hay at night which is no problem but on a morning they get a net around 6.30 normally its tied up...
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    Hay re placer

    Hi all, my hay is not very good this year so im thinking along the lines of adding a hay replacer alongside the hay so I can get away with not giving so much of I have good doers and they will have a small feed of fast fibre when they first come in with a vit/min supplement in, So...
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    stifle djd

    Hi what joint supplement would you recomend for a horse with stifle djd....thanks
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    Has anyone clipped to help with weight loss

    Question in the title.. if so did you full clip, chaser or bib???
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    Help me help my horse lose weight

    I have a 15hh coloured cob who is not too bad but just slightly overweight and thats now I would like him going into spring carrying less. He goes out at 9am and back in at 5pm he has one section of soaked hay when he comes in, a handful of fast fibre to mix his supplements in the another...
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    How long after stifle arthroscopy???

    How long after stifle arthroscopy can or did you start lunging your horse, mine had his last year he is back in light work in walk and trot and just wondered about lunging..thanks.
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    Showing advice needed please

    We have a lovely welsh sec c mare who is only 12.1hh, my daughter is 11 has come of the lead rein this year and is now fancying doing some showing... so we have a fun show in a couple of weeks nothing fancy handler class and bonny pony that type of thing, so I have been thinking about...
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    Do you insure?

    Simple question do you insure your horses or people with multiple horses what do you do about insurance?