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    Mule ban

    Article on the H&H website about a venue banning a mule from a TREC training session. What is it with people who don't see that it's an opportunity to de-sensitise the horses on their yard. Sarah is always really helpful if people's horses do react - I'm the lady mentioned who took my horse to...
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    Bloody yard owner

    I had a bad fall and mashed my knee my knee. YO has been poo picking for me but wouldn't take any money. I bought her a bottle of good gin and some fever tree tonic, but she's done this before for holidays. What the heck am I meant to do when I run out of gift ideas
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    Our 5 YO hyperactive, flyball loving cocker developed sudden, severe lameness at the beginning of last week. X rays today confirmed both hips are shot. Vet is sending x rays to an orthopaedic specialist. Don't really know what to expect from here. Lots of cuddles tonight.
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    Eye removal question

    Re an Archers story line - is eye removal usually done at the yard or in a vet facility?
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    My horse was right!

    We are blessed with a fantastic network of bridleways & as horse has spent half his time at this yard being rehabbed there are areas we haven't explored. Sunday I decided to go to an area I don't know at all to practice my map reading. So we were out in a very isolated area, all arable fields...
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    Flipping YO

    The plan while I was on holiday was for son to look after both neds. Then he got made redundant, sold his horse and the Thursday before I went got offered a job to start on the Monday - major panic. YO agreed to feed & lunge him a 3 or 4 times over the 10 days, son was coming back to pick up...
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    Latest Atypical Myopathy research

    Latest results from University of Liege suggest that Field Maple & Norway Maple are probably not a problem and it's Sycamore we need to worry about. They also found that Hypoglycin A levels were highest in seedlings but think that the incidence of EAM is higher in the autumn either due to the...
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    Most ISH are usually part TB

    Just thought I would get it out there for anyone horse hunting. Had 2 people turn up to view be surprised by this & say "oh, didn't want a part tb". I know not all of them are but the vast majority are. And breathe.
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    Need to sell horse - advice please

    Bit of a bombshell yesterday. My son got made redundant, completely out of the blue. He was planning to move to Nottingham later this year to be with his girlfriend and he can't afford to keep his horse without me helping him out so we knew we would have to sell him later in the summer. No...
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    Of course it's sad to hear a great horse has died & most of us will feel for his connections. But why do people on Facebook feel they need to query why & put comments like "23 isn't old". Yes it is old & it's no e of your business.
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    Red Bartsia in pasture

    I have a lot of a plant I didn't recognise pop up in my paddock this summer and local wildlife page has suggested it is red bartsia which is a parasite on grass (not good). Anybody got any experience of dealing with it?
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    Tensoplast alternatives?

    Following having his calcaneal bursa flushed HP has a pressure bandage on his hock. He is now out in the field without it during the day & comes in with it on at night. To make sure it doesn't slip I need to use an adhesive bandage. The vet left me with 1 - it's like a bandage version of...
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    Ifor Will ams Tack Packs

    Now we have a dog who occupies the boot space we are having to put tack etc on the back seat & take a 2 car for the 3rd human. I was wondering whether the tacks packs are worth having.
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    White or skin tone?

    Knickers under white breeches for dressage. Have bought multi pack of brave pants but can't decide on colour.
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    That's what I call prompt service!

    Round of applause for Westgate Labs. Ordered worm testing kits Tuesday. Payment went through at 15:19. Despatch confirmation email at 15.31! Arrived safely next post.
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    Some people are so lucky

    All over the country people are being torn apart by the death or disappearance of a loved one. Thousands of people will be coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis or news that treatment hasn't worked. The family & associates of Jules Bianchi must be going through hell. People will be...
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    Booting horses - dumb question

    We have always had hairy cobs with legs like tree trunks before & haven't used boots. Now son is buying a dainty legged sport horse for show jumping & we are delving into the confusing world of booting up. I remember now why I was so keen on a cob for my first horse! There are so many types -...
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    Vet recommendation Huddersfield

    Need to get a vetting done near Huddersfield. Any recommendations?
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    My Wanted Ad

    When I say I'm looking for 15.2 to 16.1 what makes people think a 14.2 or 17 might fit the bill? When I say aged 4-7 why do people think their 16yo is what I want? When I say gelding - no I don't want a mare, yard is geldings only so no choice. When I say within 2 hour drive of North Beds...
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    Where else to look

    We have trawled through: H&H, Horsemart Horse Deals Horse Quest Pony Club We have even delved into Preloved & DD And still can't find anything that ticks our boxes within a 2 hour drive - at least not that is still for sale/ answering phone/ responding to emails. Thee must be...
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    so many adverts

    So many rubbish ads. Sat down this evening to plough through the ads & see if there is anything worth viewing. Natch everything we like the look of is in North Wales, Cornwall or Scotland. Or a mare when we want a gelding. Or looks nice until the last line which mentions the bone spavin/...
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    goody bag ideas needed.

    When HP got atypical myopathy a week after I lost Jason to the sane thing I was frantically running around trying to find a new yard to take him to if he survived. A friend of my instructor not only offered us a place while we sorted ourselves out but rides as well. We move on to (hopefully) a...
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    Horses let out last night

    Got up to the yard before 7 this morning & there were no horses in the field. Couldn't believe it until I realised that the gate at the top of the property was wide open. That gate is padlocked & never used as it was sold & accessed elsewhere now. The field the other side was cut for hay about a...
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    One for the horses on a hot day!
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    Ad Photos - why on earth?

    How do some people choose the photos they use in ads. We are currently window shopping ready to start seriously searching in about a month & I am constantly amazed by the rubbish pics or lack of pics. Just looked at 1 & they did have loads of pics but they all looked like were taken less than 1...
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    One of those days!

    First thing yesterday morning texted a friend good luck for the endurance at Keysoe & then promptly forgot all about it. Rode out with YO on her elderly, slightly arthritic mare & me on her young, solid in traffic but nervous in open country, cob. Cob has been known to spin & bog off at the...
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    Agria insurance?

    Came across this name while lioking for a quote but have never heard of them. Any experiences?
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    May be I should just get a bike. (maudling post)

    Bikes don't need livery yards. You don't need to worry which trees grow near them If they break you just get them repaired. They don't buck. I can't imagine missing an individual bike.
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    Replacing wood chip surface.

    Asking for a friend. If you had a 20x40 school, good drainage but woodchip surface what would you replace the surfacevwith & what would be likely costs.
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    Mail On Sunday article HP will be disappointed they didn't use a photo of him. It is, however , my favourite pic of Jason. Miss him so much.