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  1. irishdraft

    Should I put on a medium rug

    My fully clipped out horse is in a 100g with a lightweight over the top mainly because 100g leaks . It's been wind & rain all day south east but it is still warm . As others have said lots of variables for everyone s situation. If you think it's required then put it on you can always take off...
  2. irishdraft

    Can any one help? or has this happened to you?

    I cannot help you OP other than say it sounds an awful situation to be in. I hope you can get it resolved.
  3. irishdraft

    Tragic horse deaths from contaminated food

    Absolutely tragic for everyone concerned. I carnt imagine being on the yard and losing that amount of horses. Someone I know lost a horse to botulism so I always stick to well made hay
  4. irishdraft

    Paid for field gate - can I take it when I leave

    Full story of why you needed a new gate installed but then are leaving 4 weeks later is required to make any judgement really
  5. irishdraft

    Cut mouth - at wit's end.

    I have heard that once you get this problem even when the skin heals it is left slightly more fragile so it's a vicious circle of healing then the cut opening again and so on. A livery of mine had the same problem but I cannot think if they ever sorted it .
  6. irishdraft

    Full clip and living out over winter

    My horses all live out with hunter clips they don't have field shelters but plenty of forage and good selection of rugs
  7. irishdraft

    Horses and cows...

    I think cattle can.pass ringworm to horses I remember years ago this happening on a farm/yard I was on x
  8. irishdraft

    What are your underrated 'must haves'?

    Baling twine useful for fixing everything
  9. irishdraft

    Rain sheets...yay or neigh..???

    I use rain sheets i find them useful for lots of varying weather conditions . I do have fails with them so usually buy a couple of new ones each year. A pony i have here has a pessoa that's lasted about 4 years still going strong.
  10. irishdraft

    Winter turnout areas/tracks

    We made a track from beach sand from the existing arena when we moved here 18 years ago. Dug out track put down hardcore ,membrane on top then put sand down . It has worked very well grass has grown over it on the edge but it's never muddy I turn horses on it when fields are too wet .
  11. irishdraft

    Large crack in good, lame horse

    I'm also very surprised the farrier is not concerned a friends horse had a terrible crack and had to have stabilisation screws and lacing on the hoof just to hold it together .
  12. irishdraft

    Another dog walker killed by cattle 🙁

    If I'm on my own walking dogs I will not go into a field with cows . If I'm with OH I go under protest he is very confident with them pretends he's the farmer although many years ago he had a very narrow escape with a Shetland cow and her calf .
  13. irishdraft

    Field with oak trees - manageable or not?

    I have oaks on the boundary of my summer fields 2 of mine will eat them so I just electric fence them off .
  14. irishdraft

    Are equestrian events allowed under the new rules?

    Yes they are they come under sports
  15. irishdraft

    Feeling down

    I think 6 weeks with a new horse is a very short time frame young cob needs time to settle ,probably everyone who buys a horse has things they need to get to grips with. I think it takes at least 6 months to get to know a horse . You are understandably a bit nervous but you managed to pull him...
  16. irishdraft

    Sarcoid: what do you think the options are?

    So what do you think it was then ?
  17. irishdraft

    Sarcoid: what do you think the options are?

    No it wasn't I took his word for it
  18. irishdraft

    Sarcoid: what do you think the options are?

    I have a gelding who when he was about 4 started having sarcoids pop up . I took him to the vet to have them banded, one was in the bottom of his sheath , when the vet applied the band the sarcoid popped out of the skin and was a perfect ball of white collagen type material . This grew at least...
  19. irishdraft

    Sarcoid: what do you think the options are?

    I must admit I've seen a lot of sarcoids but never anything like that. Interesting
  20. irishdraft

    How Often do you ride ?

    I was talking about this the other day with a friend I ride 6 days a week , off road hacking , jumping lesson and half hour or so schooling session plus I usually go out most weeks for a competition or hunt ride just low level stuff . My horse is never particularly enthusiastic what ever i do...
  21. irishdraft

    24/7 Turnout Winter

    My horses live out 24/7 fully clipped hunting and ridden everyday. I'm not fussy over grooming only when I'm hunting but I find mud comes off easier then stable stains as I have 2 greys .
  22. irishdraft

    who has clipped already?

    I clipped about 4 weeks ago in preparation for the hot weather surprised how much coat came off .
  23. irishdraft

    Minor cuts and scrapes

    I use sudo creme for minor cuts and scrapes
  24. irishdraft

    Any brave souls ridden (outside) today?

    Very windy but sunny here made the most of all the last few days torrential rain which has softened up the ground a treat for lots of trotting and cantering round the farm
  25. irishdraft

    Waterproof jackets / coats - winter!

    Musto long canter jacket never let a drop of rain in I've had it for 4 years
  26. irishdraft

    Is anyone who normally subscribes......

    I've subscribed to my hunt for 20 years but due to an awful season last season and now covid I'm definitely waiting to see what happens. It presumably won't be a field of 30 as hunt staff have to be included I'm assuming so if there's more subscribers than spaces I wonder how it will be...
  27. irishdraft

    Mare won't Canter

    If she has been allowed to go in a certain way for a number of years ? I don't know her background as you haven't given that info I would be guessing she is finding it extremely hard to change her way of going as we would if ask to suddenly perform some exercise . Its probably a case of very...
  28. irishdraft

    Clipping advice

    I always use fine blades but this is mainly because the clip lasts longer especially's growing fast . It's difficult to get a perfect finish straight off but I find if you give them a good going over with a hot cloth this does clean them up nicely. Usually in about 5 days any lines...
  29. irishdraft

    Whiskers on : off ? Competition horses

    I only ever clip to the bridle line as I mainly hunt I've never taken any whiskers off
  30. irishdraft

    Pictures I am looking for an honest and motivated trainer that like his job and not just the money

    I think Alex wyatt in benenden kent has showjumping schoolmasters available for lessons if you are able to get there I think his website is Wyatt equestrian.