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    blenheim best time to go?

    as the title says whats the best time to go tomorrow to avoid the queue of cars! thanks
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    free winergy growth berkshire

    i have 2 bags i never used from the winter the use by is june but i am sure they are fine if anyone wants them. pm me!
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    free members tickets hickstead - berkshire

    as the title says i have free members tickets for sat/sun if anyone wants them.
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    no horse&hound!

    gutted! no horse and hound magazine for the second day. what am i going to do!
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    free hickstead tickets

    anyone want free ticket for friday and saturday general admission. one ticket each day. you would have to collect it though! berkshire.
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    blue reins

    seen someone with blue reins anyone any idea who makes them? thankyou.
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    please explain being broken to 4yr old comps

    tried to make the subject title simple! can some one please explain how horses are ready for these 4 year old eventing competitions? what age do they break them? is it just that the riders are really good so what would take me 6 months would take a pro a week! and does that mean that some are...
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    photographer belmont?

    anyone know who the photographer was at belmont thanks.
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    how much would you sell your horse for

    ok random post but i am bored. if your horse wasnt for sale and someone offered to buy it for more than it is worth would you sell it?
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    building arena

    can any one recommend a company that builds arenas without costing the earth?
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    anyone used

    seems a bit pricey? is it really worth it?
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    quad bike stolen berkshire

    just to let everyone know to lock your gates and keep your eyes open. our quad was stolen tonight.
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    are expensive bits better?

    as the post says really. i was looking at getting a new bit and the difference between a normal one say £10 and something like and aurigan one is huge! they seem to start at £70 are these more expensive ones really any better?
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    topping fields

    once your fields have been topped how long should you leave it before turning horses out on it? thanks!
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    starting/breaking in

    how do you find someone that you trust to break in/start your youngster? can anyone recommend anywhere? seems like it must be like finding a livery yard, you dont know what its like till you move your horse there? would you chose somewhere close so you can visit? or go where ever the best people...
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    what is a stable door drape? i have never seen one before. what would you use it for?
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    stable wall matting

    not a very excititing post but can anyone recommend stable wall matting? thanks.
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    in hand bridles

    ok i dont know anything about showing in hand but would like to take my yougster out for the experience. do i need an in hand bridle or can i use a normal bridle. actually what is the difference? help please! i feel very silly asking this question.
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    The spillers International Eventing Forum

    has any one been before? is it worth going?
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    olive oil

    can you feed olive oil the same as you feed other oils to horses?
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    what vegetables does everyone feed their horses? is there anything they shouldnt eat?
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    has anyone tried these?