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  1. PollyP99

    A going barefoot after box rest

    Hello My mare has been on box rest for six weeks due to a nasty trailer incident where she severed an artery narrowly missing the fetlock joint and other structures. It seems she punctured the joint with her shoe which was half torn off in the process. Vet removed the offending shoe and...
  2. PollyP99

    Horrible incident deep cut box rest

    Going out in the trailer at the weekend my mare began to scrabble, I asked my friend to pull over since although she looked fine through the window at the front (I. Could see her head) clearly from the noise something was wrong. We pulled into the next available spot, I jumped out ramp down I...
  3. PollyP99

    Yellow snot both nostrils no other symptoms

    I arrived to ride this morning to find my mare with a very congested and crusty nose with some yellow tinged discharge. She has no temperature and is a known pollen induced head shaker(very mild solved by nose net). She had dry hay in the field last night and I suspect she stood over it all...
  4. PollyP99

    Weight loss - how much should healthy horse lose per week

    Hello My mare has been on a weight loss plan for the winter as she gained too much last year. I had her on a weighbridge in November and she came in at 539kgs. I was advised by the nutritionist that she needed to lose around 39kgs - basically get her around the 500 mark. I weigh taped her...
  5. PollyP99

    Mares fighting, can I do anything to calm things down?

    My mare has moved to a new paddock (circa 2 months ago) she has two new field mates who she known over the fence for a year, at first things were fine but recently they've started jostling for herd leader position. It's come as a shock as my normally mild mannered girl is the one doing the...
  6. PollyP99

    Dengie nutritional advice visit

    We had the Dengie weighbridge today, must say it was really worth while, weighed the liveries and gave good advice, also money off vouchers and freebies, if you get the chance it's well worth it. My mare is still overweight but I was assured I'm doing the right thing, change of full spec...
  7. PollyP99

    Reducing a BIG belly, diet working but large round belly remains

    As above, my mare is looking trimmer (slightly) we have dengue and weighbridge coming to the yard so I'll have a true picture of her weight then. What is not changing is her full round belly, any tips on reducing, toning something! She is worked 5/6 times per week, hacks mainly with 1...
  8. PollyP99

    Long soaked hay more palatable, adding herbal tea bad idea?

    I have been feeding 12 hour plus soaked hay for a few weeks but recently my mare has stopped eating it. The last two days she's eaten literally none of it. Looking for inspiration today I tried rinsing in Apple and camomile tea, brewed for about 5 mins so not strong, she seemed to like it...
  9. PollyP99

    Double take at mare for sale other there>>>>>>>

    The chesnut mare is the image of my mare in every respect, weird that they she's part bred she looks every inch welsh d like my girl. BIG difference is her enviable waistline, mine is carrying to much, it's like I have something to put on her fridge door for her to aim at ( if she had one lol)
  10. PollyP99

    Misconceptions around horses reactions to things

    So I've been guilty in the past of reeling out such things as; My horse would hate to be stabled in the daytime (she's in she loves it) My horse would freak if she was in on her own in stable block( she now is occasionally - hasn't noticed) She will stress when others are taken off her...
  11. PollyP99

    How many poos should a fatty in a diet do

    Sorry more fatty woes! Mare is in muzzle overnight out in 3 acres with 2 others, grass is shortish but I thought ok for the muzzle. She is in in the morning with a net of 12 hour soaked hay 6am - 1pm, then ridden for avg 1 hour medium speed hack or lunged trot and canter 20 minutes. After...
  12. PollyP99

    Field maple vs sycamore

    To answer my own question I looked into it a bit more. Field maple has cork rough bark Sycamore has smooth bark which 'exfoliates'
  13. PollyP99

    Spooky turned chilled despite what one would expect

    So I posted before about my spooky section d, we've had trees pulled down due to pull back, bronced off, lost it when neck flapped a little etc.. I've also shared that we lost her field buddy of 1 year 10 days ago to a heart attack. Soo move fwd to today, now on a busy livery yard, 36 horses...
  14. PollyP99

    Sad day - 4 years old is too young to die

    Arrived to ride this morning only to see a very still looking shape in the paddock and my horse looking confused and wandering. I knew instantly her field mate was dead, she was flat out but in the shade on this sunny morning. She was 4 years old, she looked like he had just gone to...
  15. PollyP99

    Bronc as a spook reaction - what to do?

    Today I exited stage right from my section d for the third time since owning her (feb). She seems to have a default extreme spook reaction of bronc ing which I can't anticipate or sit to ( managed it once). Today we were cantering along when some thing in the woods spooked her, queue leap, me...
  16. PollyP99

    Passport colour - what's the difference

    Hi, my new section d has a green passport have only seen blue for my loans - what's the difference? Thanks