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    Which is most effective calmer anyone has used?

    I've tried nearly every calmer on the market, all had no effect, until I tried a calmer by a company called Nupafeed. I used the booster syringes for my boy for competition use and found it amazing. He was totally chilled but still forward going and listening. I am considering now putting him...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it x
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    Ventilated riding hats

    Another vote for the Ventair, best hat i've ever had, incredibly comfy
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    What type of bedding do you use??

    Rubber mats with Bedmax, love Bedmax, used to use Hunters but they were far to dusty!
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    livery yards

    Theres a good one in Amersham/chesham area amersham livery. or there's a few in Stoke Mandeville if thats any good to you? How about trying the CHiltern and thames rider thats always good? x
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    Help needed regards to jumping issues

    Hi all thanks for the advice, I'm gonna ask my YO if I can go round the courses once the competition has finished to see how that goes. Magic_Mincepie: I have owned him 10 years now, he's 18. I brought him as a 'supposed' 7 year old but the dentist and vet say he was probaly younger than that...
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    Help needed regards to jumping issues

    Yeah but not excessivly, and we always ahve a lesson the day after the shows over the exact same course and he's fine, has a stop to begin with but soon settles and goes beautifully.
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    Help needed regards to jumping issues

    I do try and find places that run the clear round training things, but he's fien at these has mayb one stop but gets on with it, it seems to be just at home!
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    Help needed regards to jumping issues

    Yep I am very fed up, its difficult as I have no transport of my own I have to rely on other people but I'll see if I can get soem one to take me out. Yeah I defiantly get nervous, I have no confidence now 10 years of humiliation has ruined it all
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    Help needed regards to jumping issues

    Sorry if this is a long post but I'm in need of some unbiased advice and help. Basically my pony has a few issues when it come to jumping at competions. He loves jumping at home and has a lot of scope but as soon as we enter a competiton we end up being eliminated becasue he just refuses...
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    Exercise sheets, what size will I need?

    Having never had to buy one before I have no idea what size I should get. My boy currently wears 5ft9 rugs at the moment if this is any help! Thanks x
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    Would it classed as cruelty for this horse to carry this rider?

    I would like to see the pics too
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    Lameness on a cirlce

    The last 2 days my boy has been very slightly lame on a circle on the right fore in trot. He's sound in straight lines but on cirlces and tight turns he is slightly lame. I've noticed a new lump on the right fore just below the knee on the outside, not sure if this is a splint?? There is no heat...
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    Dynavena Hay Bricks

    I use them on my boy, and we use them at work ( a retirement yard with over 100 horses) and they are the best things we've ever used. Even the horses with no teeth can manage them happily and all the fussy feeders love them. They are fantastic for getting weight on as well.
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    Help needed with an NVQ question

    Thanks everyone, glad you all think it poorly written I thought it was just me! Nearly all the questions are worded in that kind of way appaling really.
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    Help needed with an NVQ question

    Hi, I'm currently taking my NVQ 2 Horse care and I'm a bit confused on a question. The unit im doing is: Contribute to the initial equine rehabilitation plan, and the question is: Establish the following types of equines within their accomodation a. equines that live singularly b. equines that...
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    How much would you pay for this saddle?

    I think its just the basic flocked one, its definatly not the Werth one and doesn't state anything about Cair.
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    How much would you pay for this saddle?

    I've found a used, but very good condition Wintec dressage saddle for sale on ebay, it comes with 3 changeable gullets, how much should I pay for it? Thanks x
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    Charles Owen Collarbone Protection System Does anyone have any experience of these? Just wondered if they are any good? X
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    Riding hat recommendations please!

    Thanks all, very helpful, I have been thinking about the Ventair looks very nice!
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    Horse slashed in Aylesbury area

    OMG I live very close to Aylesbury, do we know where exactly it happened?
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    Tack lockers

    I got mine from robinsons, although a lot of people at they yard made their own out of kitchen cupboards! they actually work quite well, wish I'd thought of doing that first!
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    Riding hat recommendations please!

    I'm looking to buy a new riding hat and I just wondered which one's you all recommend. I'd prefer the ventilated ones but Im open to suggestions. Thanks!
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    Bumps all over face then hair came off in patches!

    I've actually just has the vet out for this, mine has got the same thing but not on his face. His is all up his chest, it started really bumpy then all the hair has fallen off. I've been told to wash it twice daily with malaseb (sp?). His belly button thing has also swollen and got nasty scabs...
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    Which riding hat should I buy?

    I need your help, i've currently got the Harry Hall Elite Plus but I had a bad fall so I'm getting rid of it any buying a new one. Shall I stick with this one or go for the Just Togs Juniour JTE...
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    Went to see 'daddy-to-be' perform today....

    Yay thats brilliant! Hope it all goes ok, keep us posted X
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    How to achieve collected trot?

    Can anyone explain how I can do collected trot? My boy can do medium trot fine now but I would like to start doing collected trot. Any help apprecitated on how to do this X
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    Blinkers for jumping?

    Ok please don't shout at me if this is totally stupid, but someone at a show today who was watching me jump suggested I try blinkers on him as he spends the whole time looking elsewhere. I have no idea about blinkers so I thought I'd ask on here as to wether or not you can use them for jumping?
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    Brewers Yeast

    I didnt realise brewers yeast could help to calm them! I've just brought some for a friends shetland with sweet itch after someone on here recommended them. The tub says to take 2 tablets 3 times a day (humans) so how much should I give a 390kg pony?
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    Need some advice with napping/excitable pony.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the idea of just 'spectating' at shows as we have loads aheld at his yard anyway so thats easy enough. I've tried nearly all the calmers available and none seem to work, also his feed is literally just fibre based as he is laminitic so he gets dengie...