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    My God, Maria's been PTS

    I can't believe I'm writing this. Our beautiful old, 24 yr Andalusian mare, Maria, has just been PTS. She fractured her left fore radius, in a freak accident in the field, and there was nothing that could be done. I'm absolutely heartbroken, and can't believe I'm writing this. I went to bring...
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    Horse suspended with BE, help!

    I recently registered Sunny with BE (back in September) and, as per their requirements, filled in the whole form correctly, and emailed her passport copies to an email address supplied, within a few days of registering her, as the website option wasn't working, but despite doing this, having...
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    I've done it! - Clipped her without sedation!

    So today I finished clipping Sunny, over a 3-day period. She was clipped a month ago, with IV sedation, however it grew back far too quickly, and as the Opening Meet is in a week, I thought I'd give it a go. Needless to say, I succeeded! Day one we fully clipped her body and half head, yesterday...
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    BE Membership - Please help!

    Joining BE for the first time, what membership do I select (want to register myself & mare)?! Just reading through this - Isn't "Owner Membership" for the owners of the horses/ ponies (if different from the...
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    Vibes for our beautiful dog please

    Can we please have some vibes for our beautiful old dog, Luba. She's an 11 year old Doberman, and we fear the end is nearing. We suspect congestive heart failure. She's really struggling for breath, whilst shaking, a lot. Her heart's racing. She's not been right for a few days, but today she...
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    Clicking noise around sacroiliac/ pelvis area at walk & trot

    Sunny has had a clicking noise around her sacroiliac joint/ pelvis for about a month, when walking, turning and sometimes trotting, both under saddle and out in the field, and sometimes in her stable. She's not lame, and isn't bucking or showing any sings of discomfort when ridden or un-ridden...
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    Condition Scoring - How Is She Looking?

    Just wondering what people's views are on how Sunny's looking. Personally, I think she looks spot on, but I may well be wrong. I'm well aware that she's lacking top line though, which we're working on. Some photos I took of her today. Sorry, she wasn't standing straight, hence...
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    Meet our newest herd member - Jaffa!

    We have yet another horse (that makes seven!). This is Chebsey Jaffacake, aka Jaffa. He's been here 10 days, and has already settled in. He's a chestnut/ strawberry roan, 12 yr old, 14hh, Connemara x Cob (we think), gelding, imported from Ireland as a 4 year old. I've known him for around 3...
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    Sunny jumping 1.05m today! *Proud of pony alert*

    So happy with Sunny today, she tired so hard! She hasn't jumped this high at home for a good few months, so I was really happy when she cleared it. We did go up to 1.10m, but didn't get that on camera :rolleyes: Please excuse the awful quality of the video & photos, they were taken on a...
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    Can A 13.3hh Do BE?

    I'm just wondering if Sunny could do BE, as I would like to later this year, or somewhere next year. But, I can't really seem to find if she would be allowed. She's 13.3hh/ 14hh (140/142cm) with shoes on. I believe it said they have to be something like 143cm to 148cm? If it helps, I'd be...
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    Where To Watch Badminton Horse Trails 2015 - Live?

    A bit early I know, but I was just wondering which channels I can watch it on, live, this year. Are the BBC still covering it? Many thanks, and sorry for the silly question! :)
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    She *Now* Loads Herself! :D

    I'm so proud of my little girl! :clap: She will finally load herself into the lorry. After she fell over in our old trailer 2.5 years ago (thankfully she was unharmed) she was scared of loading, especially into a trailer. It once took around 3 hours to get her into the trailer after a hunt...
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    Exercise Sheet Sizing Question

    Just wondering if anyone can help me with a exercise sheet question. I'm wanting to get a hi viz exercise sheet, but not sure what size to go for. The pony in question is a 13.3hh NF, quite fine, and takes 5'3 rugs, and I'm wanting to get one from the Polite range, would I go for show pony or...
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    Photos of Sunny recently *Photo overload*

    Just thought I'd post some recent hunting photos of Sunny, as she's been doing so well. :) Ignore her plaits in some photos, her rug has rubbed half of her mane off, and the rest has also been rubbed slightly, so is very spiky. :rolleyes: At Chatsworth, in February. Please excuse the...
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    Where to find small pony sized ear bonnet?

    Just wondering if anybody can recommend a small pony sized ear bonnet to me? All the ones I've seen look like they have huge ears, and she'd look silly in one of those. Sunny is in a pony sized HKM one, and that fits her fine, as her ears are huge, but it's far too big ear-wise for the pony...
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    Horrible wind!

    Who else has got 40 mph wind where they are (and rain)? It's so annoying. At least the horses were able to go outside today though, I thought they'd have to stay in today. One good thing though - perhaps it may blow dry the wet fields?! I really hope it's gone by Monday...
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    Snow + horsebox....

    Just got back from a erm, let's just say hairy & interesting drive back from the very fun Boxing Day hunt. Thankfully though, my mare is fine, so are we, and lorry also fine, minus being a 'bit covered' in snow! We're now enjoying watching the snow blizzard from the safety of the house...
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    Warm 'Winter'?

    Does anybody else have a winter 'heatwave' where they are? The horses were boiling in their HWs, I had to take Hanna, Maria's & Lilly's rugs off when they came in! Sunny was re clipped *again* :rolleyes3: yesterday, so in a way I'm actually glad, as she wasn't too cold when I brought her in, but...
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    How to keep a grey clean?.....

    How do you keep a grey looking 'white', not yellow, dapple grey, piebald, or dark bay? My Father's mare is a grey, (the fourth horse in my signature) oh no, hang on, she's a muddy- yellowish coloured mare. Does anyone have some tips on keeping her clean(ish)? I've tried shampoo for greys...
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    Equidor 5 Point Breastplate - Reviews?

    Just purchased the above as one of Sunny's Christmas presents (lucky mare), and I wondering what people think of this particular breastplate, e.g is the quality good, and are they true to their size etc? I know a person who uses it on their gelding and it looks smart and seems to keep their...
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    Good morning Sunday!

    Good morning everyone! It looks like I'm the first to post a Sunday thread. Over here in Derbyshire it appears to be raining - not fun! :( Going to go outside in an hour to do all the animals and the horses, and then we're off hunting again with the 4 Shires. Everybody enjoy your day! :)
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    What's you're favorite horse breed?

    What's your favorite breed? Sorry about the poll options, I'm afraid H&H only lets you have 10 options :'P Mine are the NF, TB, WB, Friesian & Andalusian. If the horse breed you like isn't in the poll, just comment below with your favorite breed :)
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    What do you feed your horses?

    Just curious :) My mare is in heavy work, and her winter feeds contain these things: Spillers Cool Mix, Speedi Beet, Just Chop, Feedmark's Meadow Blend Seaweed, Soya Oil, Magnesium and electrolytes. She also is turned out in the day, so gets grass, and gets two big haynets in the evenings...
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    What do you & your horse wear for hunting?

    As the title says. Pony: Woof Wear Double Lock Brushing Boots on all four legs Jeffries Leather 'Free Knee' Knee Boots for stone wall days (almost every meet as we're in stone wall country). Woof Wear Club Overreach Boots Kincade Grackle Bridle with Sheepskin piece and rubber...
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    What's the highest you've jumped?

    The biggest I've jumped is 4ft2 (1m26). It was a big hedge out hunting yesterday, and I'm very proud of my little girl for jumping it, as she's only 13.3hh and 8 years old and normally does stone walls out hunting, she's not done many hedges :') What's the biggest you've jumped?
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    Horses + Fireworks =.........

    How do your horses cope with fireworks? I've put the radio on full blast next to the stable block for three of ours, the other two are fine with the noise. My little angel was at first a little nervous and jittery, but the 'song' that's on has 'bangs' and 'pops' in it so she's got used to it...
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    Caldene Knee Boots

    I'm just wondering if anybody uses these knee boots for jumping stone walls and what they think of the boots in general. I've purchased a pair of Caldene Knee Boots today, for the Opening Meet this Sunday as it's a stone wall day. Now I have hunted two seasons jumping stone walls without knee...
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    What pack do you hunt with?

    *Re posted from the Tack Room* The title says it all. We're in Derbyshire, and hunt with the Four Shires Bloodhounds - Love them!
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    What pack do you hunt with?

    The title says it all. We're in Derbyshire, and hunt with the Four Shires Bloodhounds - Love them!
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    What's your favorite type of clip?

    Mine favorite types of clip are the hunter clip, full clip & blanket clip :) My little sister's pony, Lilly, showing off her blanket clip. (please excuse the blurry photo) My mare, Sunny, with her hunter clip. And Lilly again, this time sporting the full clip :)